My 3rd Month Selling Digital Downloads on Etsy (RESULTS) 💸 & beginner Etsy shop owner tips

three months ago I started an Etsy shop from scratch and you guys have all been loving my monthly updates the first month on Etsy update and the second month on Etsy update and so today I'm sharing the third month on Etsy update and it's actually been the best month and I'm quite surprised I also hit a milestone in my Etsy shop so I'm very excited to share with you in this video so I'll share with you what my results were for January 2023 and then I'll also talk about my ad spend and also talk about like why I think my Etsy Shop is working and why it did well in January and then I will also answer some FAQ questions that you guys left in the comments in the last video like what is my Etsy Product Where do I promote my Etsy products by the way a lot of you have asked me if you can actually download this Google sheet I didn't think anyone would want this because it's such a simple Google she and I feel like anyone can make it but I did make a template so you guys can download this if you want and like use it to keep back of your own Etsy so as you can see January was quite good and my Etsy Milestone is that I hit one thousand dollars in net profit and I actually received one thousand dollars in my bank I haven't checked my bank account today but Etsy said they sent the payment today so I'll get the payment soon in my bank account the very interesting thing is that I only added three more listings in January my goal was actually to add 12 because of the YouTube blowing up and because I Was preparing for my Vietnam southeast Asia trip I just felt so overwhelmed and I didn't have time to make listings and then I was also like kind of in a creative rut because there was like a new product I was making but I just couldn't I don't know I just couldn't get the design out of me it was just so hard to design I think like after the first week of January I just kind of upped working on the new listing so I could focus on my YouTube Channel Growing and also like trip planning so I only added three more listings the conversion stayed the same it was 4.2 percent a lot more visits than the past month so like double the visits and then orders was like double the orders so that was quite nice the reason why I think the orders doubled and like the visits doubled and everything I think usually December is like maybe a quieter month for my Niche because people are pairing things for the holidays and they don't have time to like work on their business because I sell Etsy sorry I sell canva templates for like a specific kind of business owner December is just usually slower and then maybe also because I just literally started the shop in like October so I started making sales in November and December I think Etsy was trying to see what my shop is doing so I was still I'm still like a pretty new shop so in January it was quite good and then I also feel like because in January people make New Year's resolutions to start a business I think maybe that's why there were more people searching for my things it's really interesting because this month and I'm recording this on February 6 6 I've only made four sales this month so far so it's like really weird because in January I would make an average of two sales per day but in February I haven't even made like one sale per day so it's really interesting maybe like the whole new year's resolution Rush is over and now it's going back to my normal state of like sales I guess like a regular sales numbers so I had one friend order two things from me so that's why the total orders minus what my friends ordered uh the total order number is 64. oh actually you can see that the total orders on my Etsy statistics is 63 and that's because there were three orders where people ordered two items so even though it's in like one order I still kind of count it as two orders because they ordered two items so that's why I put 66 instead of 63 and the revenue was 1200. ad spend so the entire month of last the entire last month I did one dollar a day a for ads and the result was like triple the amount in Revenue which I would say is quite good if you want to know what I spent like how my ads were like the last two months go back and watch my second month on Etsy video because I talk about what happened with these two months and I did change the ad spend a lot more like this one was two dollars a day I think for half a month and then I did I think I did five dollars a day and then maybe I went back to one dollar a day or two dollars a day I can't remember what I did last month but yeah in January it was one dollar a day so yeah the result was quite good I would say and to look at my Etsy ads performance here the views it goes really like up and down it's really interesting um clicks are like that in February you can see that oh shoot I'm doing wrong dates okay let's look at last month so views it goes like up and down the clicks are kind of I mean okay three clicks and then orders not that many but also it's like one dollar one dollar a day for ads and the revenue is like that it's kind of just really sporadic and yeah this was like one dollar a day so yeah it's quite interesting um actually if we go back and look at last 30 days let me show you something so on February 1st I decided to just like see what would happen if I don't do any ads yeah that's why I turned it off for six days but in order for me to film this YouTube video and for me to like look at the analytics for ads I actually have to turn on my ad spend so I actually just put it to two dollars a day today like I have to use ads so I can make this video okay net profit was one thousand dollars according to Etsy and then what I received in the bank was this amount and yeah there was like a discrepancy in like the other two months as well which I explained more in my other video but basically I think the discrepancy comes from like maybe when I'm looking at my statistics I put like January 1st to January 31st but maybe Etsy calculates the month as January 1st to February 1st so that's why there's like a little bit of discrepancy but the discrepancy this month wasn't as big as the last two months so I think that's good I don't think it's a huge deal so something else I mentioned in my last video was that in January I would try out Pinterest I actually did not look into Pinterest at all because I just didn't have time because of trip planning and the YouTube getting bigger Pinterest is still on my list um so stay tuned I will do I will try out Pinterest at some point when I have more time but I think my my priority for February which is this month is to create more listings because I haven't posted in maybe around a month maybe that's why my orders are going down I'm not sure because it's Etsy sees that I'm not that active anymore because I used to post a lot more in December I made 12 more listings so last month I only had three listing I made three more listings and so I think I really need to prioritize adding

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