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Homedigital marketingMake $100 - $1000 in Just Minutes!

Make $100 – $1000 in Just Minutes!

Whoo! 100 to 1,000 dollars
in just minutes is what you're going to be learning. I'm going to be showing you how
to get work. How to get it done in just minutes for free. This is something that
can be done worldwide no matter what country you're in. And I'm going to show
you how to get the money. To get $1,000 doing this simply free,
completely free. Everything yours free, worldwide. Let's get to it. I'm going to show
you on my computer right here exactly how it's done.
Step-by-step. Look at me, follow the directions and you can do this to make
money too. Let's get it. So, I'm going to be showing you how to do simple online jobs.
This can be done anywhere in the world from any country and make money for free.
So, I'll be going over first on my computer, “Getting the Work”. Second, “Doing
It In Just Minutes” for free. And then three is “Getting The Money”. And scaling
that up. Now, the site we're going to be discussing is a site that I use a lot. I
use it all the time and I'm on the other end of things because I'm paying people.
And what that is called, is it's called fiverr. Okay? right there. We can
zoom in on it. You see it right here and it says, “It's where business owners go to
find the perfect freelance services for their business.” Starting at $5. Now, what
we're interested in is we're interested in posting jobs on there and getting
people to pay us money. Now, I'm not sure if you're familiar with
me but you may have seen a lot of my ads and a lot of businesses need video ads
for their business. Now, I just did a simple search here. Video ads and you can
see a lot of people are selling services on video ads because a lot of people
need video ads. But are people actually getting hired here. Now, check this out,
we're looking at one of the posts which says I will do professional and
attractive short video ads. And you can charge anywhere from $50 to $125. This person is selling their ads for. And you can charge
way more than that. I spend thousands of dollars with people to do my video ads.
Now, let's see how many people are actually paying money for these little
jobs. So, we have 192 reviews. We have 2 orders that this person is currently
working on. And if we scroll down here, we'll see this person is from India
right here. You can do this anywhere in the world folks. And as we scroll down, we
see almost… Look, 18 hours ago they got another review. 2 days ago, they got
another review. One day ago, they got another review. 4 days ago, they got
another review. Now, if we figure conservatively that one and every 2
people leaves a review only about 50% of people actually leave a review,
then this person is getting multiple jobs per day. Let's say 2 jobs per day.
Now, doing the math at $50 per video, that's $100 per day.
Now, I'm going to show you how to do this for free right now. So, how would you
create a video ad if you've never created a video ad before, let's check it
out. Now, this is a site that you can get this done for free. Take notes people.
Okay, it's called FlixExpress, okay? Now, with flixExpress, you can create videos in just minutes. And it's completely free. Let me
show you. So, here is their pricing. And as you can see, you say… Try flicks Express
for free. And you can do 2 minutes worth of
videos. That's the rendered file for free. So, you can create a number of different
videos as long as the total run time is under 2 minutes for free. And
thereafter, if you want to continue using FlixExpress, you only pay $3.49. Now, using this software which I'm going to show
you in just a second here is something that you can use to get your first job
done. You can do up to a two-minute video. You can do it as little as 5 dollars
and it wouldn't cost you anything, okay? And you can take that 5 dollars and
what I'll recommend is pay for the plan so you could do more videos. Pay 3
dollars and 50 cents and then you keep growing your business. So, now how
flixExpress works is I just chose the free plan. Okay? I just chose the free
plan right here. And I just said get started for free. And what I did… You can
see. You can create really easy simple videos with this. Okay, let's create a
video right now. So, here I am in flix Express I'm logged in and they give you
different templates you can use. So, let's say we want to create a little a trailer
video for somebody, right? The video ad. We can create this 10-second video ad. Will
click to create. And it's going to show up and look something like this. It's going to
have a name and a picture and a logo. So, we'll just say customize now. Right there.
And it says choose your images. So, I'm just going to click upload image and I'll
just just picked a friend's image. I'm going to click proceed. Going to click Next. And
I'm just going to say Jason capital. The ladies man. Okay? And then, I'm going to
click create preview, okay? Just like that. And that's all there is to create a
video, okay? That's it. And now you've created a video ad that you can send to
your customer to get it. Now, might be wondering, “John, how do you post
a job on Fiverr?” What do I do to get above the muck. Okay, so to get your job
at the top of Fiverr, there's 5 different things I'm going to
show you how to do. Okay, now the first thing that people look for in really
anywhere in marketing is they look for social proof, okay?
And what a social proof mean? Now, social proof, what it is is people don't want to
make decisions on their own. They don't want to make decisions alone. Most people
want to follow some sort of herd that's gone before them. So, what you need to
understand is people want to look at reviews from other people. People want to
see how many star ratings they have. People want to see a lot of five-star
ratings. People want to see some of your other work that you've done. That you've
done work for other companies and this is what it looks like. That social proof.
People want to de-risk their investment of $5 or $50 or 150 dollars by seeing
what you've done previously because that gives them an expectation of what to
expect for themselves in the future. Let's go to
my computer and check this out. Now, simply put social proof is reviews. And
to get reviews like these which is saying amazing work. You know, final
result was impressive. Perfect service. You can do your projects for very cheap
to begin with. You can start… As I showed you, you can get these done in minutes
and you can do it for free. So, lower your prices in the beginning just to get a
couple reviews. And either way, you're making free and clear money. The next
thing you want is a super quick response. Fiverr shows everybody's response times
and buyers like me prefer to buy from those who have quick response rates. Now,
the third way to get ranked is keywords. And keywords is a little more of a
technical you know non human concept. But for Fiverr, you want to put in keywords
that people might search for that relate to these service your offerings such as
for that post I was showing you. You'd want to type in the
do ads as a keyword. And maybe video advertising and create a video or other
things that people might search for. You know Facebook video ad, YouTube video ad
that people may would use to find you, okay? So, keywords help and keywords also
relate to a lot of different things in internet marketing if you're advertising
and doing other stuff like you know, I teach in my courses.
Now, the next exciting thing is getting you more money. And that is repeat
customers, okay? Fiverr looks at how many times customers keep coming back to you
which is good for both Fiverr because it means they're returning to Fiverr to buy
more things from them. And it also is good for you because it means people are
coming back and paying you more money. Now, a few ideas of how you can get
repeat customers is simply just being a good little online marketer sales person
and messaging them after they complete the project and say, “Hey, could you write
me a review? If you liked your experience.” But also offering them you know, saying,
“Hey, is there any way else I can help you out in your business so I can also do
many other things? You know such as logos or branding and design or whatever.”
Whatever else you can do. You know offer those services to them because typically
speaking, if somebody is like me is getting video ads in their business,
we're also buying a lot of other stuff. I spend over $100,000
per month on freelancers in my business. And there's a lot of things I need done.
And if I've already worked with somebody and been satisfied with their worth, I'm
much more likely to work with people I've already been working with rather
than wanting to find a new person for the job. Does that make sense? Okay, now
before I get to number 5 which is going to blow your mind in how to get fiverr jobs and it's going to take you through the roof honestly. If this is packed with
value guys, just type in, “let's get it”. Let's get it in the comments or type in,
“I'm going to get it” in the comments because this is so easy, folks.
This is easy, folks. And this is free. You saw a place, you can list jobs
on anywhere in the world. Jobs to list and how to fulfill them for free. But I'm
going to show you how to get more jobs than any other person. And that's
through promoting your jobs. We're going to show you 3 ways to promote your jobs
for free. Now, the first step to fiber promotion is a really great one. And that
is Facebook. And specifically we're going to be looking at Facebook groups, okay? Now,
let's check this out. So, I went to Facebook. And let's say for instance, we
were doing a video ad, right? We showed an example of how you can create video ads
for anywhere from… You know, this person is doing 50 to $100 that seems like a
good range. They're getting multiple jobs per day. Now, we can go to Facebook and we
can type in video creators. And I just type that in. And we'll see there's a
number of groups that pop up. Now, we want to go specifically to this group's tab
right here, okay? Right there and click it. Now, we go to
the Facebook groups and we want to join every single group that we can, okay? So,
they ask you some questions. You know, what do you create. I create you know, I'm
just going to type in YouTube videos. We won't allow sub for sub.
Are you… Yes. There's a group to talk. You know, got it and we are going to be accepted
soon. YouTube creators. Join. So, I'm going to join all of these different groups and
we're gonna post about our job in it. We're going to… We're going to post our job
which is I will do professional and attractive short video ads. Is anybody
interested? Because everybody in these groups is looking to have videos done.
Folks, this is a goldmine. They're looking for what you have. Now, we
can go over here and I typed in small business marketers, okay? Now, once again,
we can look in groups. And we see groups with… Let's zoom in on here. Digital
online mobile marketing for small business owners, okay? Well, this only has
380 members. Here's a group of small business owners
with 3,000 members. Now, my guess is a couple of them are doing video ads.
Everybody's moving to video ads. So, I'm guessing as some of them would say, “Great,
I'd pay 5, 10, 50, 500 dollars for an ad created for my
business. And you can do that for free. And you'll see there's tons of groups
here. 8,000 members. We have 4,000 members. 3,000 members.
15,000 members. So, there's a lot of groups… 25,000
members. There's a lot of groups that you can join where there's people looking
for video advertising for their business. You see tons of groups. We can just keep
scrolling for ages. Every one of these groups is an opportunity for you to get
your message out there for free to specific groups of people that are
looking for services that you can offer. Okay, let's move onward. Okay, so the
second method of promotion is actually LinkedIn groups, okay? So, I'm going to type
in video creators up here and what I'm going to do is go to groups, okay? So, I'm
going to go content. Click to this and I'm going to click groups. And we see there are
some groups here. I might have to change my keywords but show creators groups. We
could also just type in marketers. Now, here's a bunch of marketing groups with
a ton of members on LinkedIn. 3 areas to post your link. Now, here we have
internet marketers association. 12,000 members. We have a marketing group. You
know, PR, 250,000 members. We have marketing pros. We have this group.
–Marketing pros, 300 thousand members. We have online lead generation, 100,000 members. And look how easy it is to join these groups. I'm just going to go
down here and I'm going to click request to join and boom! Okay? And here's another
one. I literally just clicked on this group and I'm already a member and I
joined. No requests, no nothing. Just boom. I'm in and I can start posting in inside
of the group. Now, a good idea would be you could even put an example of one of
the videos like the one I just did and say I will create a professional logo or
video ad for your business for $5 or $10 or $20 just to begin. And post it in
there and post the video. So people can see your work. And you can get all this
done for free and you should get a lot of jobs if you get in front of hundreds
of thousands of people that I just showed you. Let's move on to method
number 3 right now. Method number 3 is forums, okay? So, you can post in
forums and there's lots of marketing forums where people discuss marketing
tactic and I'm just looking in google for marketing forums and you see there's
tons of internet marketing forums. We say, blackhat forum, warrior forum, digital
point. There's a ton of places you can post your links, people. There's a ton of
ways you can promote. It's easy to get this money. You see people from India
or making hundreds of dollars a day online. Whoo! Okay, so if you're committed
to getting this money, type in, “Imma get it.” Okay? Type in “Imma, get it” in the comments
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YouTube. I make it from my affiliate marketing business. And when I say a
million dollars a month, I meant a million US dollars per month. And I can
show you how you can grow a business. I've created at least 5 other
internet millionaires and I've helped thousands of people replace their
incomes from their jobs and work for themselves and enjoy the freedom of an
internet-based income and you can too. And if you're
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become financially free as well. Looking forward to seeing you in the next video.
But until then, hit that like button, subscribe, leave a comment “Imma get it.”
And I will see you in the next video. Out this to action, people. You can do this.
It's easy.


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