How to make money from home with an online business

Taken from the Easy Peasy Newbie Guide, which helps start a brand new, profitable online business from home, live and in real time.


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If you want to see an example of this in action, well just take a look at what I'm doing here.

Here, you're getting some good stuff that will help you to improve or start your online business – and guess what, yep that's right, there's an advanced option available for the people who want step-by-step instructions.

Oh, it's all so very meta.

— The ‘foolproof' blueprint —

It all comes down to this, you profit from amount of value you deliver, and not the number of hours your work. So you’re no longer trading hours for dollars.

Step 1:

The very first thing we do is provide content that is perceived as valuable and will genuinely help our website visitors. It could be a PDF report, an MP3, a video, an article, anything that will help move you visitor from where they are now, to a little further along wherever they want to be.

We will return to this in video number 5.

So you take them a step closer to solving a problem, or improving a situation, or giving them a new skill. Something that they already have desire to do.

Step 2:

Once they have the cool helpful freebie, and the can see for themselves how much value it delivers, we then ask them to purchase an advanced or premium version of the product.

Not everybody will buy, but that’s OK, we only need a small number of people to buy because of the amount of money we make on each sale.

I go into more detail with this in video number 8.

Step 3:

We rinse and repeat this process, both on the engine we’ve just built, and in other niches. So we’re continuously growing our revenue. I mean, OK you can stick with just one website and that’s fine, but we want to have a variety of income streams.

We never put all our eggs into one basket, we diversify our strategy, so if one website goes offline or hits a problem, we have other revenue streams to keep us in business.

And then, once we know where the money really is, which of our engines are bringing in the most revenue, we scale those ones up.

I will explain more about this in the bonus video.


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