your ultimate goal [Music] should be to make each and every day of your life a wednesday and i'm not talking about the day of the week wednesday i'm talking about w i n s wednesday so when that person comes up to you and says do you know what time it is you look them dead in the eye and say it's winning time because that's what your mind is at see losers focus on winners but winners focus on winning winners wake up every day with this mindset that no matter how successful they are no matter how great they are they always act like they're losing they always act like they're the underdog that way they keep the edge what's your mindset [Music] are you thinking that you're gonna win no matter what now i'm not saying that winning is everything what i am saying is wanting to win is if you think like a loser losing will find you henry ford said whether you think you can or whether you think you cannot you're probably right if you can find a way to positive in the middle of a negative situation then you my friend ultimately win don't think for one second that you were put on this earth to lose you were born to win see winners are willing to go longer work harder and give more than anyone else does when two winners collide i love those epic battles because you hate to see somebody lose and in that instance no one really loses one team got the victory the other team learned see winners are not people who never found winners are people who never quit when is our people who never give in their mindset is i'm in it to win it and they always feel like it's winning time if right now you feel like you're a loser i need you to do me a favor find yourself a mirror and repeat after me i came to win i can't fight i came to conquer i came to thrive i came to win i came to survive i came to prosper i came to rise i came to fly i believe in me right now i subscribe to the thought process that it's splitting time victory lives in me and although i may not win every battle you gotta say to yourself i will rise every time i fall i will win and it may not be immediately but i definitely will win because champions don't show up to give everything they want they show up to give everything they have for far too long you've allowed the volume of your past misfortunes your past setbacks and your past failures to play way too loudly in your speaker of life i need you to turn down your past failures and make room to turn up your future successes so your problem is you keep waking up each and every day from a great night's sleep twelve o'clock one o'clock two o'clock whenever you wanna wake up my problem is you're not even tossing and turning in your sleep just one thousand 000 comfortable but then you wake up every day complaining about you not being where you want to be at in your life at least if you're going to sleep do some tossing and turning so i know something is uncomfortable because all the growth happens in the uncomfort zone when you're comfortable you can't grow you refuse to raise your standards you refuse to push yourself he refused to give a little bit more give a little bit extra the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit of you want to be a next level resider but you won't do the things to live in the next level zone say it like this i don't know if you know but in a sport of track and field that's one event called the pole vault and what happens when the pole vaulter has a long pole and his job is to run down this lane put that pole in the ground raise itself up and go overboard successful pole vaulters always want to raise the bar so if they jumped over 16 feet they wanted to go to 16-5 and then they want to go to 17 feet and then 17-5 and continue to raise the bar your problem is you jump over 15 feet you want to stay at 15 feet used to tell my son all the time [Music] he was playing madden now look up the score was like 100 and something to zero and i'm like son who you playing against and i would look and there would be him sitting on the bed playing and there would be a controller right by him with nobody playing but he had the game set on two people so he's playing nobody he wasn't raising the bar he couldn't get any better he just wanted to win the easy way but i've told you this a thousand times there is no easy route so if you want success you gotta raise the bar the next level thinkers the next level winners the next level champions they never get complacent they never get comfortable they continue to raise the bar [Music] oh [Music] you