How to Make Money with Your Own AI Tool as a Content Creator (No Coding!)

AI is taking over isn't it everywhere you look there is talk about AI this AI that it's impressive sure but sometimes it feels like your place in this whole AI Revolution is on the sidelines because your only role is to be the user of AI tools that other people created what if I told you that you can take a more active role and build your own AI tools and sell them make money with them if you have zero coding skills that's right no coding needed I've been exploring this platform called Mind Studio that helps everyday people like me create AI tools on their userfriendly and approachable platform I already made another video on my Channel showing you how I build my very first AI tool that helps my audience decide which blogging Niche is the most profitable and the perfect match for them I will link that video up there so you can watch it later if you're interested but today what I wanted to show you is another way that we can make money with a custom AI tool built on mind studio so the idea is that for many people watching me one of the ways of making money online has always been packaging information into an easy digestible format for example if you are a blogger you might have a lot of articles on your website available to your audience for free but people these days have have very limited time to read through a lot of content if you wanted to give your audience the information that they needed in a way that allows them to find the answers a lot faster you could use the book AI template let me show you how this works you first need to log in on mind Studio again it's a free platform for building your AI tools on it then open this book AI scaffold and I will give you the link to it in the description below this video then click on the three dots at the top right corner and then choose to remix this book AI scaffold then you need to open the second tab it's the tab for data source here you will need to upload your content it can be uploaded as a text file.txt a Word document or as a PDF or even as an HTML file you can also add CSV and Excel files but in our case it will be just text based for this demonstration I found the book called How to invest money that's available in public domain on the site called Project Gutenberg now we assume here that you will only create AIS that are based on either public domain books or actually if you want to make money from this eii tools it will more likely be your own information that you already had either as your ebook or maybe on your website I think even if you had your information in the video format you could first converted to text or scripts and then submit it as a txt file here as well you're just using this AI scaffold as a more interactive presentation of information for your audience so if you have for example a ton of articles on your website related to a specific topic you could even copy and paste them in a Word document and then submit it here then your audience could work with this information in a more interactive way and get a quick summary or answers to their specific questions instead of reading through all these articles then you can customize a few other things like change the name of your AI from the default to the name of your book so go here to metadata and you can change there the name of the AI in this case it makes sense to call it just like the book itself you should also give the tool a short description and all that you submit here will appear then on the right side as a preview you should also add your custom icon for the tool and a horizontal social media sharing image then here you can see how your entire landing page for this AI will look like you can enable this landing page or disable it and in that case users will go straight to the AI tool without reading through any instructions from you if you decide to have the landing page enabled then you will see that the scaffold has here some default instructions which you will need to replace with your own guide for your audience helping them understand how to interact with your AI then you can also choose your sharing options here if you decide to keep your AI public it will be available to anyone who is browsing through the UI catalog of AI tools you can also decide whether or not you want your tool to be available for anyone to remix it meaning people could do the same what you have done earlier with the scaffold they could click on the remix link on your eyi clone your tool and then edit it for their own purposes you can also set a password on your AI tool if you want it to be strictly available to users who are supposed to get access to it the rest of the settings in this section can be skipped and some will be only available on the paid plan of Mind Studio you also should make changes here on the prompt tab the scaffold highlights for you which parts to add it here you will insert here your book name and then you need to add the book name again or it can be something else it's just the name of your AI assistant if you want to dig a bit deeper you can try and change the model settings by default it will use clo to and a pretty high temperature the higher the temperature the more unique will be responses of your AI tool to similar questions but when the temperature is closer to zero the responses will be pretty much the same every time you can try and switch to GPT 3.5 instead of CLA and when you test the AI you will see if this model gives you better results users on the paid plan of Mind Studio can also use GPT 4 model as for my test I found that clot 2 and the default settings worked just fine and let me show you how my ey tool actually works for that I will first hit publish and here you will need to decide whether you will go with this free or the paid plan of Mind studio if you proceed with a free plan in that case you can share a link to your AI tool but only as a free resource you cannot charge your audience for this EI tool when you are on a free plan yourself so I would say we can always start with that with a free plan and later if you decide to make your AI tool a paid resource for your audience then you will need to use this paid plan probably that $23 a month Pro Plan will be enough for most users and then you can set up a monthly subscription for your AI in that case you keep 70% of all monthly recurring Revenue this paid plan of Mind studio also allows you to embed your AI tool into into your own website or into an app but again just to learn how the platform works we can totally start with a free plan for now but I will show you if you use the paid plan how easy it can be to embed your AI on any page on most of the popular website Builders my website is on WordPress so that's what I'm going to show you under the metadata tab we'll go to embed and then if it's your first time setting this up it will ask you to enable API don't worry it's just one click and you're done then you need to submit the domain name here and my site is Anast

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