How To Make Money On ClickBank in 2024 (For Beginners)

like in most other businesses it was very hard but for some reason imagine this with ClickBank with no product and no service I went from zero to eight thousand dollars in 30 days because I actually followed the system this system was very simple [Music] before I made like 300 Grand in ClickBank in like 30 days I remember when I first got started in ClickBank it was it was hard it was hard the reason why is because I was an idiot and I was Dumb and I was stupid and I didn't go ahead and find mentorship so obviously I was like let me go ahead and do it by myself so I remember going on to it was like really cool because I was like oh wait I could go ahead and sell products in affiliate marketing I could essentially sell other people's products and services and they'll do the shipping and handling and the customer service and I could just get paid for it oh wow hashtag passive income four hour work week I could travel around the world live in Thailand I don't have to do any management I can just go ahead and sell products make money print it from my laptop thinking everything would be good the only problem was there was all these products that I could essentially sell in ClickBank that I had no idea how to market now here's the thing about any business okay what I've realized is in product and sales and marketing in business you have a product you have a product delivery mechanism you have sales and marketing now the cool thing about ClickBank what I realized what like made me fall in love with it was because it had a product that I did not have to create it would deliver that product so if it's an e-commerce product they would do shipping handling and customer services a lot of supplements that do really well the selling is done in the vsl or the video sales letter of that and all I have to do is marketing my only problem when it comes to ClickBank is I had no idea exactly how to go and do marketing here was this company that would give me thousands of products that I could sell for free and I had no idea exactly how to do marketing so essentially what I tried which is what I don't recommend is I was like okay here's the product let me go ahead and sell it by just like pretending to be it right so I remember there's like this Women's Health loss product right so essentially what I did I was like okay I got to do some marketing material for this so since what I did is I just put a very tight spandex t-shirt on I turned the camera on and I literally go into my mom and dad's backyard and I'm just like hey guys so I'm a woman's health and fitness coach if you want to go ahead and get this product sign up in the link below and I literally just did that for the longest time the only problem was it didn't feel congruent to me nor did it feel authentic and I just got burnt out just creating a bunch of content just ClickBank products and I just kind of like tossed it out to the side for years literally for years I tried other ways ago to make money online and it was cool but for some reason I kept on always wanting to go to ClickBank and I remember when I got some freedom for myself it was like in some other business models and I ended up in like for example Asia I stumbled upon some of the top ClickBank Affiliates in the world and they taught me secrets that I've never known or heard about from anybody else and the reason why is they don't tell you this really on social media or any of that because it's just like a crazy secret right and essentially what happened is I got invited to a marketing dinner in Singapore where it was like all these underground ClickBank millionaires right and I was just sitting there amongst them I don't know how I was like invited to this I was like this broke college looking Backpacker digital Nomad guy with a red bandana and I'm like look at all these like very successful wealthy ClickBank guys around me and I started learning that there were so many freaking ways to go out and make money with ClickBank like one of them did product launches where essentially he would launch a product on ClickBank and he'd get a bunch of Affiliates to go and promote this product right it would be a high ticket product and they would do like 14 million in like seven days something ridiculous like that there's this other guy that actually created a product and put it on ClickBank it was a dating offer it was doing a hundred grand a day essentially what he did is he created a really good product threw it up on ClickBank and all because it was high converting all these people that already knew marketing started selling that product and he just started making hundreds of thousands of dollars every single day and they just started teaching me exactly how to actually go out and make money with this so I just started modeling them and being mentored by them and traveling around the world with them and just finding any ways that I could give them value if I meant paying for dinner I'll pay for dinner for men paying them and meant paying them if I met moving next door to them which I did like in Bali it meant moving next door to them and I started realizing that there was like crazy ways to go to make money with ClickBank and I remember I like I was just so I guess like honored and grateful to just be around them that I would just start interviewing them and asking them all the questions that I had which I literally went and for example recorded on all of my uh like channels right and one of them I just literally moved next to and I was just asking questions asking questions asking them questions all the things that I learned on how to pick a product he was like tell me oh well what you need to do is sort everything by gravity score which essentially tells you what are the most popular for example products on ClickBank the second thing that you want to do is maybe you want to network with certain people in that space so you could become closer to them and actually become their friends and I was like oh wait actually this isn't just passive income like I should also network with these people because people think like oh well use Press buttons make money like a lot of money is literally like like knocking with people that are actually giving you the money so you can actually create better deals I didn't know this at the time but the ClickBank multi-millionaires were all networking with each other to go out and help each other make more money instead of competing against each other which when I was beginning I was like oh no I'm competing against everybody no you're not if you understood that a lot of the people that are selling products on ClickBank are also your best allies it would literally shift everything about it I remember I met this guy he had this health product it was like this 47 ClickBank product right and I essentially became an affiliate for him and essentially I learned all these things I went up to you know my mentor and I was like how do I sell th

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