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This is how to increase traffic fast by tapping into your target audience's pain points, then providing useful resources and helping them to solve their problem.

Today you are going to get a quick and stealthy way to drive traffic by leveraging the power of a popular questions and answers website. And no it’s not Quora.

So it works like this; these audiences have burning questions, problems that they desperately need help with, and then you come along and step in front of them with the solution.

Now, Questions and answers websites have always been a great way to drive traffic. And that’s because strong marketing strategies don’t rely on loopholes, trends or fads. They last for years, and they generate consistent results for years.

However, one of the biggest Q&A sites, Yahoo Answers, has recently shut down after 15 years in service. So as a result, I predict a flood of traffic will now rush out to its competitors. And that creates a new opportunity for you to step in front of those people too.

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