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Homedigital marketingMeet the $250,000,000 man

Meet the $250,000,000 man

Meet Ben Mallah: He started from nothing and built a $250 million dollar real estate empire from scratch. Here’s his story and here’s how he did it. Enjoy. Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Ben Mallah is a high school dropout who grew up in the projects of Queens, New York – not the typical profile you’d think of for someone who now owns over $250,000,000 worth of Real Estate. He’s bought shopping centers, apartment buildings, and most recently, a $16.5 million dollar mansion for himself, his wife, and his children – which is the most expensive home in Tampa, Florida.

When it comes to someone you can learn from and look up to, Ben Mallah is it. He speaks from a place of pure authenticity, without a filter, and without a hidden agenda – he’s truly a selfless person at heart who enjoys teaching and spreading the gospel of real estate. He should serve as an incredible firsthand example that ANYONE can make it in this business and ANYONE can achieve what he has, as long as they have the determination to succeed, and the willpower to always be learning.

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