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a lot of YouTubers are lying to you they tell you and they even you know what pisses me off the most is the fact that people will pull up screenshots and say this is how much I got paid no it's a lie nobody is going to pay anybody $800 for a single task hey love what is up and welcome back to the channel if you're seeing me for the very first time my name is adish shami and more often than not I talk about how to make money how to grow your money how to invest your money and literally how to become financially independent now if those are the kind of videos you are interested in you want to make sure you subscribe to me by clicking on subscribe button down below also turn on post notification Bell right beside it so you can get notified when I post similar videos related to this one right here you also want to give this video a huge thumbs up that way YouTube can recommend my videos to you even if you miss on the notification over the past couple of weeks I've posted a lot of videos talking about videos that will pay you to watch videos for doing online transcription for being virtual assistant you know listening to music taking surveys doing short task and you tend to earn money right one thing I realized is that this service this music these platforms are not always available to everybody depending on the country you're watching from for example I'm in Nigeria and obviously my app store is going to be Nigerian based but because I'm using my husband's Apple ID kind of like you know the way Apple works right like the family stuff yeah my Apple ID or address kind of is based in South Africa yeah so sometimes the kind of apps that I'm going to be using on my phone would not necessarily be available to people in Nigeria so that is why I tend to use my laptop to make those videos and be sure to verify that this actually works in Nigeria however I still get tons of questions or tons of comments like oh this is not working this is not legit this is a scam it's a waste of time and plenty talks like that which is fine because I mean if I come on here and I talk to you about a platform or a website and it's not working then it only Mak sense for you to leave comments like that if you took your time to watch my videos subscribed or even like the videos as the case may be which is why I did an extensive research and I found one app that is going to work for literally everybody in every part of the world yeah and this works for people in Nigeria I already made a video about this in the past yeah I think that was like the first video I made when I started the money making videos online and it is legit guys it is working one thing I want you to put at the back of your mind is that you're not going to make as much money as my thumbnail reads yeah because I don't want to call it a clickbait but yeah do you get everybody wants to make money at the same time the main purpose of me making this video is because I want people to watch and in return I'll generate money I don't know if other YouTubers are telling you this but we get paid for the number of views that we are able to get on our channel on our video so for every 1,000 people that watches this video I make money in return no matter how little sometimes it could be as little as $1 and sometimes it could be as you know as little as $10 again depending on your region so before we even go into the survey H I want to talk about the region because I've realize that everything is still dependent on your region even for YouTubers we don't make Nigerian YouTubers we don't make as much money as somebody in the US would make money we wouldn't make the same amount of money another person would make if the person were to be in UK or in Canada or in all of those other really amazing countries yeah because in Nigeria we kind of have a low CPM like you know the country is barely trying to survive if you get what I mean and the same thing is for like other African countries so if you in South Africa if you're in Ghana if you're in other African countries if you have YouTubers as friends you can ask them how much they are making by 1,000 views yeah so what I'm trying to say in essence is that your location your region is going to determine a lot of things when you want to make money online even if you're applying for jobs I'm sure sometimes you go to those websites and they will tell you that okay no they not accepting Nigerians they're not accepting some other country because they believe they are robots they are scams they all of this yeah so when you try to like do all of these online works and they tell you okay it's not working or you're not able to get any task it is because your region is not accepted so that is what I want you to think of whenever you come across online side also that I recommend online task that I recommend because another thing that I found that I researched and found is the fact that a lot of YouTubers are lying to you they tell you and they even you know what pisses me off the most is the fact that people will pull up screenshots and say this is how much I got paid no it's a lie nobody is going to pay anybody $800 for a single task if they could do that they would we doing like I mean what I'm trying to say is if a company is going to pay you $800 right okay think of it this way if you found a company out there that says AA I'm going to pay you $800 for whatever it is for an hour right do you think I am going to come on here and start tell you guys I'm getting $800 per hour for doing this even YouTube before you can get $800 on a single video you must be Reckoning I'm talking 100 thousand of views yes even if you get 100,000 views the most as a Nigerian for 100,000 views the most you'll make is maybe I don't even know to be honest I don't know because sometimes like it varies but you could get like maybe say on a 10K views you could get $10 yeah so on 100K views it could be like $100 so let's say sometimes you could get $500 or you could even get like $1k what I'm trying to say is that nobody is going to come out on here and start telling you okay I got $800 just by performing this short task I got $1,000 look at half of them their video qualities are not even doing Justice to what you're talking about if you're making $800 you would not come on here with your cheap Android phone I'm telling you nobody's going to do that nobody's going to do that all right so let's go straight to the website because I do not want to bore you with plenty talks I just needed you guys to understand the p perspective as to where I was coming from if that even makes sense I'm going to be using my phone for the purpose of this video um because I don't want to use my laptop some people said okay I'm always using my laptop I should use my phone so that they can be sure that it actually works on the phone right so as you can see here on my screen the name of the app is called surve you and I've talked about this in one of my videos but I just

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