Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face (HOW TO START NOW) YouTube Automation Step By Step

think about your time you go to a 9 to-5 job you clock out and you get $150 for the day now imagine you spend 1 to 2 hours per day creating a simple YouTube video once monetized that single YouTube video can generate you thousands of dollars potentially tens of thousands of dollars over the next 5 to 10 years as long as it generates views you generate money so those few hours you spent on it now has un limited earning potential when you create a YouTube video you create a digital asset and it's assets that can make you a millionaire not a 9 to-5 job hey future millionaires today I'm going to be giving you the road map of how you can make $100,000 from one single YouTube video without even showing your face or doing tons of work on your end and how anyone can start doing this today I have grown multiple YouTube channels over the past few years years and I am not just making this up growing YouTube channels is not out of pure luck it is a strategy and I'm going to be exposing that strategy for you today understand this when people need an answer to something the number one search engine to look for their answer is Google the second most used search engine is YouTube this is statistically proven and people don't just use YouTube for information but they use YouTube for entertainment purposes too just like how some people binge watch Netflix people binge watch YouTube too and the traffic is already there not only will I be providing you a formula and a strategy to achieve this for yourself but this video also includes a tutorial of how you can start making these videos yourself I will also be showing you an AI tool called in video AI that will let you create these videos in your own voice with just a simple text prompt without you ever having to edit or script your videos make sure you watch all the way till the end of this video because I packed this video with tons of information and knowledge that people will try to charge you thousands of dollars to hear my YouTube channel is your number one source for 100% free education in courses all I ask in return for the free education is just smash that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to create free courses and videos just like this in addition to that if you need help or you get stuck along the way or you just need help taking action I even created a network for one-on-one support where my team and I personally help you on your YouTube automation Journey that's linked Down Below in the description so there is no excuses as to why you can't start now I like visuals and examples so I want you to take a look at this simple faceless YouTube video you can see that this video is just a mix of stock footage Clips with a voiceover behind it this video was posted last year and now has over 6 million views so let's do some math once you are monetized YouTube pays you a certain rate for 1,000 views depending on the type of video you create based on my own experience a video in this Niche would have an RPM of around $20 that means that this video is earning around $20 per 1,000 views and you might be wondering well how is that calculated you can clearly see that this video is geared towards adults advertisers pay more on videos that are going to have a higher converting Target audience so you are not going to get that same RPM for a video of dancing fruits a video like this is going to have around1 to 50 rpm so there's 6 thousand thousands in 6 million views so when you times $20 times 6,000 this single video made an estimate of over $120,000 in one year now remember this is one video so this whole Snowball Effect happens when you have multiple videos that are getting views generating you money so before you know it you then have a six figure earning YouTube channel and the more videos you make the more your channel is growing you can even become a millionaire just for making simple YouTube videos I really can't stop talking about this topic to you guys because if you aren't creating some type of content on YouTube this is your sign to start now there's three different ways that you can dive into YouTube automation without showing your face number one is you can film videos doing certain tasks like tutorials tech reviews or a cooking channel where you just use a voice over and your own Clips this means that you film yourself and you edit it after the fact using a voice over and your content is original made by you without showing your face option number two is you can think of ideas do research compile non-copyrighted stock footage together record a voiceover and edit it all yourself or option number three you can use the power of AI to create videos for you all you need is an idea an AI can create a fullblown video from it I'm going to show you an insane tool that I found recently to show you how you can generate videos just like the one that we saw using this one single powerful tool where you can take one idea and one sentence and AI will turn it into a full fullblown YouTube video so this is nid AI and all we have to do is type in a simple idea and in video AI will generate an entire full-blown video for you with an engaging script background music subtitles relevant footage and even a human sounding voiceover not just that but you can also edit this and put your own personalized touches on your video with simple text commands to change the voice over the script the footage and so many other things let me show you how you can actually do this so this is inid AI and I put the link for this tool at the top of my description box down below so you can find it there now that we're here we're going to ask the AI to create a 3 minute motivational YouTube video about mindset and remember the more detailed your prompt is here the better the video so let's type this in and ask the AI to create this video so we're going to ask it make me a video around the differences is between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset and how switching over to a growth mindset can make you very successful in life include Vivid and creative examples to illustrate the points be funny and Casual use a heavy male British voice and add subtitles feel free to use this prompt for your videos too you can just fill in the differences of what you want but I think by you following this as well will help you and will help the AI create an even better video so now you're going to see that our video is being generated when you're ready in your prompts just make sure that you state specific elements such as the topic of the video the tone of the voice the type of voice over and any other details that you want the video to include now that our video is done let's see what the AI made for us I am always so blown away by these videos because I can never believe that AI made this video this fast ability as muscles the more you use them the stronger they get this mindset Embraces challenges persists in the face of setbacks se

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