How to Start Selling on Etsy in 5 Simple Steps (Etsy Shop for Beginners Step by Step Walk-Through)

how do you start an Etsy Shop really though chances are if you've been researching how to start an Etsy Shop you've probably gathered about 30 steps that you need to take and are probably feeling pretty intimidated by all the advanced Etsy strategy everything from SEO to niching down to mock-ups am I right well if you want to sell on Etsy but feel totally overwhelmed not knowing where to start I got you friend because today I'm breaking it down into five super simple steps to get you going on Etsy let's get it [Applause] welcome back to the channel friends if this is our first time meeting I'm Kate I'm a wife mom Etsy seller and business coach and I'm so excited you're here I'm so excited to go over these five simple steps to get started on Etsy today like I said my mission here is to break this down as simply as possible and make it easy to understand for beginners wanting to start selling on Etsy in addition to these five simple steps that you can take to get started on your Etsy shop I'm also excited to share with you a bit about one of my favorite resources Taylor Brands and I also have two additional Pro tips at the end so make sure to watch this video all the way through to get those tips okay so let's go ahead and jump into step number one so step number one when you want to open an Etsy Shop is to First decide what you want to sell on Etsy the top four categories that you would be thinking of are either handmade products digital products print on demand products or vintage products Etsy has a strict no reselling policy for me manufactured items so everything that you sell on Etsy has to either be handmade which means that you yourself are either actually making the item or designing it or you can sell digital items that you yourself have designed and created for download or you can sell vintage items but they have to be truly vintage which means 20 years or older so I know it can be hard to get specific with this but I definitely recommend niching down as much as possible here to pick one of these categories to start with you can always open additional shops in the future but you don't want to offer several different types of products in one shop you want to become known as The Specialist and the expert in one specific thing so think about between these different options which one best fits your passions what you're interested in as well as what you think would sell best on the platform and what you could create the best then once you've decided what type of product you want to offer then we move on to step number two which is to establish your business the first part of establishing your business is deciding on your business name this is a super exciting step if you don't know what you want your business this name to be yet I recommend you choose something that is easy for people to remember and also something that makes sense with the type of products or the niche that you'll be selling in when you think you've got a good name in mind you also want to make sure to check for the domain name and that name on social media whatever platforms you think you'll be on to make sure that that name is available and not already taken by another business the next part of establishing your business is to decide on your branding and to really dive deep into the feel of your branding which is your logo your brand colors any fonts that you want to use specifically in your marketing promotions and your branding across the board and also what sort of overall Vibe or feel you want your brand to have whether it be light and Airy maybe it's dark and moody maybe it's muted earthy tones but think about what sort of feel you want when people encounter you whether it be on social media on your shop itself you want to give them a specific Vibe and aesthetic right from the beginning going along with this you want to think about any marketing materials you might need to go ahead and prep and have made ahead of time other that be a business card or a pack-in flyer that you might be including in your packaging if you're selling handmade items or even fun things to up level your packaging like branded stickers or labels and then of course you can't forget the legal steps to establishing your business as well now I'm not a legal professional so I can't give you any official legal advice you definitely need to do your own research to figure out what steps you need to take here but a lot of people start on Etsy either as a sole proprietor or an LLC so research and see which one of those fits you the best and go with that you'll also need to look into possibly getting a federal EIN number as well as any state licenses or permits you might need to operate your business again if you're in the US this very state to state so I can't tell you exactly what you need but you can definitely find that information just by researching what you need for your specific State as far as opening a business and getting a business license now getting all of this established for your business may seem like a lot of work and seem really intimidating but thankfully there are resources out there that provide provide more of an all-in-one solution for business owners who are just getting started with their business one of these great resources is Taylor brands on the Taylor Brands website you can literally get everything you need to establish your business from your logo and branding to marketing materials to even forming your LLC they help you launch your business step by step with their customized business building experience if you're in the US and want to form an LLC for your business Taylor Brands will take care of it for you getting an LLC or limited liability company is a pretty popular choice for small business owners as it adds a level of professionalism to your business and can greatly impact how much you pay in taxes and your liability having an LLC builds trust with customers and is relatively simple to maintain you can just answer a few questions and Taylor Brands will take it from there and handle the process hassle free while you're there Taylor Brands can also help you create your logo purchase your custom domain name design your website create a digital business card and even put your logo on your own custom merch you can literally look professional in a matter of minutes it's no coding or design skills needed so click the link in the description below to check out Taylor Brands and use the code Kate Haze 30 for 30 Off Taylor Brands plans I'm super excited for you guys to try it and I want to say a big thank you to Taylor brands for sponsoring this portion of today's video okay once you've chosen what type of products you want to offer as well as establish your business then it's time to move on to step number three which is to actually open your shop when you go to and click to open your shop it's a pretty simple process Etsy just asks you a few different rounds of questions to get your init

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