Quick Way To Make Big Money In 1 Day Online

I'm John. In this video, I'm going to show
you how to make a huge amount of money in one day online. This is a method that
works very quickly. And I'm going tO walk you through this method step by step
right here on my computer and show you exactly how it works
so that you can get a big amount of money. I'm talking nearly $500 sent straight to your bank account in one day. Let's get it. I'm
going to show you how to make a huge amount of money in this video. I'm going to show
you step by step. But there's a big disclaimer I need to make first, is you
can only do this method once. And also, this method works. So, just make sure you
take action and do it. Also, this amount of money it's not going to be small pennies.
This is going to be… You're going to make around $500 applying
this method. So, it's not going to be thousands of dollars but it's still
going to be $500. Something around that amount. Also this method
works in one day. This mutt method, by the time you end today wherever you are, you
should be able to see money in your account from this method. Now, for it to
get withdrawn, it will take about a week. The company will send you either a check
to your address or a wire transfer to your bank account. That's how you will
receive the money. They don't have PayPal at this moment but you can receive a
check or a wire transfer. Also this is real money. This is not virtual money.
This is not some sort of weird thing like that. You will be receiving real
money doing this method. Now, a few things before I get started is I'm making a few
assumptions here. I'm making a few assumptions that you want to make big
money online but you don't have any prior experience in running a business.
You don't need any prior experience with an online business or a business to make
this work. Also I'm making an assumption that you don't have much time to learn
new skills or setup websites or learn complex new systems to make money. So, I'm
just going to X that out. You just want some money to supplement your income today. And I'm also making an assumption that you don't want to spend any money
on some weird educational product just we're training or system. So,
we're just going to X out the fact that if you want to spend any money to
start your business. So with that being said, let's get on my computer and let me
show you exactly how this works step-by-step what you need to do. So, the
first step is you go to the website called Clickbank. And you can see on my
computer screen here, the website is called click bank. And you should be able
to go in the description of this video or in the first comment, I should have a
link to Clickbank. It's clickbank.com. This company has been around for over 20
years now and what you'll do is you'll go right over here to the create an
account button. This is the first step: You want to create an account with them
and when you create an account with them, you will be assigned a what's called a
ID or a Clickbank ID or what they call a nickname, okay? So, I've worked with this
company a lot. I've actually made a lot of money with them. Here's my plaque from
Clickbank. They presented it to me because I've made over a million dollars
with them. A million dollars profit working with this company. They've paid
me out in my bank account. And I've done this multiple years in a row. So, step
number 2 is you're going to go to my affiliate page. Now, what we'll be doing
is a model of marketing called affiliate marketing. Meaning, you earn a commission
when people click on your ads and get a product. Now, this is set up to get people
to buy. You will get 50% of $900 and you will get recurring
commissions as well of $125 per month. Now, you
might be thinking I'm crazy right here. But stick with me. Hundreds upon hundreds
upon hundreds of other people have been applying this method right now and
they've been making money. So make sure you go through the steps and you'll be
seeing the checks hopefully in no time. So check this out. First we're not
concerned you can read all the information about promoting an affiliate
product, the standard way. But we're going with this software
that I just built. And all you have to do is click a few buttons online to
make this money happen. So, what we're concerned about is this little bar right
up here. And what you want to do is you want to enter in your clickbank ID right
there. See, right there. You enter in your clickbank ID. So, let's assume it's just
z-z-z-z-z, okay? Now, the next thing you do is you click
update. And you'll just click update right there. And it might ask you to
enter in a email address or something like that. Just enter in your email
address and you'll get a couple different things. What you'll see is
you'll see your clickbank ID. Make sure that's correct, Because that makes sure
that you get credit. You get the money for your promotion. The next thing is
you'll see an affiliate link. But what we're concerned about is this section
right here, okay? Right here is where you'll want to click promote through
social media and email. Click right there. and we're going to click right there and it'll pop up a screen that says share your link with everybody you
can. I forget if this step asks you for the email too. But just click. Share your
link with everyone you can. and you will want to click every one of these buttons
right here, okay? Every one of these buttons you will want to click. Pinterest, Google+.
I'm not sure if people use Google+ anymore but if you do, use that as well.
And what you'll do is you will click the button and then you'll get some
instructions on you know, if you use whatsapp, how to send to whatsapp. And
you'll have some instructions on how to use that right there. And you just follow
the instructions. Same thing for email. You just click that
button and you go to import contacts right there and you import contacts from
either Gmail or Yahoo. Now, if you don't have Gmail or Yahoo, if you use another
email provider, what you want to do is you actually want to copy and paste
every email address you have in your contacts list into the section
where it says you can add email addresses. Now, you don't need to add any
message here. It says, enter custom message here. You can ignore that
completely. The message is already pre setup with the software I created. All
you need to do is click send invitation right there and you will send the
invitation to all of the emails that you either input or imported. Next, you'll go
to Facebook and you'll click Facebook. And again, you'll go up will pop a screen
like this. And you'll click this button that says post to Facebook right there,
okay? So, you just click post to Facebook and you will get your link out there,
okay? Next, if you have Twitter or messenger or
LinkedIn, you'll do the same thing on every one of these platforms and you
will just click tweet. And your affiliate link is already in there. That's the
beauty of this. Your affiliate link, everything is already set up for you.
You just have to click tweet. Same thing with LinkedIn. All you have to do is
click share, okay? And the same thing with Pinterest, you would just click that
button if you use Pinterest. I don't use Pinterest or Google+ but you would just
click the button and then you'd click share or post. Now, that's all there is to
this method. I have students that have been earning as much as $10,000. This is
what's called a rack. It's a hundred 100 dollar bills a day with this
method. It's very easy to implement. Very easy to do. It's called affiliate
marketing. It's one of the biggest ways that anybody can make money online no
matter what country you're from. The only countries this doesn't work in is
Nigeria or Bangladesh or North Korea. Now, what's great about this method is you
can do this no matter how old you are. All you need is an address for the check
to be sent to or a bank account for the wire transfer to be sent to in your name.
Remember, this can be done in almost every country except for like 3
around the world no matter what age you are. And if you are in on this… I'm going
to show you how you can track your stuff first. Now, I'm going to show you exactly how
you contract the money and how much money you've made in just a second here.
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about applying this method and if you're going to take action and actually do this. Because again, you can't make any money. If you sit on the sidelines and you're
just skeptical you're wondering if it works if it doesn't work, you have 100% chance you are guaranteed to make nothing. But if you do
something, you at least have a chance now of making that big money and hundreds
and hundreds and perhaps even thousands of people already have made those huge
commissions. So make sure you post those links everywhere you can. Just click all
the buttons. It takes 5 minutes. It's that simple. Now, to track if you've made
money using this method. You'll want to log in to your Clickbank account, okay? So
once again, you'll log into Clickbank and what you'll see if you've made money is
you will look at what's called your daily sales snapshot. And you will see
right here, you should see a couple bars just like this right here that shows you
how much money you've been making, okay? Or how much money you've made or if
you've made any money yet. nd if you want to get a little more advanced and
more technical, you can go over to this tab which says reporting right here. And
you can click that. And it'll actually show you more detailed information about
how many hops you got. Now, hops are another term for clicks. It
means how many people clicked on your link. Now, over here, you'll see the number
of hops you got and also the number of sales you got and the amount of money
that you made from the clicks you sent. So, this is another little more technical
thing. You don't need to worry about any of this though. So really, all you need to
look at is make sure that you've been making money with these bars right here.
Now, here's an example of somebody who sent me a message just the other day.
This is what your account will look like or should look like or could look like.
Again, nothing is guaranteed. But this is somebody who made money just the other
day. $460.61 using this method. It's so easy.
Now, jet-setters, if you are excited, if this is a really cool way to make money,
this is again, this is quick way, one day you should be seeing the Commission's.
It's big money hundreds of dollars. And it'll be sent within a week by the
company Clickbank to your bank account or to your address. Now, if you're excited,
to make sure you hit that subscribe button,
enable notifications. Give this video a big thumbs up. and if you're gonna put
this into action, type in “I'm in” in the comments because I'm excited to see you
take action and make some real money. Now, I'm going to run through the method one
more time, okay? Just to show you real quick step by step by step what you do
to put this into action. It takes 2 minutes, let's go through this one more
time and then I'm going to end this video. But this is exciting and I look forward
to seeing you make some real money. So, once again, you want to go to
clickbank.com. You want to go over here to create an account. Create an account
with this company. They are the ones who will be paying you they've been around
for a while. After you create an account, you'll enter in your clickbank ID right
here. I'm just going to use zzzzz for an example. You click update and then you
click promote through social media and email. You click that button and then you
enter the information for every one of these
buttons that you can. If you are not signed up with something like Twitter or
Pinterest, you can ignore it. If you are signed up with it, you go for it. And you
enter in all the information and you click on all the buttons. And you just
post or share the link and then you wait a couple hours and then you go into your
Clickbank account and hopefully you will see within a couple hours, it generally
takes anywhere from 12 to 24 hours for you to see the results. Again, nothing is
guaranteed and this is something you can only do once. So once again, no results
are guaranteed but many people, hundreds of people have seen the commissions. So,
go in there. 12 to 24 hours later and check to see if you've made money. Whew!
Hope you enjoyed this video and if you're interested in checking out more
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