Passive Income – How I Make $32,540 A Month

I am John Crestani I'm an internet
millionaire. And I'm going to show you how I make $32,000 per
month passively without any work. I'm going to show you the 4 ways I make it
and I'm going to walk you through some of my accounts of how exactly I'm making
this money on my computer right here. So, stay tuned, check it out.
Let's get it. So, I'm going walk you through how I make $32,540 passive income per month. And I'm going to show
you the 4 different ways that I do it. Now, the 4 different methods that I
earn my passive income are website hosting, its software, YouTube and
investments. And I'm going to show you on my computer here exactly how I do this. So,
one thing to keep in mind is this is my passive income I actually make far
more than this per month from my businesses. This is just income that is
reoccurring that I can 100% count on every month. Now, the first method that I
make money is through hosting commissions. People who register websites
using my recommended provider which is Bluehost. So, I make over $20,000 per month in commissions and reoccurring commissions from Bluehost
because of the amount of people who register websites watching videos like
this and my blog and my course is all the different areas combined. Many people
have registered websites and gotten started with their first website-based
business using my trainings. Now, this is right here twenty $21,000.
And as you can see, if we look at this month, we'll see that it just sort of
continues to be more or less the same. $11,260 for the first 15 days of this month. And that's passive because it
just keeps continuing to happen and it's very reliable income for me. Now, webs
sites are kind of the starting point of anybody who's creating an online
business. Basically anybody even if you're selling on Amazon or even if you
have a YouTube channel. Almost everybody needs a website to support their
business in some way shape or form whether or not it's just you putting up
a website of your basic information to show that you have a business. So,
websites are important and I'm happy to say a lot of people have gotten their
start creating an internet business using my training programs and watching.
So some people are watching my YouTube videos. So, the second method that I use
to create passive income that is a reoccurring commission affiliate program
is a click funnels. Now, what you'll see right here is basically in the last
every day I make anywhere between you know, 100 to 600 dollars
from click funnels just from subscribers. And click funnels, it's a website
building software. And again it helps support people in creating their
internet businesses. And what I've done here, they have a great affiliate program.
And what you'll see here is a they pay 40% monthly reoccurring
commissions for anybody who registers to build their website with click funnels.
It's a way to build websites without knowing any programming whatsoever. And
what you'll see here is what's really cool is since I have over 200 active
members, actually qualify for a dream car. They'll pay me $1,000 a
month. They'll buy me a car. So, I haven't gotten my car with them yet because I
don't know, I frankly just don't like driving too much. But uh yeah. You know,
some affiliate programs will give you extra perks and bonuses and stuff like
that even like vacations and trips if you're a top affiliate. So, that's really
exciting and something I really enjoy with my promotions when I come across an
affiliate program like that. My third source of passive income is
YouTube, YouTube ads. YouTube serves ads for me on my videos and also on my blog.
And as you seem it doesn't pay that much. You know, I have right as of the time of
the speaking. I've 69,000 subscribers. And
you know, I've made 400 bucks. So, if you kind of extrapolate that to earn a full
time living as a YouTuber you need at least half a million subscribers or more
like a million subscribers to live a somewhat comfortable life. YouTube
doesn't… Ads don't pay a lot. But I figured I'd throw it in here because
it's still an important you know mix in the matrix. So, that you understand kind
of how much money I make from this. And the fourth way I make money is
investments. So… And as you'll see here we're on my online brokerage account
which is called wealthfront. It's a really great way to manage money and
maybe I'll put a link or something. But really what it does,
I see how much interest I make each month. And really I only made I think
about 100 or 200 dollars last month in interest because the stock
market has been fluctuating so much recently that I really haven't made much
money in the stock market. I believe I actually lost money last year and I've
made some money this year. But it's… I haven't made a lot of money from
investments frankly. So, that's you know, it's an area of my life I'd like to
make more money from and I'm talking to a wealth manager right now. But it's
very hard to make really solid returns on investments. So, these are the 4
methods that I use to make money. As you saw, it's about 21 K here, about 11 K here
and $500 here and about $100 here. So that's… Really that's kind of the
breakdown of my passive income. Now, these are not my main income sources. This is
just kind of reoccurring, base level money that I'm making in my life. Now, how
to create reoccurring income for yourself? You know it's find an affiliate
program that is dependable and especially that pays reoccurring
commissions. There's a lot of hosting programs and a lot of software programs
that pay reoccurring commissions. And getting people on those reoccurring
subscriptions can be very useful for helping build your income. And as always,
only recommend products that you personally care about an endorsed and
tested the quality of. Because you always want to make sure you're adding value to
the world at the end of the day. Again, you know, this is all about adding value
to the world and whatever way you can. So, hope that was helpful to help you
understand what sort of passive income I make from my businesses. Check out my
channel to see how my main source of income. If you want to learn about
affiliate marketing which is I make about 10 times more per month than this.
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