I WILL GET THROUGH THIS || Best Motivational Speech On Success

you have a great life in front of you but your great life is in front of you it's not behind you what you did back there ain't got nothing to do with what god got for you what you did back then was learn the lessons to get you to where you are at this particular moment right here but what god got for you do you know man that you can actually mess your life completely up you can jack it all the way up and you can turn around get it right whatever you focus on that's what you're going to continue to multiply and expand in your life but if you focus on what you don't have if all you can do is point out the negative things in your life whatever you focus on you're going to expand that some people all they can do is complain we all have had experiences in our lives that if we permit these experiences to do so we will allow them to wear us down if we permit them to do so there will be luggage that will be dragging through life holding us down stifling our potential to give and to contribute in life if we continue to carry all of these things we can never be open to the love and the abundance and the opportunity that life has to offer us because we are so full with what we've got do you realize that every day you thought you wasn't gonna make it do you remember them days when you thought it was absolutely unbearable and you thought you wasn't gonna endure that one do you know that your survival rate for every last one of them bad days is 100 you your track record for surviving bad days is 100 that's a fact all you got to do is start changing the way you think you can protect yourself from negativity and that's what stops most people negative thoughts you can coat your mind from negativity the way you can put a coating around your mind is with one simple thing gratitude gratitude erases negativity when you're showing a spirit of gratitude for what i got now that you're satisfied with it but you're grateful for what you got developed a spirit of gratitude i'm thankful for life i'm thankful to be an american i'm thankful to be on this part of the planet i'm thankful to see another day no things aren't what i want them to be no i don't have all the things i want to have but i'm thankful that i'm still here i have another opportunity another day to live another chance to contribute another chance to make a difference in life the moment you start feeling abundant and worthy you are generating wealth the moment you're empowered and feel it you're beginning to step towards your success the moment you start feeling whole your healing begins and when you love yourself and you love all of life you'll create an equal and now you're causing an effect i feel very strongly that we can make an incredible difference in life phyllis mark said giving empowers you because taken to its ultimate what you are really giving is love love is the motivating force behind the infinite supply of universal energy love truly makes the world go around and as with anything circular it's going keep coming back but i always believed that i could do whatever i set my mind to that's the only the only credit i will give myself is when other people break and give up and stop i just don't right and it comes down to the story you tell yourself about yourself now if you don't know this quote live by it one can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery over oneself that's da vinci da vinci did amazing things with his life i wanted to do equally amazing things with mine and if that's the game that we're playing if i can construct my belief system if i can choose at any moment to believe something that's more empowering than i was believing the moment before and that that will actually find its way into my actions allow me to do things that i couldn't do the moment before then it's like that moment in the matrix where nia realizes he knows kung fu and that's like as funny as that is that's how i think about life to me the very fundamental purpose of life is to find out how many skills i can acquire that have utility and then put that utility to the test in service of something greater than myself how many skills can i acquire that have utility put that utility to the test in service of something greater than myself that is for me the purpose of life now i don't actually want to know kung fu that is not the mission that i'm here to live but i knew that i had to identify my mission so what was going to be my mission mother teresa is an amazing quote nobody will act for the many but people will act for the one [Music] and that really struck me because i realized they were right i was looking at this global pandemic of ill health and i wasn't moving into action but thinking about my mom and my sister or the uncle i had who ate himself to death when i was 12 years old that made me want to act i think everybody is motivated by two different things one you have the beautiful things in your life uh the things that are going well the things that you're grateful for the things you're moving towards instead of a way you have a compelling vision of your future it's something that you're very excited about um all of those things are the beautiful things now the flip side of that equation are the things that uh it's people that doubt you it's haters it's um things you're moving away from it's fear-based things it's something that you absolutely refuse to let happen so one that is incredibly potent to me are the people that want to see me fail so it's very different than people who just think you're going to fail i actually don't have a lot of aggression towards people like that but people that want me to fail those people i have a lot of aggression for and i find in very acute moments the darkness serves you better in very acute moments now the light the things you're moving towards the things that are beautiful the things that you're grateful for all of that is the only winning strategy long term because the darkness becomes corrosive you start to become bitter you start to be angry you stop being optimistic you stop seeing things in a way that's empowering and positive and i mean just thinking about the deep limbic system when it gets inflamed you perceive things as negative i think negativity stops people from making progress there's a whole host of neurological reasons and sort of mindset reasons why i think that being negative over the long run becomes very very detrimental and holds you back but from an acute standpoint they've done studies on this if you want someone to be able to endure more pain the surest way to get people to endure more pain is to let them get angry let them be aggressive and in doing that people are able to withstand in the clinical trials i'll say there's probably more than this but in clinical trials they're able to withstand 30 percent more pain so just straight being able to take more pain anger and aggression lets you do 30 more so that's why i think in acute ways and short term bursts that the darkness will serve you philosophy as i taught the last time i was here philosophy in my personal opinion is the major determining factor in how your life works out philosophy the major determining factor in how your life works out philosophy to form our philosophy you got to think got to use your mind got to process ideas and this whole process over a lifetime starting way back here when we were children schools that we've attended our parents our experiences all this stuff that we've processed by the thinking process helps to develop our philosophy and in my opinion each person's personal philosophy is the major factor in how your life works out here's what i called it in that last presentation when i was here it's called the set of the sale each person's personal philosophy is like the set of the sale now i used to think it was circumstances that ordered my life if someone would have asked me at age 25 mr owen how come you're not doing well pennies in your pocket creditors calling nothing in the bank behind on your promises to your family you live in america 25 years old got a beautiful family every reason to do well and things are not going that well for you what is wrong here it would not have occurred to me to blame my philosophy i mean it would not have occurred to me saying well i got this lousy philosophy and that's how come i got pennies in my pocket and nothing in the bank things aren't working well that would not have occurred to me i found it much easier to blame the government much easier to blame the tax problem i used to say taxes are too high top tax rate when i first started paying taxes 91 back then when your income reached a certain level all your income over that 91 so i used to say that's too high now the tax top tax rates about 33 but people are still saying what taxes are two see but you can't use that anymore if it's gone from 91 to 33 how could it be too high come on i threw all that old excuse stuff away some people found it though and they're using it these days my old list i used to blame the traffic the weather used to blame circumstances right people say i'm too too tall i'm too short i'm too old i was raised in obscurity raised on a farm parents of modest means all the stuff if you would ask me how come you find yourself here mr owen age 25 living in america land of abundance and opportunity kenny zero in the bank not doing well creditors calling it would not have occurred to me to blame my philosophy i found it easier to blame the company company policy i used to say if this is all they pay how do they expect you to do well so i figured that you know my future was going to be tied to what everybody else was arranging the economy right interest rates i used to say things cost too much that was my whole explanation not my philosophy until my teacher taught me better that this is where the problem was my own personal philosophy here's what's exciting about each person's personal philosophy that's what makes us different than dogs and animals and birds and cats and spiders and alligators that's what makes us different than all of the life forms the ability to think the ability to use your mind the ability to process ideas and not just operate by instinct in the winter i'm telling you the goose can only fly south what if south doesn't look too good tough luck it can only fly south but see human beings are not like a goose can only fly south i mean you can turn around go north you can go east you can go west you can order the entire process of your own life and we do that by the way we think we do that by exercising our mind we do that by processing ideas and come up with a better philosophy a better strategy for our life goals for the future okay plans to achieve those goals all this comes from developing our philosophy philosophy helps us to process what's available well when we get here we got seed and we got soil and we got some rain and we've got some what sunshine and we've got some seasons and what the miracle of life now the key is what do you do with all this stuff how do you turn all this stuff that's available here into equity and promise and lifestyle and dreams and future possibilities all of this that's possible now with human beings how do you take all this stuff and turn it into this equities and values well it starts with philosophy what is the seed what is the soil what is the sunshine what is the rain is it possible to take some of each of all the stuff that's available and turn it into food and turn it into value and turn it into nourishment turn it into something spectacular and unique that no other life form can do and the answer is yes but you cannot deal with all this stuff and what to do with it unless you start refining your philosophy think use your mind come up with ideas and strengthen your philosophy so the seed in the soil and the rain and the sunshine this is called you know the economy and the banks and the money and the schools and uh everything that's available out there processing information what to do with all that and turn it into equity and value that is the major challenge of life my personal opinion you