Millionaire Couple Q&A Get To Know Us | Tatiana & Stefan James

Would we run a business together? Do we get recognized in public? Myself and Stefan from Project Life Mastery are doing another fun Q&A answering your questions! Watch part two on Stefan's Channel here:

Myself and Stefan from Project Life Mastery are getting together to film another Q&A session to answer your questions from Instagram. You wanted to know when we got Kobe, what's the greatest thing we've learned from each other, and what's our most important habit of every day (as well as lots more!). I hope that you enjoy the video, see linked below a Q&A we did last year and part two on Project Life Mastery.


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00:00 Q&A Introduction
02:42 Would you consider running a business together?
04:20 Your most important habit each day?
06:45 What's the greatest thing you've learnt from me?
12:44 How did you find Kobe and why did you pick a golden retriever?
17:30 What's one of your favourite recent tv series or movies?
18:16 What is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about you?
25:06 Do people recognize you in public?
25:47 Do you guys smoke weed?
27:15 Who spends more money in the relationship?
29:28 What's a challenge you're currently trying to overcome?
35:07 What is your favourite video game?

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