How To Go From $0 To $1000 A Week With Affiliate Marketing

hey john christani here and i'm going to show you how to go from zero dollars to making a thousand dollars a week with the affiliate marketing business model now i've been doing affiliate marketing since 2009 since i was in college and i've gone on to make tens of millions of dollars doing affiliate marketing which has made me and netted me to become a multi-millionaire and it's been pretty exciting and i'm gonna go over my tips for how you can go from absolutely zero dollars in the bank anywhere in the world no matter what age you are even if you just crawled out of the womb as long as you can use a computer and you have an internet connection i will show you how you can make zero to a thousand dollars right now let's get into it [Music] hey john cristani here now let's go over how you can go from absolutely zero dollars to your name to making a thousand dollars a week with affiliate marketing now what's great about affiliate marketing is it doesn't require you to have any paid tools it doesn't require you to spend any money on anything even affiliate networks to start making money and the best place to start the only place to start to go from zero dollars is you want to start with free traffic strategies now since this doesn't require any of your money to get started with it will require your time to do to start earning commissions and money online some good places to start where you can post content out for free get people viewing your content and interacting with it and perhaps buying the products that you're recommending is facebook youtube and pinterest and instagram and twitter all five of these sites you can post content for free that is publicly available to anyone with an internet connection and get traffic to your affiliate links with facebook you can simply build up an audience with your own profile and then create a group and then inside of your group you can tie that back to your affiliate link that you get from whatever affiliate network you're working with or clickbank or digi store or cj whatever affiliate network you're working with and if you want to know more about affiliate networks or how you can join affiliate programs make sure to watch some of my videos about those topics i'll have links around this video for that now on pinterest you can simply pin images that you create for free using the free photo editing and creation program called canva and then in your pinned images you can place an affiliate link when people click on it and buy the product you earn money and on youtube you can post videos for free and you can include an affiliate link in the description so that when people click on it and buy you earn money and the cool thing is is that pinterest pins and youtube videos they'll show up for the long term so you're actually creating an asset for yourself that can be monetized in the long term and if you want to see examples of this just look beneath this video i have tons of affiliate links to tons of products that i recommend and that i promote and that i earn commissions from i earn over 15 000 per month from the click funnels affiliate program because i recommend people who don't know programming which is the majority of folks that watch my videos use click funnels to build web pages you can even look at the most popular youtuber of all time pewdiepie and you can find that he has a ton of affiliate links in the description of his video and you can see lots of other youtubers use the products he recommends such as his infamous chair that he's always sitting in you know hundreds of thousands of people have spent five hundred to buy that darn chair now the second tip here is that you'll want to outsource these free strategies as fast as possible now because they take a lot of your time once you start making money from doing the posts the pins the videos the articles you'll want to find people to start taking over some of that work now for instance i pay folks to edit these videos i don't do the editing myself anymore and for example i pay people to manage some of my other social accounts my website my blog because it isn't worth my time anymore and by hiring somebody for less than the amount of money i'm making i end up making profits and money without any time spent on my part passive income and the third and possibly the most important tip i can give you to go from zero dollars to a thousand dollars a week in affiliate marketing is that you'll want to take the money that you are making from free traffic strategies and once you've outsourced a bunch of that work and you freed up both your time and your generating money is start reinvesting that money into paid advertising or paid marketing paid traffic strategies meaning instead of just allowing google and facebook and pinterest and twitter and instagram sending you people to your affiliate links and your websites for free that you start paying instagram to advertise on instagram you start paying facebook to advertise on facebook you start paying youtube to advertise on youtube and you target your advertising so that every dollar you spend you make back to this is what i teach in my training course called the super affiliate system which we released a new version of this year just a few months ago and we're building software for in my training course the major focus is support again you could find all of the information that's in the super affiliate system probably somewhere in my archive of 600 videos that i've done over the last three years on youtube but the differentiating point is that i can't offer support to a million people that watch my videos every month here on youtube we do offer fantastic support in helping you create your online business when you're a student of my program we have regular webinars we have step-by-step guides that go through everything people will hop on calls with you to help you through the tough points and we really just make it step by step simple so that you have an easy blueprint to follow to earning money online that others have followed before you and you can look at our testimonials on my you know youtube home channel thing we really focus on making it a great program and we've had a lot of success stories and what's great is when you're using free traffic strategies to get started you can use the audiences that you are building up on facebook instagram twitter youtube google et cetera and you can use those audiences to create remarketing lists and it just creates an asset for yourself that you can leverage off of and use to make it even easier to get into and start earning up to a thousand dollars a week and you can use all of these assets to make it easier for you to go from zero dollars to a thousand dollars a week with affiliate marketing the most important thing here is to stay consistent when you're producing free content when you're putting stuff out there when you're spending your time to make money the biggest factor that holds back students of mine from applying the free traffic strategies and i'm talking about just people who watch me on youtube really because those are the ones doing the free traffic strategies the most is the consistency again most of my students allow life to cause them to be inconsistent in what the content they're producing online it just doesn't work out again the algorithms don't care if your sister has a wedding this weekend they want you to produce content and they will punish you if you don't produce content so the algorithms that rule youtube facebook instagram pinterest are relentless they're relentless bosses they're the worst bosses but they're also the best because they're perfectly non-biased and if you learn how to work with the algorithms that govern how traffic flows from instagram or twitter and who becomes famous and who doesn't then you will end up making a lot of money and you won't have to report to anyone except the algorithm so thanks for watching if you want to go deeper into marketing and uh learn about online businesses and all that stuff make sure you subscribe to my channel and also hit the notification bell just do it out of the kindness for your own heart seriously no i'm not going to beg and plead i'm actually going to offer you a lot of money to subscribe now every monday i do a live question and answer session and i give away money i don't know it just seemed the easiest thing well i give away money in the form of amazon gift cards and i scratch them off live every week now last week i had 100 people on my live stream and i gave away 500 now that's an average of five dollars per person who is on my live stream which means that there's a lot of money folks and i'll just be giving away more as we scale my internal affiliate campaigns also when you're a subscriber you'll see that i do a lot of community posts and i kind of share about some of the businesses i'm doing on the side i started a a new kind of part of my business recently i started doing affiliate marketing on television within three months we actually got uh past the six figure mark which means we earned over a hundred thousand dollars in a single month um within three months of me starting that business and you know i talk about some of these things in my community posts and you'll see those once you're a subscriber so i look forward uh to you being a subscriber if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing make sure to check out my home page or my channel page on youtube if you want to learn about my story and how i got to the place i am having many millions of dollars and not having any employees make sure read about my story or if you want to just i don't know look at other videos of mine check it out oh the community if you want to interact with other aspiring entrepreneurs which i really strongly encourage your network is your net worth join the discord link below we have a chat forum it's free no money no nothing and uh you can interact with other folks that are starting their own online businesses so thanks for watching talk to you all soon have a great day bye and uh i just made my first commissions pretty freaking crazy because i had no clue what i was doing but i've been in sales for over 20 years i'm 45 years old so i've i've been in sales customer service i have no marketing experience and i know how to set up my email and do things like that so i have what i have i have the info up here i just i really don't know how to how to use it how to how to bring it to light and that's what john's course is helping me do uh yesterday i made my first online affiliate commission no money has to come out of your pocket for ad spend or nothing he shows you the true and legit way to start your marketing campaigns with no money