How To Make $1,000,000 In Real Estate

These are the exact strategies I used to accumulate $4 million in real estate in just 7 years, and exactly how you can make money renting properties – enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Step one: Buying a property below what it’s worth.
In real estate, you’ll find properties that sometimes go un-noticed…maybe they’re not properly advertised, maybe the the property is in disrepair, or maybe the seller under-priced it because they NEED to sell it immediately – and that’s where you come in. In real estate, it’s very well possible to find a property worth $100,000 – and buy it for $80,000. To you, that’s an extra $20,000 worth of value for just buying the home in the first place.

Step two: Fix it up to increase profits.
With every property I purchased, I’ve found a way to fix it up to INCREASE the value…real estate investing gives you the full control to fully analyze a deal and determine how much money is to be made, EVEN BEFORE YOU BUY IT. And when doing this, it all comes down to understanding value and how estimating how much it’ll be worth with the renovations you do.

Step three: Leverage your money
Now when it comes to buying something, the good news is that YOU don’t even need to use all of your own money…you borrow most of it from someone else, instead! AND THE INTEREST YOU PAY IS DEDUCTIBLE AGAINST YOUR RENTAL INCOME!

Step four: long term appreciation
Over the long term, your property should go up in value as demand increases…and this means your property is worth MORE than you bought it for. BUT, because your loan amount stays the same – this means you “profit” the difference.

Step five: CASHFLOW
You can invest your money and get paid back profit every single month as your tenant pays you rent. This was also the reason I started investing in real estate in the first place… I just wanted a stable income I didn’t have to actively work for, and I wanted it to be fairly passive…and real estate was perfect for this.
The more money you have invested in real estate, the more cashflow you get, the more cashflow you get, the more real estate you can get, which means the more cashflow you get. It’s quite nice.

Step Six: Depreciation
This is a tax-loss strategy where you can depreciate the cost of the property over 27.5 years against your rental income to show on paper that you’re taking a loss, even though you make money.
This is something that you can’t really do with any other asset out there, and this is why so many large investors prefer to put their money in real estate over just about anything else.

Step Seven: 1031 Exchange
This is when you can sell your property, and then roll that money into ANOTHER property and avoid paying taxes on profit. Another tax-avoidance option is to take advantage of the Home Sale Tax Exclusion. This means that if you live in a home as a PRIMARY residence for at least 2 of the last 5 years, you’re tax exempt from the first $250,000 worth of PROFIT as a single person, or $500,000 if you’re married.

Step Eight: Cash out refinance or HELOC
A HELOC is basically like using your home as a credit card…if you want to use $25,000 to go and buy a model 3 Tesla, you can “borrow” from your house and then pay it back. It’s just like having access to your money, except you’re just shifting it from one asset to another.
Or a cash-out refinance, which is where you literally can take out CASH from your property – completely tax free – and then pay it back in the form of a slightly larger mortgage payment.

And it’s by using these strategies that can help you accumulate $1,000,000 or MORE in real estate with patience, understanding of the markets, and a long term investing outlook!

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