JUMPTASK App Review: Legit Side Hustle to Earn FREE CRYPTO In 2024? πŸš€

so I've earned 240 jmpt that is equals to make money online on the jump task platform but the question is how much can you make how can you make it is it even legit has anyone done it in this video I'll be sharing with you all you need to know about the jump task platform how much I have made from the platform and also let you know all you need to know about making money in this platform if you are new here welcome to the channel thank you so much for joining us my name is kma I information on how to make money online and that's what you can expect to learn more of in this channel without wasting any more time let's get on with today's video jump task is the website that I'm looking at here on my screen it is indeed the one place with many ways to end they are a company associated with big platforms such as Tik Tok bab revolute Uber to name just a few the numbers of jump tasks show so much growth potential they have over 53 million registered users and have completed over 1990 million payout transactions let's explore some of the microtask that you can perform to earn in this platform you can participate in online surveys you can earn by playing and completing game Milestones you can end with social media doing tasks such as engaging following liking commenting Etc they also have cash back offers but one of the easiest ways of earning in this platform is by sharing your unused mobile data so when you sign up to honey G to share your internet you can actually earn jmpt which is a crypto token for jump task I have a dedicated video for honey gain so Ure to check it out in my description box down below to learn what honey gain is the requirements how to sign up and all the details you may need other methods of earning here include watching YouTube videos this is one of my favorite ways of earning but as you can see they pay very little money so you need to watch more and more videos in order to earn a significant amount of money with this platform you can also do AI training app testing as well as translations where I think you can make a significant amount of money with jump task is if you stake your money so when you come to staking here they will show you different staking opportunities and what you can expect so for example they have this opportunity to stake starting with 20 JM PT the minimum that you can invest or stake is 1 JM M PT and we're going to look at what one jmpt is worth in dollars as well you lock it for a year so yeah guys this is where you can make more money it's more like investing into a pool of money and it grows in that way all right guys so let's take a look at how you can join jump task and I will leave you guys a link in my description box down below that will give you 20% on your first earning so when you complete your very first task you're going to earn the amount that you have successfully complet completed four as well as an added 20% using the bonus code in my description box down below navigate to the homepage and select the start ending button you will land on this page where you will see the sign up button so select the sign up button there are different options for signing up you can sign up using your Google account your Facebook account your APLE account you can also sign up by connecting your crypto wallets I think this is the best option as you will need your crypto wallet to cash out so you might as well start by connecting it right from the beginning I always suggest you select the third option which is wallet connect it will give you options to collect to 19 plus crypto wallets including the first two that you have already seen scroll down to select view all and you will see the different kinds of crypto wallets that can connect to your jump task platform I suggest that to use tauras or metam mask because they are just easy to use even if you are a beginner they have have many advantages and they accept different kinds of crypto tokens so select the wallet that you want to connect to if you haven't already created your account ensure you start by creating your account so you can start connecting from there I'm logged into my account and it shows you the top picks or opportunities that they picked for you so you'll see you've got different platforms that you can sign up to and the amount of money that you can earn in dollars over here so if you sign up to binance you might need to make maybe your first deposit you earn $12 us there are some platforms where you just need to sign up and maybe connect your social media account like this one over here you earn $1.50 but I would say about this platform it doesn't have much offers if you are based in South Africa like me to you know earn a sustainable income or turn this into your full-time job but it's really good as a side hustle so as I scroll down you will see that there are different survey platforms there are online survey offers that you can participate in another way you can make money or you can increase your jmpt is by doing referrals and this is how it works you come to the referrals tab over here you copy this link over you simply select copy your link has been created and you promote this platform to different people as they sign up you're going to earn commissions for that you're going to earn um a little bit more JM PT now I've been cashing out in this platform for quite quite some time now and as an example I'll use my last month earnings to show you how much jmpt I have earned and what that means or how much that is in dollars so you'll see here on the 24th of December 2023 I have earned 240. 9718 uh6 in JM PT which I cashed out to my BSC wallet so I've earned 240 let's just put it at 240 jmpt that is equals to 34 $4 us this is how much i' I've cashed out from the platform in December so on average from this platform I endn anywhere from $30 to $60 us doing different surveys doing different task but part of what increased my earnings are also referrals that's why I do emphasize doing referrals with most of the websites that you are doing and you're maybe thinking how do I do referrals where do I start I don't have a YouTube channel and so on I personally don't advise that you buy traffic when you are starting out unless if you are promoting I don't know what kind of program build an audience build you know a a a channel work on your social media channels and build traffic so you can start promoting and recommending some of these websites you are also helping people as you recommend platforms apps and websites that will be useful to them Oh and before I forget the price of jump token or jmpt is worth $1 and for 445 cent in today's market so 1 jmpt is equal to 1.45 in us so yeah guys this is how I got to earning $340 Us in December with a jump task platform so yes it is a legit platform it does pay it does have offers although there's not quite a lot of offers but fortunately it does work with the honeygain platform it also works with referrals and yeah that's how you

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