How to sell Etsy Digital Products to make PASSIVE INCOME 💰

passive income rolling in while you sleep digital products flying off the shelves in your etsy shop and finally finding a way to make money online to generate real revenue and gain financial freedom in your life uh yes please i'm here to tell you that earning passive income selling digital products absolutely is a real thing and is totally doable for you even if you aren't an artist designer or business professional yep that's right even complete beginners with no design experience at all can make money online selling etsy digital products the beauty of selling digital products on etsy or any other online marketplace is that if it's a digital product that you don't have to customize it truly will earn you passive income you design it once upload it to your shop and then when it makes a sale it automatically fills the order it delivers the file to the buyer without you having to lift a finger in the process the only work you do is at the very beginning once to create the file create the design and list it on your shop it really is as amazing as it sounds so today i'm laying out the basics of selling etsy digital products for beginners but first if you're new to this channel hi i'm kate i'm so glad you're here i'm a wife mama to three awesome kiddos essie seller and business coach and i'm here to help you start and scale your online business so that you can make a full-time income doing what you love like i mentioned in this video i'm covering digital product basics for beginners who want to start making passive income by selling digital products online i've talked about digital products on this channel before but this video today is a little bit more on the techie side of things so this is going to be talking specifically about the tech side of creating and offering digital products that is a lot of times confusing for people so we're going to walk through aspect ratios and sizing what different file types you can offer your design in how to actually offer the same design in multiple different sizes and aspect ratios for one listing how to upload your files to an etsy listing to sell and also a hack you might need to know to get around etsy's 20 megabyte limit for files if you have larger file sizes i'm also throwing in a few juicy pro tips at the end of the video so make sure you watch all the way through so you don't miss out on those so first of all if you're a complete beginner to selling digital products online i just want to go over what actually a digital product is and how you can make passive income selling it online so digital product is a wide category and niche of things that you can sell it's really any digital file that you would create and list and sell on your online shop and a buyer would come and purchase it from you and either use it themselves and further edit it on their own computer or device to use it for their purposes or they would print it out if it's something like a printable so digital products could be printables like calendars planners sticker pages wall art prints the list could go on and on for all different types of printables but there's also things that are not printables that are considered digital products such as svg cut files for a cricut or a silhouette machine you could be designing and selling graphic elements that people can use then in their own designs such as fonts or watercolor images you can also create and sell templates so these can be things that people could use maybe for their social media account you could sell instagram story highlight covers or instagram post templates there are so many different types of digital products out there but specifically today we're talking about the types of digital products that are one and done you create them list them and they become passive after that so it means that you're not editing it or customizing it any further once your buyer purchases it's one file that you've created one time you're listing it and then your work is done so i'm curious do you already sell digital products online or do you want to sell them comment below and let me know what specific type of digital products you're looking to sell i have a whole list of ideas of digital products as well as a lot of other great information for selling digital products in my free digital product starter guide which is totally free to you you can download it right after you watch this video if you want i'll have that linked in the description box below but i'm going to be referencing that guide going through a lot of what we're talking about today so i've provided that so you can download that and have it yourself to access and refer back to when you need to so without further ado let's go ahead and look at this digital product starter guide because included in this guide i'm going to show you a page of it which is the aspect ratio and sizing page okay so this is going to show us the different aspect ratios and sizes that fit within that aspect ratio for your digital products so you'll see we have a one to one ratio a two to three ratio three to four four to five other and then we have the international sizes here so when you're thinking about digital products specifically printables that people are gonna be printing on their own they may have a specific size they need for different purposes depending on what the actual item is that they're purchasing so you want to make sure as the designer and creator that you're offering your listing and offering that file in whatever ratio and sizing options the buyer might need so there's a lot of different ways you can do this it's totally up to you for your own listing but let's say you have a printable file that has a quote on it that someone could print out and hang up on their wall well one person might want to print out a square size which would be the one-to-one ratio while another buyer might want a 12 by 18 which would be a 2-3 ratio a third buyer might want that design in an 18 by 24 if they want a really large size and that's a three to four ratio so because you want to appeal to as many buyers as possible my recommendation for you if you're listing this on etsy is to include the largest size of each aspect ratio as its own separate file within one listing so when a buyer purchases that listing they're getting separate files for that design in a 20 by 20 in a 24 by 36 an 18 by 24 and a 16 by 20 and you can always throw in this 11 by 14 and any of these international sizes that you'd like to as well but if you give them the largest size then they can go on their own after that and size it down if they're wanting a smaller size without losing any of the image quality if you were to provide them with the smaller size and then they needed to size it up and they wanted to increase the size they can lose the image quality by increasing the size but you're never going to lose image quality by decreasing so that's why i suggest you start with the largest sizes for each aspect ratio

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