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welcome or welcome back to my I tried it series where I try outside hustles phone here on YouTube to see whether or not they actually work and whether you can make a little bit of extra money from that today I'm trying out one that was asked of Me by a couple of subscribers a few times and that is trying out video games and playing video games in order to make money now when I originally read those comments I thought yeah that one's not going to work however I'm pleasantly surprised to report that this specific one that I did does work I'm also happy to report that this specific one is worldwide so in this video I'm going to be showing you the platform I used the steps I took and a live cash out in order for you all to see that I can actually cash out the money so without further Ado let's get into it okay so first things first is the platform that was recommended to me from a subscriber was a platform called this is what the home screen of the website looks like I just did a little looking through the website first to kind of see what this was all about and I was happy to see that they have stats up here such as the average time until someone makes their first Cash Out is 17 minutes and 16 seconds so that's pretty neat to see and then once I scrolled a little further I noticed that the website also gives reviews that are on trust pilot and that this website has over 60,000 reviews so that's pretty cool and if it makes you feel better check out those reviews and read what other people are saying what I did is I just went in I created my free account and I signed up and this is what the dashboard of the looked like once I created my account it started to give me those different types of games and things that I could do to earn money now once I signed up I started playing in my spare time like while I was watching TV and I had a commercial or I was cooking dinner and I was waiting for the dinner to get done so I started playing here and there in my spare time compound amount of time that I did play Within These 12 days was about 1 to 2 hours all together that I spent playing if I was able to devote more time to it I'm positive I could have made more money within that time frame but I'm going to keep playing in my spare time because there are a few games that I found that I actually really enjoy I thought they were super fun and so I am going to continue to play now I want to show you what these games look like so this is what some of the games that are available look like my three favorites are the yatsi the Bingo Blitz and then this solitire Grand Harvest here I'm going to go ahead and click into one of them let's choose the Bingo Blitz game I'm just going to show you what it looks like so once you click on the game it gives you the game plan and that's the levels to reach the prizes you're going to get once you reach those levels so for example installing the app reaching level 20 reaching level 50 Etc as you can see I've currently reached level 20 with this specific game the Bingo Blitz and I have received that $2 reward I'm just going to click into this game and show you what it looks like so this is the Bingo blit game on the Apple iPhone which I do use I'm currently at level 27 and I'm just selecting to play a game so that you can see it so this is what it looks like it's just like your average Bingo it's quite relaxing I really enjoy playing the Bingo the yatsi is also another one that's really relaxing and I'm going to show you that one as well so I've recently reached level 12 which means I've surpassed those three reward levels at first and I'm three levels away from this $3 reward here once in the game I just typically select to just play a basic game of yacht see it shows you I'm at the end of this set it's like different sets that you play when you level up things to that nature so this is what the yatsi game in and of itself looks like with the rules of the dice and luckily I caught the win for this specific game and I leveled up to level 12 which is just those three levels away from the next reward which is pretty cool now something else I want to point out about companies who they work with and that you can sign up and earn cash for signing up so a couple of them on here that I saw right now is Draft Kings and signing up with Sofi all right so now I want to show you the fun part and that's the live cash out of the money I've earned with this little time frame I've been playing it so I want to show you that you can in fact cash out and then I want to show you it in my bank account I am under my cash out tab on my account on airtm or the gift card options are Amazon Visa Google Play and apple now you can cash out beginning at $5 which is really amazing and I thought that was really cool I have $12.88 so I'm going to be cashing out the $10 option so once I just selected that PayPal that's what I selected it prompted me to accept the option again and then it redirects you to the payout platform take note that the payout platform is through a company called tremendous so in your bank account or your PayPal or whatever it's going to show up as tremendous and that's their payout account so I just input my PayPal email which is my business email and I'm sending it over to my PayPal now as you can see this is my PayPal I've received that money and you can see where it is coming from it says tremendous right there so I'm going to withdraw that into my bank account and then after that there's my deposit into my business bank account so as you can see it definitely works like I said I'm happy to report that this one is 100% legit thank you to my subscribers if you're out there and watching this this does work I'm so thankful to you for recommending it and if you also enjoy playing games in your spare time this is actually one that I can say is very easy way to make extra money I'm going to have a referral link Down Below in my description box I'm also going to place a QR code on the screen here most people are watching from their phone so you probably won't be able to scan it but if you're watching on your TV or laptop you can scan my QR code and go right to the website and sign up for free with that being said you can also use your referral code to refer friends and family and then you can earn extra money that way as well if you have any questions after watching this video leave me a comment down below as always thank you so much for your support and I look forward to seeing you in my next video bye-bye

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