How to Sell Canva Templates on Etsy in 2024💰 beginner’s quick start guide for making Canva templates

as some of you may know I've been selling canva templates on Etsy for more than a year now I have 64 listings and I've made over $5,000 in Revenue if you're also thinking about selling Cano templates on Etsy keep watching because this entire video will be dedicated to how exactly you can set that up first thing is what are the prerequisites or are there even any prerequisites you should think about before you sell canva templates on Etsy and I would say yes so if you have used canva before and if you have a good eye for design I would say that is a really good start already now if you don't know graphic design and if you haven't used canva before I would ask you why are you starting an Etsy shop selling canva templates there are a lot of business ideas out there and if you are thinking about selling digital downloads you're not sure if you should do canva templates or something else check out my video here on the alternatives to selling on Etsy now the first thing you want to do before you start anything is to figure out what your Niche is going to be on Etsy you can't just design any random canva template and make your Etsy shop just you know selling everything you have to pick a good Niche and there are a lot of reasons for that to figure out your Niche there are some things you should consider so the first thing is look at your current skills what you already know and to pick a niche based on what you're interested in because you're going to be making these products for a really really long time you want to do something that you personally are interested in or you're just going to get bored of things another thing to consider is if you can make a product that you yourself use AKA you are the customer of the product that you're making this is probably like the best thing because you already know what things you need in the product because you literally are the customer you are going to use this thing for more in-depth tips on how to pick a niche definitely check out this video right here one of the most important things when it comes to picking a niche is actually making sure that this thing is in demand by customers and you also want to check out what kind of competition there is out there there are a lot of etsy market research tools out there and one of my favorites that I've been using this year is everb which also has this amazing Chrome extension which you can use to see what other shops are selling and how much they're selling you can see their estimated sales how long the shop has been around for and the tags that they're using and a lot of other things with this tool the keyword research tool is also great for getting an idea of how different keywords compare to each other and also for you to get ideas on what kind of tags to use and what kind of products to make the higher the keyword score the more it means there is more demand for this product and lower competition recently they came out with something called everb email which is an email service that lets you build an email list with little time and effort so they'll send transactional emails on your behalf and customers can opt in to whether or not they want to receive marketing emails from you which if they do then you can build your email list and you can get get more sales and more reviews and you can also attach different products to your transactional emails so you get repeat sales this new email service is included in the everb growth plan which is $29.99 per month and I do have a limited offer right now where you can get 50% off your first 2 months of everb and I've included all the information in the description box now after you've chosen your Niche for your Etsy shop now you need to design the actual products so the first product will take a long time I have to be honest it took me so long to make the first product and the listing photos for the first product but it makes sense right this is the first time you're ever doing something and so you really going to spend a lot of time on it don't feel bad if you're seeing a lot of YouTubers talking about oh I made this product in one or 2 hours and I make 10 products every single week that's not really realistic if you are just a beginner selling on Etsy I think my first product probably took me like 20 or 30 hours to make so how exactly do you design it so here are some tips you can use existing canva templates and make sure you are careful that you actually change up the templates so it is not the same as the original canva template it's not even like remotely similar but you can use it as a base for your own product and this is what I did with pretty much like all my canva templates I do have a more in-depth video on how to design canva templates like a step by- step you can actually see my screen kind of tutorial so you can check it out here after you watch this video another thing you want to do is to look at competitors and see if you can do something with your templates that is either unique or different from what your competitors are doing don't use canva Pro elements So Pro elements means you're on the paid canvas subscription plan you want to use free elements because you don't want to force your Etsy customer to pay for a canva pro subscription I think it's just going to piss people off so make sure that if it's a customizable or editable canva template that your customer is getting that you only use free element free free fonts free Graphics free photos but if you're making listing photos for example and the listing photos are not something that's usable by the customer right the listing photos you can use Pro elements like paid Pro elements in it so make sure you understand that distinction so the thing that your customer is getting when they buy the template there shouldn't be any pro elements you can but I just don't recommend it because you don't want to force your customer to pay and here's a tip for actually getting the template to the customer when you go to get the template link you don't want to click the big copy link button because if you share that with your customer then they're going to be able to edit the original template the one that's in your own account what you want to do instead is to click template link so then when your customer opens that link they can create a copy of your template so they don't edit the original template so they make a copy themselves something you might be wondering is how exactly you order organize your canva folders because I think it can get really overwhelming when you have to create the customer template then you have to make the listing photos then you have to make a you know a PDF for the customer to be able to access the template link so what I have is in each product for each product that I make I have a canva folder and I have four things in that canva folder the first thing I have is a workspace document where yes I do use canva Pro elements and this workspace is kind of like the i

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