How To Stop Being Lazy

How To Stop Being Lazy: Watch this video, follow these 5 steps, and suddenly get motivated by actually doing stuff. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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First, it’s important to recognize that feeling lazy is totally NORMAL.
Unless your Gary Vaynerchuk. In which case, you should get that checked out…but besides that, being lazy happens to EVERYONE, and it happens way more than people would like to admit. Recognizing that this happens is just a part of moving on from this, and not wallowing in self-pity or thinking that you aren’t good enough for something, or that you’ve just wasted so much time, so what’s a little more laziness…because THAT just makes things SO MUCH worse. So accept that it’s normal, it happens to everyone, there’s nothing wrong with you, and that’ll allow you on to the next step.

Second, DO NOT overthink things.
This is probably the BIGGEST hurdle people have when they’re presented with something they should be doing, but they’re not in the mood to get it done…people OVER THINK about it. Meanwhile, your subconscious slowly ruminates on the task, and mentally transforms it from something that would’ve been an easy thing to get done, into the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest while not having gotten off of your couch for years.

The LESS thinking you do about it, the better. As soon as you catch yourself “THINKING” of how much you don’t want to do something, cut that out immediately…it does absolutely nothing productive, and it wastes mental energy that you could’ve just spent actually getting it done. So don’t think.

Just try out this out: anytime you’re feeling lazy, don’t think…just immediately start doing it. Start so quick that your mind doesn’t even have time to process what you’re actually doing…then by the time you’re doing it, you’ll already feel more motivated to finish what you started.

Plus, something amazing happens once you just start…somehow you end up getting motivated, just because you’re beginning to see the end result of finishing what you started.

Fourth, Break it down into smaller tasks that seem more manageable.
This way, nothing ever gets overwhelming, and you’re less likely to mentally use the excuse of “I didn’t feel like it.” Each step, by itself, is usually pretty simple…so use that to your advantage. It’s the equivalent of just focusing on the next step, the next 10 minutes, the next small task…and doing that repetitively without looking too far ahead…and then before you know it, you’ll have a video like this fully filmed and edited, even though you started off by not wanting to do anything today!

Do your best to identify your biggest time wasters…and then cancel them out so they’ll no longer be a distraction. Identifying what these points are, and then CANCELING THEM OUT, makes doing EVERYTHING ELSE so much easier.

And finally, it’s really important to realize that beyond all of this, the motivation to do something is always going to be a fleeting feeling, and relying on “feeling motivated” is going to be completely unreliable. Instead, what’ll make the biggest difference, is just this: DISCIPLINE.

It’s just the discipline to stick with this, no matter what happens…no matter if you feel lazy, no matter if you’re wasting time on instagram, no matter if you haven’t even smashed the like button already. Consistency is absolutely everything, and that’s the ONLY WAY to ever get long lasting results.

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