I Tried Making $200 in 30 Min using This AI Shortcut (To See if It Works)

can you actually make $200 in 30 minutes without any special skills well I'm putting this to the test today to see if it works so I stumbl upon this job posting on upwork earlier today and get this they need somebody to create 30 video shorts and they're paying up to $25 an hour and having hired for this type of services myself I'm assuming that probably the client thinks this is a full day's worth of work and they're probably expecting to pay at least $200 if not more but what if we could make 30 shorts in as little as 30 short minutes this might be the opportunity that you've been waiting for because like this there are over 1,600 other job posting on upw works right now clearly we can see that there's huge demand for short form video editors and this means that the more videos you can create the more money you'll be able to make so my goal in this video is to be able to show you how to make more money faster and easier all right so let me start the timer and see how we do there we go and for this we're going to be using an AI tool that is super easy and super fun to use it is called in video I've talked about it before on my channel we use it a lot in my business and trust me anyone can use this and in fact nobody will be able to tell that you are not a professional video editor if they're not a professional editor themselves and you can do this no matter what kind of level of experience you have no matter where you're based no matter what you've studied it is that easy in the job posting on upw work it does not really say what kind of topics we should be covering in the short so obviously that is something that you would need to do if you the person that the client chooses to hire for this kind of a job but just for the sake of the challenge and because the time is really ticking let's take uh motivational videos for example so we're going to be creating 30 motivational videos for let's say somebody who wants to start a channel themselves and by the way you could very very easily do this yourself if you don't want to be a video editor and you want to maybe in parallel I would recommend start your own YouTube channel and create content in the format of shorts for that channel then you very very easily can do this with nid okay so we come to ai. envidio doio and here we are asked to select the work workflow so we will say here that we want YouTube shorts and here we are being asked to give details about what we want the short to cover so let's say um create a short video up to 50 seconds long talking about the importance of getting up after any defeat and never giving up do this in the style of Tony Robins okay now in terms of settings I am going to use the voice of a male in terms of which voice um clear American Voice is fine add subtitles yes I'm going to just use I stock normally let's see what that generate video okay so now we need to wait a few seconds for our video to be created time continues to be ticking we are already let me see oh my God 5 minutes and uh 25 seconds already and we haven't even created the first video okay so it's it's already got a title rise After Fall the power of perseverance I love that and the video is preparing okay good so now we are being asked what is the audience so motivation Seekers look and feel inspiring platform YouTube shorts continue okay transcribing voice adding media tracks and I think we're getting really really close to our first short okay 6 minutes and 23 seconds all right okay so our first short is ready cold open there's an Unwritten rule in sports a game isn't over until the final whistle it mirrors life doesn't it in the blink of an eye a champion can stumble a Titan can fall it took so far 7 minutes and 15 seconds so let's see if we are really able to create all 30 videos all 30 shorts in 30 minutes cuz we don't have a lot of time so I am going to focus on this and see what we manage to get in the next 23 minutes okay so now my next video is processing and I realized there's something important that you guys need to pay attention to and that is the language you use in your prompt so you want to be as specific as possible in your prompt and give it as much texture as much flavor as you can so that it can incorporate that into the final video that it'll create for you okay so paying attention to the language of your script and the tone as well as the details you provide is going to ensure that you get a much better [Music] output second video is exporting and we're going going to move on to our third [Music] one so while my third video is now generating another important aspect is that when the generated output is ready you can still make changes and I'll show you when this one's ready so you can see how you're able to do that yourself you can literally change the video footage that is being used you can use a different script if you want or make changes to the script if you decide maybe a sentence is something that you don't like or maybe your client won't like you're absolutely free to make those [Music] [Music] changes okay guys we have 9 minutes and 6 seconds passed we have created Five shorts so far and um I realized that I have a small issue I feel like I'm getting stuck with the prompts that I can come up with and I'm pretty sure that I won't be able to come up with 30 of them that are just as creative and super inspiring so I'm going to go to chat GPT and ask it to help me with some additional prompts that can help me prompt in video a lot better and be able to get better output [Music] all right you guys almost 12 minutes passed and we now have a lot of prompts that we can use so I'm super excited I'm going to take these and go back to n video and create more shorts in the remaining 18 minutes while we wait there's another question that I usually get when I talk about in video and especially for people who are looking to create their own YouTube channel and that is related to the license for the media that gets used in creating these videos and you do get a license to use the media so you will not get any copyright strikes if you decide to use the same footage well not the one you create for your client obviously but the same style or type of footage for your own YouTube channel if you decide to create shorts for yourself as well okay 15 minutes in we are literally at the half mark of our time today and I am finishing the 12th video so I'm a little bit running behind but I'm feeling good I feel like we can probably get there the really good thing about shorts is that the rendering does not take very long because obviously it's just 1 minute or less than 1 minute long so that's really good it really helps with this [Music] challenge okay you guys um we have another problem I mean we have 10 minutes so it's fine I'm actually going to stop for now because I'm talking to you but I realized that some of the videos end up using the same type of footage and I'm not always happy with it so I'm actually going t

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