Optimizing your life as a BUSY but LAZY person

hey guys welcome to Silicon Valley girl I am going to show you how I optimized my life in the past few years if you haven't seen this channel yet I have two businesses I have two small kids I have three YouTube channels I have an Instagram I have uh two tick tocks and uh I have a telegram Channel and of course so I do a lot of things and the thing is for me it is really necessary that all of my information is arranged in a certain manner so I can access it at any time today I'm going to show you how I organize my life my business my everything with notion and I'm going to show you how you can do the same but let me ask you one question first have you ever been in a situation when somebody recommended you a movie or a TV show and it's Saturday night and you're like okay let me watch that movie and then you start looking through your notes and you can't really find that movie so the time that you set aside for watching a movie is spent on looking for what exactly to watch like this has been our problem with my husband for a while the same with books sometimes to be like oh somebody recommend this book but I don't remember who recommended this book maybe I am no longer interested in that person's insights should I read it should I not and I have similar problems as a Creator I have similar problems as a mom as a person who loves to fly business class but doesn't like paying thousands of dollars for the tickets so I decided to organize everything in notion let me show you what it looks like now first of all let's tackle our movies and books so what I like about this part of my notion is that if I click taxi driver right so I give it a category then if I started watching it I could choose start it all completed and will I recommend it to my friends because sometimes people like can you recommend books or movies and I will be like yes but let me remember what I like the most so this really helps and also I try to write down who recommended that particular movie just because sometimes I really care about the person and I really care about their lifestyle so I really want to see everything they're recommended and sometimes it's just a random person so you know priorities and here you can see what I've completed already right TV shows whether I'm gonna recommend them like oh can you recommend a TV show yes please office Bad Blood better console tidying up please watch the movies here here are the ones that I would recommend and I am working on this table daily this one I started recently but it's already filling up because I get so many recommendations and yes I haven't watched Godfather yet I know I'm so bad at watching the classics now another thing that I highly highly recommend to everyone this is my speaker profile again you can have a personal website that you update you can use your LinkedIn but the thing is everyone is so different and I love using notion to create my speaker profile so I have all of the views here I have information about my channels I have information about my speaking engagements I have a link to my headshots and I have link to press and again when I have a speaking engagement people ask me like Marina can you send me HotShots can you send me some press about you there we go there is this page that they can use right away as as I mentioned I use notion for my personal things and also for my business and my whole team uses notion to plan projects that we're working on and we have dedicated Pages for different teams we have a dedicated page for marketing for product for management let's take a look at our product management page in my school we have different courses we have short videos course we have marketing course and the thing is with courses we reproduce them all the time so we track the production progress with the page called projects so here we have marketing batch two it's in progress we're gonna finish it soon we're still working on things inside the batch marketing number one is done short videos we are filming classes short videos in Russian is almost done so these are basically projects that are going on inside my school and it's really great to track them everything is easily accessible and everyone knows what they're responsible for in the active view of this database we see everything we've seen in the board view plus we also have a task list for each of the projects so we have all the tasks here um my team and I speak Russian so we mix languages here like crazy but we have all the tasks here and everyone knows what they're responsible for what I love about notion is that eliminates the need for all of the other tools like Asana Google Docs or anything similar you can manage everything inside notion you might have guessed this video is sponsored by notion and they're one of my favorite brand deals just because I don't really have to learn anything this is the tool that we use every day for all of my projects whether you're building a product roadmap spring plan marketing campaign passion project notion consolidates all of your projects into one connected workspace allowing you to accomplish more with fewer tools and if your business requires apps like figma slack or GitHub you can integrate them with notion notion recently introduced some exciting features like AI autofill this tool allows you to instantly summarize any project or task so basically they summarize everything you have inside the page so you don't have to look through everything and then if you need more details you go inside but if you just need a glimpse of what's going on the AI is going to create that summary for you and what's more exciting it's all automated so whenever you change something inside the project the AI will automatically track the changes and create a new summary for you and of course with AI you can draft create project plans translate information create outlines and more couple of tips from me if you feel like you really want to start using notion there is no need to instantly move everything to this platform take small steps let me show you what I started with I'm not going to show you the actual planner I'm going to show you the template for it oops no this is the actual planner so I'm I actually started with this weekly planner that I think I featured back in 2021 uh so I have uh goals here like my main goals that I would write down I have outstanding major tasks and I will have outstanding major tasks that are in burner uh things I might do if I have time and here I would write down most important tasks for the day uh which are like these are more business related these are social media related tasks start with this planner I'm Gonna Leave You this template so you can just copy paste it it's completely free so you can start with that and then slowly gradually move everything there or whatever you want to move there right we started with that then asked my team to create my YouTube planner here you know for each Channel we have a list of videos

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