Romanian Woman Makes $10K Per Month Selling On Amazon

After two years as cabin crew, Antonela knew she wanted more from life, that's when she discovered selling on Amazon which started out as a ‘side hustle' that changed her life forever. 💰 Learn From The Same Online Training Program Antonela Joined By Visiting:

Antonela truly has a mindset that servers her and that I see regularly in successful people – they are decisive and make quick decisions. Antonela decided to sign-up for the Market Place Super Heros course and has never looked back. She now has three products selling on Amazon in the US and UK and makes 10K per month in revenue which is more than her job.

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00:00 Introduction
02:18 What were you doing before you started your Amazon business?
03:26 Did you have concerns living in Romania?
05:16 What were your next steps after joining MPSH?
06:34 You launched your first product in the US, why is that?
07:20 What product did you start selling?
10:39 Did you have any major challenges?
12:49 You had a coach, how did that help?
15:00 How did your launch go?
17:47 How has selling on Amazon changed your life?
21:17 Did you ever take out external funding to start your business?
22:44 What do your family think?
25:05 Do you have any advice to share with today's viewers?

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