IT’S YOUR TIME! – Powerful Motivational Speech for Success – Eric Thomas Motivation

some of you are holding on to some real good memories that are no longer current memories and you need to let them go so that you can get what's next [Music] so we're gonna do we're gonna get the right information and then we're gonna get narrow focused and boom we're gonna go for it are you hearing what i'm saying that's it many of you will not be successful because you've got this giant goal and no steps to go with it you're just in your mind like girl this is my year how many steps i don't know like what is it going to take for you to do it i don't know i just know this is my year can i be real with you if you can't measure it ain't real [Music] keep your dreams phenomenal keep your vision phenomenal keep it phenomenal and now i need you to get your weight up as an individual i need you to get your schedule up i need you to get your life up i need to get your words up i need you to get your heart up i need to get your action up i need you to get to a place that every single thing that you do is phenomenal so that the life you want to live you can actually live that life you lay hold of it and when that thing tells you to quit you look at it in his eye and say i ain't going nowhere i will break you before you break me you will not defeat me you will not destroy me some of you are so ignorant you've been through so much hell you gonna quit now why me god why did i get ms why did i get cancer why did my mama die why did i get fired do you understand listen you got through that you got put through that because what that does that tension produces greatness stop running from it and run to it stop telling me what you're going through the greats they get to it they go through it and the harder it is the better we gonna put in work because every time you put in work you get the same consequences you get paid you get rewarded when you out there dealing with the real world it ain't pretty you got to have hearts get some hearts if i said you obsession what's that mean to you uh it means wanting to succeed as bad as i want to breathe you know what i'm saying it's like whatever it is i say i won't i want it like air you know and air is one of those things that you know because people are saying why you say why you say air like why didn't you say because you go without that for a few seconds my friend it's a wrap it's done so there are people who want stuff but you kind of want it or you want it bad but you don't want it as bad as you want to breathe so to me obsession is wanting something so bad that you know i go to bed when i wake up to it i make whatever sacrifice i grind like it's like i can't live without it and so there are people who fantasize romanticize about stuff but like they're not obsessed with it you saw my t-shirt no alarm clock needed my passion wakes me up i got up at 3 o'clock this morning no clock i use the clock in 20 years my passion wakes me up my drive wakes me up my determination my ability to be do and have whatever i want it wakes me up what wakes you up what drives you why are you playing this game most of you have not gotten started yet because you trying to get other people to invest in your stuff you got you on you won't go for me create your own dog gonna go from you bet on you put all your money on you because guess what when you spending somebody else money it's easy to walk away from it and the problem with some of you you've been told you was number one telling you what i'm telling you today because i'm gonna need you to get your roots because if your roots are strong if your roots are strong have you been to miami have you seen the hurricanes that blew the houses down but the tree's still standing the way the tree grows is it goes down first to the bedrock it goes down first then come up most of y'all just came up and you look just as sweet as the tree until a storm come we all look the same y'all we all look the same into the storm come and i'm telling you what they're about to teach you is gonna make you money what i'm telling you is get your character right because i want to make sure your character can hold all that stuff you're about to get you ain't got no standard that's why you can't blow up there's a certain level you can't get to when you keep compromising you can't get to the next level cause every time somebody draws something in front of your face you give up don't you know you more attractive when you can say no when they know you got values you think you just gonna change the game you just gonna change the rules it don't work like that there's a standard to greatness and it's levels to this i can tell you everything i've done the only thing i can't do is grind for you that's the only thing i care but i'm gonna tell you all the secrets i'm gonna give you all the secrets to my success but if i'm giving you all the secrets to my success and they're mine and i'm getting up at three what time in the world you don't have to get up you have a gift you need to find out what it is you want some like you picking stuff that other people pick it you're trying to do what other people trying to do i love people that's going to be engineered y'all go ahead and do that y'all got to compete with each other i love when somebody said they want to be a doctor go ahead and compete with them i love people say they want to be lawyers go ahead and compete with about a million kids want to be lawyers and a whole bunch of them that want to pour into people and serve i got you beat all day go take those professions so i'm going to take my personality what i've been given and i'm going to milk it even though the world doesn't necessarily value it and that's some of your problems there's some stuff some of y'all doing you don't even want to do that you want the affirmation that comes from doing that and let me tell you something when you're not right you're going to keep attracting that kind of stuff you're going to keep attracting i'm just being real you're gonna attract men who can peep out that you ain't you ain't there right now once you fix it and get it healed i told you i walk in corporate now and i know they don't want me there but i'm still here i'm here and ain't nothing you can do about it and you gotta sit here and listen to me for the next hour and even though you don't like my hat i love me and even though you don't love my shoes i love me and even though you don't like my shorts i love me so much that you gonna love me when i get about this joint and you gonna say i'm the best motivational speaker that ever lived [Applause] so number one you gotta do me a favor when you become a millionaire you'll have a million dollars but the reason why you don't have a million dollars is because you think like somebody in poverty so if i was look i told somebody i loved dearly who said they needed more money i said what what would you do with it you'd only spend it you would only spend it pretending to be something that you're not that's all you would do is spend it so why would you you're not gonna ever make it cause you're a slave to it so when you're no longer a slave to money that's when you start making money you feel me so once you become a millionaire and you to find out what that means that don't mean you got money in the bank that's not what a millionaire is a millionaire has a way that they think i want you to go look in a jar and there's a job to say money i want you to see if you mastered your bank account keep looking at the money say i mean same thing i made last week what does that mean you didn't grow if you make the same money next month the month after if your bank account is the same in june don't fool yourself into thinking you're a good person you didn't master it cause you got the same amount of money in there so it means you you're not whatever you will never get fired when you master it so do me a favor when you put it in the jar don't just look at the job look at the jar and say if i'm not doing good in this subject then what does that mean you feel me what do you want in your marriage what do you want with your son and your daughter what do you want in your health what do you want financially like how much money do you want to make a year what do you want to drive how do you want to live stop just waking up like an accident what do you want and then once you find out what you want spend the rest of your natural life waking up and going after it some of y'all you got an ego problem you like to be around people who are inferior to you you don't like to be around people who don't challenge you iron sharpens iron so do it one man sharpen another you hate to be around people who are i like to be around people who drive nicer cars to me who are smarter than me who are doing things i can't i like to hang with them people why because they don't stretch me they're going to push me i like to be around people who weep because you feel comfortable around weak people i dare you to get around some other lions how dare you you