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Jim Cramer:

I analyzed all 700+ buy and sell recommendations made by Jim Cramer in 2021. Here are the results. from options

Even though his stock picks DO appear to perform well in the short term, much of that is likely because his own audience buys or sells the cause, causing his recommendation to be self-fulling…although, long term…it appears that, at least for 2021…he doesn’t beat the market.

Members Of Congress:

I analyzed 9000+ trades made by Members of the U.S. Congress in the last two years and benchmarked it against S&P500. Here are the results. from stocks

Thanks to the STOCK Act of 2012, members of congress MUST disclose a report anytime they buy or sell a stock to combat insider trading. Nearly 10,000 trades were made throughout Congress over a 2-year period…and, to narrow down our results to only the largest transactions…it was found that 1375 of those were above $15,000. All of those trades were benchmarked across one month, one quarter, and until present.

Over one month, their stock picks beat the SP500 by an average of .12%…over a month, they beat that benchmark by 1.34%…and, until date..their stock picks outperformed by almost 6%.

Financial Analysts:

I analyzed 66,000+ buy and sell recommendations made by financial analysts over the last 10 years. Here are the results. from stocks

He analyzed a total of 66,516 recommendations made by analysts over the last 10 years for S&P500 companies…with more than 35,000 buy, 27,000 hold, and 4000 sell recommendations…each analyzed over a week, month, and quarter….since, these reports are issued 4x per year.

Surprisingly…within a week, those recommendations BEAT the SP500 by 40%…and, throughout the next month and quarter…that analyses outperformed the SP500 by over 22%.

The Motley Fool:

I analyzed all the Motley Fool Premium recommendations since 2013 and benchmarked them against S&P500 returns. Here are the results! from wallstreetbets

Nobjos analyzed the Premium Subscription in Canada, and tracked a total of 91 stock recommendations for US-Listed stocks since 2013. Indeed, The Motley Fool did outperform the SP500, however, it was mentioned that there were some outliers with more than a 100% return that slightly skewed this average…and, their SELL RECOMMENDATIONS didn’t exactly bode well during a bull market, where you would’ve made more just NOT SELLING.

Michael Burry:

I analyzed last 15 years of news articles to see how many times Michael Burry predicted a crash and how many times he turned out to be right! Here are the results. from wallstreetbets

He's wrong more than he's right. Saved you the click.

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