How to Get Your First 1000 Followers on Pinterest FAST in 2024

hi I'm Anastasia and in this video I will show you how to grow your new Pinterest account from zero to one thousand followers and more as fast as possible I currently have over 91 000 followers on my Pinterest account and over 10 million monthly viewers that drives me about 80 000 monthly visitors to my website from Pinterest for free so I have an established account but in this video I will show you what I would do if I started today with a brand new account from scratch I will also show you later in this video what you should avoid doing on Pinterest if you don't want to get your account suspended so stay tuned for that and our first step is to optimize your Pinterest profile think about this when people choose to follow you most of the times they do it straight from your profile page so give it a little bit of extra effort first make sure that you've got a good profile photo and a banner as well spend a few minutes to write down a catchy bio let's take my Pinterest account as an example my bias says learn the ways to make money online with a Blog affiliate marketing and Pinterest traffic I also give a short link to an important sign up page for my free Pinterest masterclass this link in the bio is not clickable but since it's a short link it doesn't hurt to edit as well by the way if you want to learn more from me sign up on that page and watch my one hour class for free the link will be in the description below so that's what I have in my Pinterest description and that's how I can help my audience also remember to optimize your profile for keywords if you want to pop up when someone is searching for the keywords in the Pinterest profile search on Pinterest you should make sure that you have your main keywords in the profile name and in your profile description our step number two is to verify your website and enable reach pins so you've got to make sure that that you have verified your domain name and that your Rich pins are working properly on your website trust me this is important and it's quite easy to do as well all it takes is a little piece of code that you need to add in the head section of your site I will drop a link in the description below to guide you through this whole process but here is why it matters so much when someone shares your pins or when your pins pop up on Pinterest you want them to spot your smashing profile photo and your brand or your name right next to it if you have a verified website and the rich pins are working properly your profile will show up not only next to every pin that you publish but also next to all the pins that other users save from your website every time that someone has a chance to see your profile pic what could they do next of course they could click on that follow button so don't skip this little extra step to add a link to your profile on all of your pins our step number three is to engage in the comments on Pinterest one thing that content creators often completely ignore on Pinterest is comments on their own pins however this kind of engagement on your pins is one of the important ranking factors see if you do a quick search for some keyword on Pinterest you can open the top 5 or 10 pins or so and you will find that many of those pins have at least one or more comments on them the most viral pins that were also ranking for many years on Pinterest I've seen always had a lot of comments so all you need to do is spend five minutes maybe less every day checking the notification section on your Pinterest profile you can open these comments and reply to them or even better ask something back and users who commented on your pins will get notifications on their profiles and they might reply to you and they could add even more engagement to your pins think about it when a user gets an answer from a Pinterest Creator or a blogger they're more likely to engage with your other content and also to follow your profile by the way even if you have zero comments on your pins maybe because your account is brand new and you don't have a ton of followers yet you can be proactive and live the first comment on some of Europeans asking your audience for feedback for example or you could if you are a food blogger or you're in DIY Niche you could ask them to reply with photos of what they cooked based on your recipe or based on your DIY instructions these photos also count as comments and they're amazing as an engagement factor for your pins to go viral our step number four is to invite your followers from other platforms where you're present so this is a great idea for those of you who already have some following on other platforms and this will help you score your first thousand followers on Pinterest real quick reach out to people on your email list on your Instagram account your Facebook Pals or your YouTube subscribers encourage people to check out your profile on Pinterest as well you can do it in two different ways one is pretty passive just leave a link to your Pinterest profile wherever you can usually it's in the footer of your emails or edit as one of the links to your landing page like maybe link tree page from your Instagram account you have this option on your about page here on YouTube as well the second way is more proactive and it will get you maybe bigger numbers and even faster if you have an email list shoot them an email something like hey I'm also on Pinterest now it would be awesome if you could give me a follow there you could even spice things up a bit and offer your existing audience some gift like a copy of your digital product for example you could say something like I will pick randomly 5 Lucky followers who will get a free copy of my ebook so people will have an extra reason to follow you you can also take advantage of your thank you Pages if you have some lead magnets and freebies when someone signs up for your emails on the thank you page you can suggest them to follow your Pinterest profile along with other social media profiles and the psychology behind this method is pretty simple if someone has just received a freebie from you they will be more than happy to follow you for more content now our step number five is to use your website this strategy works for those of you guys who have your own website you need to make sure that you added links to your Pinterest profile in every possible way I want to give you lots of ideas here and you can pick whatever works for you best so you could create a simple image like this that says follow me on Pinterest and then add this image in your sidebar maybe along with other social media buttons or in the sidebar you can add it as a standalone Pinterest follow button also you can add a link to Pinterest profile in the footer of your website or in the header of your website you can also add links to your main social media in the email signature like this now you might be wondering how much time and effort you should spend on growing your followers on Pinterest is it

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