If you want to start a side hustle in 2024 but don’t know where to start, watch this.

since I started my first ever side hustle in 2018 I've tried nine other hustles and I went full time with my business about four years ago right now you might be thinking about what kind of side hustle you want to start and you might have a lot of questions like what do you decide on how much research you should do before you start and how do you just like start the business so this video is for you if you are asking these questions because in this video I'm going to explain how to get started with the business if you literally have no idea what you're doing and you're just trying to start from scratch so my first advice for you is to start with what you already know I have made a video on 15 side hustle ideas for you to try and I know it might seem like really overwhelming at first because there's so many things I can give you 15 ideas but there are other people on YouTube who can give you like a hundred ideas and if you just Google side hustle ideas like you can find thousands of ways to make money so what should you do and my advice for you is to start with what you already know and don't just try to start a business in an area where you don't know anything about because that's going to be way harder like just starting a business with what you know is hard already because you have to do all the admin stuff and there's a lot of mindset things and you might have a lot of doubt and you might not know how to do the marketing so if you start with what you know it's way easier to start the business rather than like researching something that you don't know completely so for me in 2018 I started to sell greeting cards that was my first side business and I had already been practicing calligraphy for like a two months and I thought okay I have this new skill of calligraphy now what can I do with calligraphy and I I knew eventually I wanted to teach workshops but I think that idea was kind of like it seemed kind of far away for me at the time but then I thought okay what's like the easiest thing I can do and the easiest thing I thought of was to sell greeting cards which I just like made designs and then I printed them at a print shop and then I basically just sold them mainly to my friends and to people in my network and it was great because I feel like it was something realistic that I could see myself doing rather than let's say you know like something I wanted to do before in the past was to like make a full-time income with a Blog but then I just feel like that whole thing was I just didn't know anything like there were so many things I had to write so many articles and then like you know you have to do affiliate links and you have to do ads and then maybe you should like sell a course or something on your blog like it was just so much and realistically I thought okay if I'm gonna start a business right now and if I want to make money right now what do I want to do and for me selling greeting cards was the easiest so right now you probably already have some kind of skill that a lot of other people don't have like maybe you can edit videos or you are a photographer or maybe you're really good at like editing resumes or you like really love designing things on your iPad like you're already doing it so I would definitely really start with what you already know and later on you can always pivot so for me I've made two big pivots in the last five years one of them was to go from my calligraphy business to a online business offering coaching services to calligraphers and that was during the pandemic and then I made another pivot last year which was to go from the calligraphy and the coaching to more content creation so now my main focus is my Etsy shop selling digital downloads and my YouTube channel and I still do calligraphy it's more of a side thing now but I still teach corporate calligraphy workshops and then I also do on-site calligraphy but for those ones like I don't actively try to look for those opportunities I kind of just like wait for people to email me because I have a website and yeah companies just email me when they need like a calligrapher there is a really good book that I recommend and it's called PS you're a genius by Kelly track and it like goes through how you can find your gifts and your talents and and use those to do the thing that you are like really really good at so that book actually confirmed that I wanted to be more of like a general content creator rather than like a coach or like a calligrapher artist kind of person my next piece of advice for you is when you're just starting a business it can feel very lonely so it's so helpful if you have a community of people that you can like share what your goals are and share what your challenges are and also just like to keep each other accountable so when I first started my business in 2018 I had a group of friends it was like a very small group and we met up once a month to talk about like what we're doing and our goals and if we have problems and honestly it was just so helpful because at that time most of my friends were in like corporate jobs and like accounting and stuff because I went to business school so everyone was like working for like a big company or something I was one of the few people I knew who was trying to like start a side business so it's useful not just because you can like help each other with business strategies and like questions like if you don't know how to register your business like all of that is super helpful but even just like pumping each other up and like motivating each other it just helps so much and knowing that you are like on the same Journey as these other people too so right now I would say I feel very supported in my business journey I have a couple of close friends who I catch up with like regularly and we talk about business and like how things are going so yeah it's just like so helpful when you don't have to do it alone and there are other people who are doing the same thing as you so if you don't know anybody in your personal Network who's trying to start a business what you can also do is look in Facebook groups or like there are a lot of people in my YouTube comments who are also like trying to start a business like you can use social media and these kinds of like social networks online to find find other people who are trying to do the same thing as you if you buy a course or you do some kind of like coaching or actually you know what even just like I think Facebook groups are probably like the best like one thing you could do is just search for business owners in your city name and you can look for people who might be in a similar trying to do similar thing as you and it doesn't have to be the exact same thing it could be like if you want to start a nail salon maybe you look for people in the beauty industry or something I don't know and another way to meet these kinds of people is to go to like local networking events or like markets where you can me

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