My Youtube Adsense Income after Blowing Up 3 Months Ago🎉 how much I made from Youtube, CPM & RPM

I was working on my YouTube for two years and seeing really little growth until three months ago three months ago one of my YouTube videos finally picked up I Grew From 4 000 subscribers and now I have 28 000 subscribers three months later a lot of you have been really curious how much money YouTube has paid me through YouTube AdSense and so I thought I would make a video sharing how much I've made and I want to show you because I know a lot of you following me are interested in maybe starting a YouTube channel as well so I can show you realistically like what you can expect to make but I think it also really depends on the niche that you have and how many views you get and yeah there's a whole bunch of different factors that come into play actually it's been more than three months since that first video blew up so I'm gonna actually make it custom so it was December 27th that that video started picking up so we'll go until March 27th and see see how much I made okay so this is in USD dollars I made seven thousand four hundred thirty five dollars and to me this is amazing because I have always wanted to make passive income like this and actually this income has allowed me to finally do what I really want to do which is to try out living as a digital Nomad so three weeks after I blew up I booked a one-way flight to Vietnam and I am I'm not in Vietnam anymore I'm currently in Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia this is actually my friend Wendy's place so thanks Wendy for letting me use your place to film and I would say the income that I made in the last three months it is pretty sizable for someone who I don't know I feel like I'm not that big so and like this income is like I could totally use this to just live off of it and like travel I would like to make more but for now it's great for traveling on a affordable budget and then I also have some expenses back in Vancouver at home that I'm like still paying for so it is I guess covering all of it sort of um but recently like my income has been going down but that's a that's for another video for those of you who are curious when I got monetized it was in May last year so about a year ago I actually started my YouTube channel October 1st 2020 so you can see like this growth okay I'll actually show you the subscriber growth every single day I was gaining a couple of subscribers this is when everything started to pick up so far in my whole lifetime being on YouTube I've made almost ten thousand dollars USD wow that is that is amazing I always love looking at this chart because as I have been working on my YouTube like so many times like so many days in this period this two-year period did before I blew up so many days I questioned myself like why am I even doing this why am I spending 10 hours editing a video and putting so much work into this and filming is so much work planning it I'm getting nothing out of it I'm making like two dollars a day from this but I knew that eventually this would happen like I really believe that this would happen because when I decided to go all in on YouTube last year and quit my coaching and quit my calligraphy business uh well okay I still kind of do calligraphy on the side though but no more coaching I knew that what I want to do with my life is to share my journey with other people and show people that you can really do this like you can really do the thing that you've always wanted to do and make an impact and make a living for yourself okay so let's go back to the three months after I blew up let's take a look at Revenue my CPM which is cost per mil okay let me go to the YouTube thingy Okay so CPM stands for cost per 1 000 Impressions which is like cost per mil this is what advertisers pay to put their ads on my videos so that's what they pay for like every thousand Impressions so my CPM for those three months was 23 USD which I think is quite high for my Niche because I was researching cpms by Niche a lot of the businessy niches like the CPM is like 15 to 25 13 to 22 dollars okay personal finance yeah personal finance is always a lot but for my Niche which is like business like make money online I guess it's in this category like I think my CPM is pretty high it's like on the higher end which is really nice I don't know why though and then my RPM which is the revenue per thousand Impressions Revenue per mil this is the money I make from ads basically because YouTube takes 45 percent of what the advertisers pay so I get 55 but you will notice that my RPM which is 9.91 it's not exactly 55 of this 23.78 times 0.55 it should be 13. my RPM is around 10 so it's not 13 and I did a little bit of reading because I was like why is it not 13 not everybody's okay wait how do I explain this I think it's because like some people have an ad blocker some people are repeat Watchers or some people um don't watch the first 30 seconds of your video so anyways I think it's like very normal for your RPM to be lower than the actual like 55 of your CPM so yeah the calculation for revenue is basically your views times this like your views in 1000 units times the RPM so yeah it's like 7 000 something and we can take a look at which videos are making the most money so that my first month on Etsy selling digital downloads that was the original video that blew up and then these videos also did really really well afterwards like my first month on Etsy second month on Etsy third month on Etsy and then I also have a video called 15 side hustle this one actually has a really high CPM and RPM so let's take a look at these so let's take a look at the side hustle one this one is like the most interesting if we go to revenue and let's just take a look at the since published the CPM is almost it's like thirty dollars which is like pretty hard and then the RPM is 14. if we look at this this is the video that originally helped my channel blow up the RPM is 24 and then my CPM is like 11 so yeah it's quite interesting so for this one the CPM is similar 23 but then the RPM is lower ish and then for the demo video okay the CPM is like lower okay and RPM and CPM are lower um but I guess they're still in the same ballpark it's like all the same ish oh and then if you're curious how much I made from videos versus shorts okay so videos uh yeah like 7 300 something from shorts like basically nothing all the shorts that I have on my channel they don't perform that well and shorts in general like I feel like I'm not posting shorts to make money I feel like the more shorts I post the more YouTube sees my channel as active and then it increases the views on my long-form videos more I think like I feel like it's kind of like that so I don't really use shorts to try to make money I just I try to post more shorts just to show that I am active on YouTube so I know some of you are wondering because I live in Canada how I get paid I made a more in-depth video on the whole monetization process so you can check that video out later if you're curious so

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