How To Make TRUE PASSIVE Income – $400 Per Day

John Crestani here and I'll be going
over today how to make true passive income. So, I see a lot of people talking
about passive income, passive income, passive… And a lot of the methods they're
teaching it's not real passive income. I'm going to be showing you ways that you
don't have to do any work. Like zero work and have the money come in on this video.
And I'll be listing them all out right here. Giving you examples of each of them. I'm going to go over six methods to make
passive income .aAd keep in mind that these methods are not ranked in any
order. I put numbers to them but they're not it's not like one is better than the
other. But these are going to be truly passive income methods. Passive income
means you don't have to work for it. Means you don't have to actually have
really anything going on. You don't have even have to have a website. You
shouldn't have to… You don't have to pay any bills. It just comes in and it goes
to your bank account there's nothing going out. There's no work or any money
you have to spend to get it. So, let's go over the first one which is writing a
book, okay? Now, this process has been made very easy through the Kindle Store. Now,
if you go on, you can find… The Kindle allows you to self publish using
Amazon. So, you don't no longer have to deal with publishers other than Amazon.
You don't have to warehouse your book. You don't have to produce your book. It's
literally an e-book. All you have to do is write it. And Amazon whether you don't
need a website or anything for it. You just let Amazon host the book for you.
Sell the book for you and that's it. So, writing a book is a very good way to
make passive income. Now, the second method to make passive income is a
pretty interesting. And it's called peer-to-peer lending. Sort of like an
investment. But you don't even have to actually invest if you're using
peer-to-peer lending. You can actually use your own credit. So, if you just have
a credit score, you can use your credit score to make money. Peer to peer
lending. You can also loan money. And what these are is micro loans. So, in the past
or you know still in today, big banks loan people money because banks have all
the money. But nowadays, because of the internet essentially, anybody can loan
anybody else money. And these micro loans, you
I think on average about 11% interest on. Which is really good. That's
a much more money than you'd earn if you keep it in a bank. You know or you know
that's like 2% or if you keep it in. Even just like you know, money
market accounts like 4%. The next one you know, what am I
going to finish writing? Does anybody know? Comments, baby. Affiliate marketing. If
you've been following from me for a while, just give this video like. If
you're doing affiliate marketing, write down in the comments if you're doing it.
Let me know how you're doing it. I'd love to know if you're doing affiliate
marketing with you know Pinterest or you know, Pinterest and Clickbank, right? Or if
you're doing it with you know Google and share a sale. Or you know Facebook and
Commission Junction. Whatever you're doing, let me know. But affiliate
marketing is how I earn a lot of money. And I have multiple income streams
within affiliate marketing that pay me out residual commissions. A lot of people
do affiliate marketing the wrong way and they don't earn passive income, okay?
There's… Most ways of affiliate marketing will not earn new passive income. The way
I recommend people do it is you do programs which pay you recurring
commissions, okay? Now, if you get one sale, let's say I go really hard I'm doing a
lot of affiliate marketing. If I shut down everything today, if I shut… If I
stop paying all my website bills, I just didn't have any presence online, I
deleted my YouTube channel I just said, “Screw it all.” I would still have
commissions coming in to me every single month because I've joined a number of
affiliate programs hosting companies. You know, training companies, etc that pay me
recurring commissions. I make roughly… It's something crazy like 60 or 70
thousand dollars a month just recurring. So, if I shut down everything I'd still
be making… You know go down over time, you know be 70, that'll be 60 then it'll
be 50. And that's how you make passive income. You do a lot of
work but then it's passive. The next method to do to get passive income is
one of my favorites. You're watching it right here, baby. It's YouTube. Start a
YouTube channel. The YouTube channel isn't going to be passive income if you're
posting up videos every day, right? Like I'm here doing work.
This isn't passive. But you know, I had videos from years ago that are still
getting a lot of views. And not years ago… I mean, it's been like a
year or something. But I have a video from like a year ago that's still
getting lots of views and I make money from it. And I only make you know a
couple hundred bucks a week or something like that. But I don't have to do any
work for those videos. Those videos are hosted by YouTube. They're there. People
buy ads on them. So, I make money on them. So, very easy to do a YouTube channel. I
think it's great you have to be entertaining. You have to be comfortable
to get in front of a camera. And you have to have something interesting to say.
There's a lot that goes into YouTube and you need to hire good editors if you
really want to do it right. Or you need to learn editing. But everything you can
do from your mobile phone. So, you really don't need any money to get started on
YouTube. And it can become a large passive income source. The next one is
stock investing, okay? So, you can invest in stocks. And stocks will earn you money.
You don't actually have to do any work for it. Because you what you're doing is
you're letting your money work for you. That's passive income. You're not doing
any work for it. It's just sitting there working for you. And the real way to
retire is when you have enough passive income to support the rest of your life.
And if you were just to go off of stock investing and very let's just say,
conservative gains. Conservative portfolio would gain about 4% a year. So,
if your lifestyle costs $40,000 a year, then you need a million
dollars in stocks and you are retired. You have enough passive income to
supplement your lifestyle. And you will never have to work for the rest of your
life. As long as you don't go about 40,000 a year. Now, the last passive
income method is real estate investing. Or abbreviated REI. And real estate
investing, I kind of recently got into it. I'm not really big in a real estate
investing. I bought my first investment property. But it's really just a piece of
land. So, I'm not actually making money from it. It isn't creating me any passive
income. But there are ways to do real estate investing such as buying duplexes
or buying you know four unit apartment buildings or stuff like that where you
have people paying you rent every month. And they're paying you more rent than
what your mortgage or your loan is on the property. So, that's a really great
way to get passive income as well. But I don't believe real estate investing is
as as people make it seem. Let me know in
the comments below what method was the most interesting to you to create
passive income. Was it writing a book? Was it p2p lending? Was an affiliate
marketing? YouTube? Stock investing? Or real estate investing? Let me know in the
comments below. I'd love to hear what you're most interested in. And whichever
one gets the most votes or comments, I will end up doing a video going more
in-depth on that. I actually don't even think I've done a recurring revenue
affiliate marketing video. I'll probably do that anyways. All of these methods are
great ways. Build up that passive income because that's how you retire. And that's
really the important thing. You'd like to never anyone to be great you never have
to work again. Even if you wanted to, to never have to. And just always have that
safety net of money coming in. So, you make sure to LIKE, subscribe. And hit the
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