Jewelry Small Business Ideas For Women

they're going to give you free jewelry to start your jewelry business but number seven though I'm so excited about this one one of them is about to hit a million dollars in her business you do not need any inventory you do not need any jewelry you don't need a warehouse what you need is if you're new here hi I'm Vanessa and on this channel I help women become financially independent and today's video is no different in today's video we're going to be talking about how you can make your first $1,000 or your first $110,000 with jewelry and for a lot of these ideas you don't have to be a jewelry expert you don't have to have a large social media following my team and I have spent a good amount of time digging up different small business inside hustle models that can be executed very easily by you so that you can start making money from home I have nine ideas for you today and eight of them are actually small business inside hustle ideas but in number nine I'm going to be spilling the tea on how you can access $7,500 to start up your jewelry business because it's one thing for us to have very clear actionable ideas but it's another thing for us to have Capital to execute these ideas and so in today's video we're doing both I'm going to share eight ideas for you pick the one that works for you and then number nine is the one you don't want to miss because if you have a clear idea of what $7,500 could do to help you launch your jewelry business then number nine is the one you definitely do not want to miss so to get the most value out of this video make sure you watch it all the way from a number one to number nine now without further Ado let's get into today's video number one number one is honestly the hardest one on this list and it gets so much easier after this however it is one of the most profitable ones on this list I mean this young woman went from working as an assistant to making over $700,000 in her jewelry business number one is to launch your own e-commerce jewelry website now honestly you could start with as little as $500 for this one but you need to have at least $500 and what you're going to need to make this one happen is a domain name so you can get a quick domain name from or Squarespace domains and then you can use a drag and drop website builder like Wix like Squarespace like hopspot whatever you choose to use is your preference but make sure that you use a very simple drag and drop website builder to build the website for your e-commerce store then what you're going to do next for this one is go on to and source for manufacturers now you would be able to get jewelry pieces for as low as $2 a piece but they usually would want you to buy in bulk so maybe 100 pieces for $200 but you want to test out different manufacturers on or and then figure out which one will be able to make the kind of jewelry that you want to make and then after doing that what you want to do is find influencers in the beauty lifestyle and fashion space and then pitch yourself to them because when influences wear your jewelry a lot of people would want to wear your jewelry as well so if you have the time and about $500 to put into this then a jewelry e-commerce store could be the one for you number two if you don't have any Capital like you don't have money you're not working with any budget but you do have time to put into this and to pay attention to whoever buys from you then drop shipping might be the way to go now dropshipping is a great business model for some people and I say some people because with the Drop Shipping model you do not need any inventory you do not need any jewelry you don't need a warehouse what you need is a social media page like an Instagram page P or website where you can put images of what your jewelry would be now this is how this works just like Point number one you find a manufacturer on a website like or but instead of buying in bulk to sell all you need from them are samples and if you like the samples then what you can do is hop onto canva and just create images and flyers to attract buyers and then you can promote it on social media and how you make money is that when buyers purchase from your website instead of you being the one fulfilling the order your manufacturer is going to do all that work for you they will actually be the ones to package the jewelry and drop it with whoever has ordered from you I have two friends who run Drop Shipping businesses and they've been able to generate multiple six figures so if you want me to spend some time doing some research about Drop Shipping so I can make you a full tutorial About Drop Shipping and how it works and how you can do it sustainably without getting on anyone's Toes or or compromising your integrity then let me know down in the comment section and we will put in the time and effort to get all of the information necessary to make that video for you because Drop Shipping can be used for jewelry it can be used for clothes it can be used for Waste trainers I mean anything there's so many things that make a lot of money and I've been geeking out on Drop Shipping a little bit but if you want me to go full on and make a full long video tutorial About Drop Shipping for you then let me know down in the comment section and my team and I would get to work and if you don't want to miss the video when we make it then make sure you hit the Subscribe button and hit the Bell right next to it so you get notified when it goes live number three number three is to have a custom jewelry Etsy store now the reason why I said custom jewelry is because competition goes down when you're able to customize what it is that you are delivering to your customers right because I could literally walk into any store and buy jewelry but if if your jewelry pieces have something unique about them maybe you're able to put people's names or people's initials on a necklace then Etsy is a great Marketplace for you I mean look at this store and look at the thousands of pieces that have been sold pull out your calculator and do the math on this this is a woman that is quietly getting to the big bag by simply putting out custommade jewelry on a Marketplace that already exists like Etsy number four before we get into number four if you have liked this video so far but you've just forgotten to hit the like button please go ahead and hit the like button it might seem insignificant but it actually helps you see more videos like this because it tells the YouTube algorithm that this is the kind of content that you like number four number four is to launch a jewelry restoration business now this is big business like if you're able to get jewelry restoration tools you are in for a big one because girlies who are engaged or married sometimes their diamonds fall out or their jewelry gets misplaced and you could get a customer whose ring is her husband's grandmother's rin

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