New Website Marketing Strategy That Gets Organic Web Traffic (Part 1)

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Today you will learn:

3 new ways to market your website
The first 2 are completely free to use
That get LOTS of organic traffic
Plus powerful backlinks
And makes money
New spin on existing method
From Traffic Secrets course
Not publicly available
Bonus: More traffic methods

Who is this for?

Bloggers / vloggers / podcasts
Affiliate marketers
Email list builders
Ecom stores
Service providers
Coaches & mentors

Why do you need this strategy?

Getting traffic is hard
Getting backlinks is hard
Other webmasters ignore you
You’re competing against others
So this is how to stand out
How to get their attention
To get free promotion
And make powerful allies

The three methods are:

Become a valuable asset
Create managed controversy
Strategic advertising

Here’s how:

Take action on a blogger’s advice
Document your results
Share your results with them
Give them credit for your results
They will share your story
That sends traffic to your site
And give a powerful backlink
Don’t compete with your site
It must compliment your site

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