how to learn a language and never forget it

what was the word I swear it's it's on the top of my tongue I studied this language for so long for Years yet I can't remember this word if learning languages is a part of your life I'm pretty sure that for getting that language after a certain amount of time happened to you before it's actually funny how long it takes for us to learn a language yet we can forget it so quickly that's probably one of the most annoying thing about learning languages So today we're gonna discover some methods to prevent this happening tip number one the inevitable thing you need to do is exposing yourself to that language as frequent as possible probably more frequent than you might even think our mind is exceptionally good at forgetting things to prevent our brain remembering irrelevant information your brain has a system to decide which information to hold on and which information to forget but how does the system work it's actually quite simple the more you repeat a certain information Nation the more it sticks to your memory think about your name for example when somebody asks about your name you know what's your name you don't even hesitate or you don't even think about it it's because this piece of information so your name is repeated throughout your life so many times that your brain recognized or maybe I should remember this information so now let's move to the long-term memory and that's what we want to do with our foreign language right but the problem when it comes to the exposure to the foreign language is that it doesn't really happen naturally if you don't live in the country for example you live in the US and you want to learn French how often do you think that you need to have a French knowledge in the U.S to maybe survive in some sort of a situation probably not that often because I can't say never because you don't know what life brings so maybe maybe there are some situations that you would need French but it's not really frequent that your brain starts to think like oh maybe I should remember those French words because it's really important for my life no it doesn't happen naturally so if you're not getting this exposure to that language naturally what we need to do is we need to make this exposure by ourselves we need to create this exposure and creating this exposure actually requires a clear system and willpower but to be honest that's everything when it comes to life not only about learning languages system willpower and frequency consistency that's all we need one of the easiest way to make this happen is building a habit where you get exposed to this language effortlessly if you would make it effortlessly and easy then it just becomes a habit of ours I would recommend listening to audiobooks or podcasts or maybe even YouTube videos whenever you're commuting the average American spends 55 minutes for commuting to work that's the perfect time for you to get exposure to your target language by defining when and what exactly you're going to do it will be much clearer and easier to get results you want if you put the effort obviously but after listening to an episode or maybe chapter you need to do an effective output learning stuff is all about inputting information and then outputting that information so after every time try to summarize what you have listened in a couple of sentences and because you know you need to summarize it afterwards you will be more likely to focus what the audiobook podcast YouTube video whatever it's talking about there is no reason for you sleep on your commute time to do something actually beneficial for you so use this time wisely and never say you don't have time to learn a language tip number two how do you usually spend your time before going to bed answer honestly please you probably reach out to your phone and like I do maybe you probably consume something on internet the internet is full of stimulation for your brain and don't you think we need a little break from it and you probably heard this hundred times in your life but reading is an excellent habit for preventing over stimulation that social media does because when you compare the amount of information we get exposed per second the difference is insane everything on your screen screams to get your attention so why not to give your brain a little break a little rest when you unwind for a good night's rest to stay up to date on the latest book in your target language you might try pursuing Goodreads list to see what other readers are enjoying for instance there are plenty of lists of Spanish language books German language books French language books and even English language books lists so from there there are links to help you find where to purchase the book all you have have to do is double check to make sure it's in your target language to get most out of your evening reading try reading aloud this way you will not only reinforce your reading skills you'll also keep up your speaking practice tip number three if you want to do something more comprehensive to do some reminding touch-ups in every area of language such as vocabulary grammar listening and speaking you definitely need to try out busu busu breaks down learning in small and achievable lessons that makes learning easier and motivating so that you can do the activities in any given spare time the app is free to download and you can also use it in web not only you can learn new vocabulary and maybe do some grammar refreshing activities the grammar and vocabulary review tool helps you to remember everything you have learned in the lessons also if you don't know where to start you definitely need to check out booster study plan it breaks the language down in chunks reminds you when and what to study and also prevents you from setting on realistic goals I'll have a link in the description below in the comment section also so that you can try busu for free tip number four starting a new hobby using that language will not only be fun but it will much easier for you to actually put the work in I don't know about you but I'm a serious procrastinator so if I don't enjoy something deeply like if I don't really like enjoy it I often find myself procrastinating and making bunch of excuses to escape from that and those excuses are so logical to me at that moment that I never try to do that thing one very common hobby where you can integrate your target language is watching some Netflix series I'm pretty sure you will forget why you were watching it in the first place if series are good so you might even look forward for that Netflix language learning time but if you're not into watching Netflix series like I do you can try daily journaling in your target link language you can use apps your iPad or maybe notion or classical pen and paper to write down your thoughts journaling has many benefits and when you start experience the mental Clarity it gives I'm pretty sure that you will start to enjoy it the great thing about journaling

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