PRINT ON DEMAND FOR BEGINNERS 💵 (step by step guide to earning passive income with POD)

print on demand can be an amazing way to make money online one reason is because you can start a print-on-demand business with no startup costs and no inventory needed if you're a beginner and you want to start selling products online starting a business with print on demand is really low risk and could just be the next right step for you so in today's video I'm going to be going over an overview of what print on demand actually is how to find the right print on demand provider for your business how to integrate it with your eCommerce store and all the steps you'll need to take to get started with print on demand as a complete beginner so if that sounds good to you just keep watching foreign [Music] [Applause] friends if this is our first time meeting hi I'm so glad you're here I'm Kate I'm a wife mom Etsy seller and business coach and I'm here to help you start and scale your online business so that you can make a full-time income doing what you love so maybe you've heard of print on demand before maybe you're not super familiar with what print on demand is but in today's video like I said I'm going to be breaking this down step by step so if you're a complete beginner you're in the right place we're going to be talking about exactly what print on demand is and the whole process and what you can do even today to get started with your own online business using a print-on-demand model if you feel like that's what's right for you so first let's talk about what print on demand actually is so when you sell products online with print on demand you as the seller are creating designs that are going to be going on to physical products like t-shirts hoodies mugs there's a lot of different physical products you can sell with print on demand so you are creating the design that's going to be on those physical products and sold to your shoppers but the catch is that you're not actually responsible for fulfilling that order so when someone buys from you in your shop print on demand you're partnering with a print on demand provider or a company that actually gets that sale and will take your design print it onto that physical product and take care of the shipping and fulfillment that whole process of actually creating the product and sending it out to your customers so you're never actually physically touching or handling your products that you're selling unless you order some samples for yourself which gives this business model some major passive income potential so a basic overview of the print on demand process is this you'll be choosing a print on demand provider which we'll talk more about in just a minute and you'll be pairing it and integrating it with your e-commerce shop which we'll also talk more about in just a minute so you have those two at play your print on demand provider paired with your eCommerce shop which you are then stocking with your print on demand product so like I mentioned there's hundreds of different products you can choose from you can choose from hoodies t-shirts mugs leggings tote bags there are so many different choices but you I as the seller are choosing which physical products you want to offer to your buyers you're putting your own unique designs on those and then you're going to be paying your print on demand provider to actually print and fill those orders for you every time a sale comes in so they're the ones printing it shipping out to your customer so it becomes passive for you at that point your print on demand provider will have a base cost for each different type of product that they're offering so whatever you choose for your products if you get a sale on that through your shop you're then going to be paying that base cost to your print on demand provider but you get to decide what your final pricing is in your shop so whatever extra you get from that sale beyond that base price is your profit that you get to keep so some really great reasons why people love print on demand is that you don't have to have any startup costs most print-on-demand providers will let you start for free and then you just pay that base cost when you get a sale for the product that you sell you also don't have to order any inventory to get started because you're not actually physically handling the products it's all housed at your print on demand providers Warehouse or facilities so you don't have to spend upfront cost ordering inventory trying to guess on sizes and things like that you can actually just create designs and list these products on your shop and actually test them to see if the designs work if they're going to make sales if they're going to become profitable without any risk of upfront costs and upfront inventory ordering like I mentioned this is a great way to make passive income because once you create the design and you list it on your shop your work is done at that point and your print-on-demand provider is the one that fulfills and ships the order so you're never having to worry about packaging shipping you can literally just do the work of Designing and then make money every time a sale comes in okay so let's walk through the steps that you'll need to go through in order to start your print on demand business so the very first thing you're going to want to do is research some different print-on-demand providers and decide on which one is best for you there's a lot of different print-on-demand providers out there some of the most popular ones are printful printify gelato and awkward Styles I have printful and awkward Styles Linked In This description box below if you'd like to check out either of those those are both great options that I recommend for you but there are a lot of different good ones so you want to research on your own and decide which one would be best for your business so there's a few things to take into consideration when you are researching and comparing these different print on demand providers one thing you want to think about is actually how many different types of products this company offers for you do they have a wide variety for you to choose from do they offer the types of products that you're wanting to sell and also how good is their quality of their products in their printing so one thing you can do for this is to actually order your own samples order a few different things so that you can actually touch and feel it yourself and see what the quality is you can also look at reviews of people that have sold with this print-on-demand provider before and make sure that they have glowing reviews from those who have partnered with them you also want to take into consideration their fulfillment centers and you can look on their website to see how many fulfillment centers they have where they're located and are they Global because that's one thing you want to think about is if you want to sell an internationally you want to make sure that your print on demand provider has fulfillment centers and offers global Shipping to t

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