Pinterest Affiliate Marketing: $1,920/Day For Beginners (2024 Make Money Online)

I'm really handsome you see when I'm in Bali I have this Villa with a massive backyard and we have really nice views and I like to go outside and work out Under the Sun the views are nice fresh air everything is pretty cool but how do you actually make thousands of dollars a day with Pinterest to fill it marketing because most beginners seem to be struggling a lot and they make Zer doar because of this one single mistake while on the other side we have people making thousands of dollars a day well in this step-by-step tutorial I want to show you how to actually avoid that massive mistake that most people are making to actually start to make money online with Pinterest and I want to show you a very unique system that you can set up for completely free so you don't actually have to invest any money you don't actually have to build a website you don't need millions of followers and you don't need any previous experience or special skills to actually do this step number one is to go over to Pinterest and just set up your account just sign up for completely free and set up your account now step number two is to find the right affiliate offers to actually promote in Pinter because not every single offer actually converts on this platform because the audience is completely different than on most other social media platforms so I've been mostly using CPA networks and I've been promoting mostly CPA offers which allow me to earn without actually selling anything so I've been using tap mob CPA Network there's a bunch of others if these guys don't accept you there's a lot of other CPA networks but if you can actually get accepted as you can see so far I got $45,000 with this one if you can get accepted you want to go to the offers section over here and you want to find off offers in the travel Niche clothing Niche or just anything related to food like food travel and clothing works very very well on Pinterest so for example here we have Dunkin Donuts $100 gift card if someone if someone sign ups through my referral link I will earn $5 per email collected and that person will potentially get a gift card for $100 this is like $250 Cosmetics gift card so I could easily promote this because the majority of people using Pinterest are really interested in fashion clothing in cosmetics so now I can just copy my link now the idea here is to just copy at least five different referral links whether that's going to be in the Cosmetics nich whether that's going to be fashion and clothing or whether that's going to be food and travel whatever it might be you can find a bunch of referral links here now once you copy your referral links the very next step is to then go over to this link in BIO tool called D direct. me and this will essentially allow you to add multiple links and create your own landing page for free so just click on create a free page and just register by entering your email address now once you sign up you just want to click on manage page so you can start adding your referral links to add a new referral links as you can see I have a few giveaway links from tap mob so you just click on add new link you add a link address which is your referral link from tap mob so let's say for example this is mine you click add and then you can also change the title of this link that you are promoting just click on edit and you can edit the title so for example I can say $100 Sephora gift card now I can save that and if someone goes to my direct me link they will have multiple offers that they can sign up to helping me maximize my results so let's open up my page to see how that looks like so you have direct. me and my username now here you can also add like a video a short video that might be telling them to actually click or you can just leave it like this because it looks pretty nice so the idea is to have at least five different offers to promote on your link in BIO tool just like this one so now my link is basically direct. me/ I'm tap Nick so I'm going to copy that and I'm going to use it in my bio I would go back to Pinterest and I would paste my link so paste the website link here and click save so whoever visits my Pinterest account will be able to see the link in buyo now next thing you want to do is you can go to leonard. which is this AI tool it will allow you to generate AI images which look pretty captivating and then you just want to click on AI image generation and you want to generate something that's related through the type of offers you're promoting so for example I can type in that I want like a tropical island because I want to promote some travel offer I found some travel gift cards from tap mob let's say and if someone enters their email address and being paid $5 for it well now we'll just generate an image here and then you can just use some of these hooks or title Frameworks that I've prepared for you so you can just feel free to copy them if I remember I will just leave a link to this document in the description box down below but either way it's pretty pretty simple you can just copy and use them for completely free if you want for now I'm just going to take one of these images and oh my God this looks really nice I would really want to go here even though it doesn't exist it's AI generated but either way I would just download this it's very nice then we can just use one of these titles so I would just go to chat GPT and I will just paste this prompt right top let's say four travel hacks or anything that's related to the type of offer that you're promoting now in this case I'm just promoting these travel gift cards I'm going to use these so we can pretty much just go over to canma search for Pinterest and I would honestly just begin from a blank template I don't really like the templates that are available at canab especially because everyone is using the same ones so I would not really go with that but I would just have that image that I've downloaded from Leonardo I would paste it here and now I'm just going to drag and drop this so it looks very nice and then we're just going to add those tips that we've generated with chpt now you can either make like a shorter reel or if you don't want to make any videos you can basically just turn this into a static post it's just not going to perform as well as like a real even though if it's like a faceless re it doesn't really matter as long as it's a video it performs way better than just images but still I'm going to continue with this as an example now the last tip is something that you want to change to instead of giving some twice you would essentially tell them use the link in my bio to get whatever the offer is in this case like a $100 travel gift card that I found in t mob so that's going to be my call to action and this is how it's going to look like as right now you're going to of course spend more time creating this creating a better design that I did but in terms of those titles that I've shared I'm going to us

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