How To Promote Your YouTube Video When You Have Zero Subscribers

Do you have zero subscribers on your
YouTube channel and you're wondering, “What are some hats that I can grow it?”
Right? And that was a reference to my money gun. Which has no money coming
out of it because I have no subscribers, right? You can't make any money. If you
don't have any subscribers on YouTube. I'm going to go over kind of for… I've
been doing YouTube for about a year now. And I've grown my channel to a little
over 170,000 subscribers. I'll be going over a number
of different hacks that you can do to help get your videos to have them get
more visibility. More YouTubers are coming on to the market every single day.
It's a really popular way to build a business. It's a great traffic sources. A
great way to get trust. It's a great way to sell products. It's really
just a great way to add value to the world as well. But in order to get from
zero subscribers up to the point where you actually have an audience is so
freaking hard. It is hard and I feel for you. But I'll be going over a few ways
that you can help. Give yourself a bit of a competitive edge if you are YouTuber
to grow your channel, make more money. These are things that I've done and they
work very well. So, I hope you enjoy them and check it out. There we go. There we go. There's the
money. That's because you put in action these 4 different hacks to make money
on YouTube. Now, if you're excited for YouTube money, if you're a YouTuber, let
me know in the comments. Type in YouTuber. And I encourage each other. Support each
other's channels. You know support each other's channels. This video only usually
I don't allow people like say sub for sub. But if you're our YouTuber, just type in
“YouTuber” down below. I'd love to see what some of you guys are working on or gals.
Now, one of the first hacks that you can do is actually just doing outreach. If
you're providing valuable content is reach out to bloggers or other people
that are in your niche. And ask them to embed your video. It's very… This is a
very easy tactic. If you have a video that adds some value to so-and-so's blog,
reach out to them. You know, if you're showing people how to do animal… You know,
wild animal traps, right? That's one of the channels I like. Sean woods, I
think is his name. Shows like all these wild animal traps. And I kind of live in
a bit of a rural area of Los Angeles. So, you know, we have to trap some animals
wild animals. And I love that. And I'm sure there are a lot of bloggers out
there that don't have any videos to accompany their wild animal trap.
So, reach out to those bloggers and say, “Hey and I think this video would provide
value for your audience. And I shot it. If you'd like to embed it, let me know. Here's the embed link.” That would be a very easy way to
reach people and it helps your visibility of YouTube. Because if YouTube
sees that you have a lot of embeds, if a lot of people are embedding your video,
it's an indicator to YouTube that you have a valuable video. And not only will
you get traffic from that person's blog, but YouTube will also see that as an
indicator that you are a valuable YouTuber. And they will give you more
traffic. And all it takes is a simple email just like what I said. Another real
simple thing. And this is not many people are doing this is to subtitle your
videos. So, subtitling your videos to allow people in other languages to read
them better. Now, one thing you might not know about my audience is only about 25% of the people that watch my videos
are from America. And by the way, from a country other than America which is
where I'm based obviously, type in the comments below what country you're from.
I'd love to hear what country you're from. YouTube is a very international
platform. People all around the world are using it to learn, to grow, to entertain
themselves. And just to laugh. So, using subtitles is very helpful to people who
in glitch is not their first language. Helping them you know whether you put
your video in German or French or Spanish. Most of the content is being
produced in English. And other countries haven't totally caught on to you know…
There aren't there isn't as many YouTubers in all these other developing
countries. And yes, I'm calling Europe a developing country. You know, shameless
American right here. That's so sometimes your videos helps other people catch on
and also YouTube sees that as well as an indicator that you're taking time to
really populate their platform to add value to people. It helps both your your
views. It helps you get in that that coveted suggested video column on the
right side. And it helps people like your videos more because they can understand
them better. The third little hack is if you have an email list, make sure you
leverage or send people the links. You know, every week send people a recap of
what videos you've produced on your channel. Or tell people to subscribe to
your channel. Give people a reason to watch a particular video. This will
help out dramatically especially if you have a large email list it'll be an easy
instant way to grow your subscriber-based and keep people engaged. You can use
YouTube and you can talk to people in your in YouTube and tell them to
subscribe to your email list. And if you get people subscribing to your email
list, keep sending them back to YouTube this actually goes back into one of the
biggest factors that YouTube looks at. I mean, they look at three big factors. I'm
not going to go too deep into them here. But they look into
3 things, okay? They look into watch-time. Obviously, they're looking at
how long people are watching your videos. If people are watching your videos for
30 seconds… And then bouncing out, YouTube's going to say, “This guy doesn't
offer a lot of value.” I shoot for above 4 minutes is good if you're in a
teaching niche. Above 5 minutes is stellar if you're in my niche of
YouTubers which is the education or the how-to into the making money niche
whatever you want to call it. So, watch time. The second factor is session watch
time. So, it's session watch time means is it means how long are they spending on
your channel. So, for instance, if you watch this video for 10 minutes and
then you watch another video of mine, such as my other 6 easy hacks to
become a YouTube or a pretty long 25-minute video where I break down my
entire sequence of how I grew my channel from zero to 170… And I
really just… It's a really long video. And you can check it out. It displays the
process front and what topics to pick how to pick an engine, etc. I suggest you
watch that video. But let's say watch this video and that video. My session
watch time would be 35 minutes long. And that would be a really good
indicator to YouTube. And they would say, when people watch this person's channel,
they want to watch more videos on YouTube. And the more videos people want
to watch on YouTube, the better. The more YouTube favors you and put you in that
subject coveted… Suggested videos column. But I still didn't really go over the
third factor yet which is how does email help that. Or how does getting people on
an email list actually help that. Sending them back to your video. Now, this goes
into the third big factor or YouTube in giving your videos some love and giving
you subscribers and giving you views and putting you in the suggested video column
which is the send back rate. Are you sending people… Are people returning back
to your channel on their own to watch your videos? If people are coming back to
YouTube specifically to watch your videos, it means you've built a community,
it means you've built an audience. And people
literally returning to YouTube just to watch your videos. Now, if you return to
YouTube just to watch my videos, let me know in the comments just say, “Hey, I'm in
the community” or something like that. Because I'd love to know how many people
here are coming back to watch the videos. It's really cool building an audience
over this past year. And teaching everyone. I love you guys. And I
hope everybody continues to help each other out with kind of money making and
marketing and growth tactics in the comments. And one thing I'd like to see
more from my community is help each other out. I've been in the comments a
lot responding to everyone. But I only have so much time today. So, if you know
stuff that can help out other people, if you know the answers to simple questions
that people are asking, you I get a lot of questions like, “I'm 13. Can I like make
money online?” Just respond to them and say, “Yes, you can.” You know, John's covered
this in previous videos. Now, the last way that you can start growing your YouTube
channel is really like leverage. If you have any other social platforms or if
you have a blog, make sure you put your links in your blog if you're sending out
emails. Put the link to your YouTube channel in your email signature. Put the
link to your YouTube channel in Facebook. Although Facebook hates that. Put it in
your other social channels. Put it in your Instagram profile. Whatever you can
do so that more people come to your channel. And the more YouTube sees that
you are… People are coming to YouTube specifically for you, the more love they
give you and the more you will build your entire thing. Now, marketing in 2020
is moving to a more omni-channel approaching. Omni-channel, what does that
mean? It means that marketing is no longer just about doing one silo of just blogging or just vlogging or just instagramming. Or just
twittering. It means that using these channels to
all help each other. You know, when somebody goes on your blog you add them
to an email list. Then you have them join your Facebook group but then you have
them subscribe to your YouTube channel. Means combining all of the different
marketing elements to create a cohesive whole. And I'm a one-person business,
right? I don't have any employees. I'm able to do this and it doesn't take a
lot of time. There's a lot of automation that can allow you to do this. But
building that multi-channel approach into your business will help you in
space. So, thank you for watching this video and let me know in the chat which
one helped you out the most. Embed, subtitles, email or blog. Which ones are
you doing? You know? But let me know which one helped you out the most now going
deeper into that in a future video. Make sure you subscribe as always. Liked this
video if you got some value. Looking forward to seeing you in tomorrow's