How To Get Traffic On YouTube

If you want to learn how to get traffic
on YouTube recently my channels been growing and I'm gonna go over what I've
learned about getting traffic on YouTube by picking your category your niche
posting frequency SEO and also connecting with other Creators. Let's get it. What is up you YouTube champion! So I'm gonna go over what I've learned from
building and growing a YouTube channel about getting traffic from YouTube. Now,
it's it's it's not a straightforward process because the YouTube Gods are
complicated and moody and they seem to change. I don't understand it too well
but I do understand that I love teaching people and I love talking to people and
connecting and motivating other people. So YouTube has always been something
that's been particularly interesting to me. Now, I'm gonna go over each of these
five things that have helped me a lot in growing my youtube channel.I know memes
claiming to be a YouTube SEO expert or anything of that matter I mean they're
guys who are much smarter than me in this field but I believe I do know
enough to share and hopefully you'll derive some value from what I believe
has been responsible for my channels growth. First thing that I found really
important is understanding what your category is and I actually had huge
problems with this very fundamental thing. There's a few different categories
of YouTubers really there's vloggers okay you can you can do a lifestyle vlog
you can post music you can post how-to videos okay
how-to videos or you could post films you know or you know or you could do
game you know gaming right. So there's There's some very broad categories of
YouTubers out there, now what my problem was I kept wiffle waffling between these
two I was you know I was trying to blog and then I was trying to do how-to
videos and I kind of confused that you know getting subscribers to my channel
meant that people wanted to hear about my life when
what people are really interested in my channel for are learning how to do items.
Now YouTube's become so big it encompasses so many different fields
it's unbelievable. People go to YouTube just to learn how to fix a light bulb or
people go to YouTube just to listen to a song but if you try to act like
you're in one niche when really people are following you for another reason
that's gonna be a problem. Now I built my audience because I was
putting up videos of how to do something how to advertise on the internet how to
make money online using affiliate marketing etc that's what I do and I
started blogging for a while I started posting daily videos where I'm just kind
of saying motivational stuff and that that was incongruent in my channel even
though I was posting daily my channel never grew for a year because I believed
that people were interested in my vlogs which was not true. People were
interested in learning from me how they can benefit themselves to make money
online and that's not a problem that's just what it is. So pick your category
first and foremost if you're gonna be a gamer do it and stick to it. If you're
gonna vlog about your life and your lifestyle and your relationships and
whatnot do it and stick to it. If you're gonna post up films or how-to videos or
music do it and stick to it. Don't try to mix two of these categories pick one and
stick to it and keep posting that sort of content. The second important thing is
knowing your niche or you know also your sub niche, okay? Now in my case my niches
make money online. I'm teaching people how to make money on the internet very
simply and I'm also teaching people my sub niche which is affiliate marketing,
affiliate marketing is a very specific niche within making money online but
it's still important because there's an audience of people who are just looking
for specifically tactics to be better affiliate markers or to go deeper in
that business model. Now, I try to cater my videos almost exclusively
to my niche and my sub niche because that gives my channel authority in this
subject matter. Again, I'm a knowledge expert in making money online and
affiliate marketing so I really focus on those two things as well because that's
going to give me the best results in terms of my videos are gonna be better
than anybody else's in the affiliate marketing category simply because I've
made more money doing it than the other people in this niche. I frankly believe I
know more than any other YouTuber about affiliate marketing. Posting frequency is
another important aspect the the name of the game is consistency consistency
consistency consistency consistency if you aren't able to consistently post on
YouTube whether that's once a day once a week once a month then you shouldn't be
doing YouTube. YouTube wants to see consistency just like a TV show releases
a new episode every week at a particular time the same time every single week.
YouTube wants to see that consistency as well. YouTube really highly favors
consistent creators who are releasing at the same time every week or every month
or every day. Casey Neistat, I watched a video of him and he said just keep
uploading it's about just keeping uploading and doing that consistently is
very important. Now SEO stands for search engine optimization and this is a
subject I don't know much about but what I do know is that I know they care about
embeds like if you embed your video other places so I have a blog for
instance and I embed my video on my blog because you know I have a blog post
about each of my videos and I embed my video on that blog post because YouTube
likes that I guess. Also, I know the three main metrics of YouTube to understand
that are really important is average watch time they want to see people
watching your videos for at least four minutes they look at session time
YouTube wants to see that people are not just watching your videos but they're
staying on YouTube and watching more videos. That's important keeping that
session length long and making it longer is helpful for YouTube and the third one
is return rate, YouTube wants to see that your users of your audience are
consistently coming back to YouTube. You're not just doing some videos on
YouTube selling them product and keeping them off of YouTube the rest of their
lives that would be horrible in YouTube's mind. YouTube, what they
care about is people watching long people staying on YouTube to watch more
videos and people coming back more regularly to YouTube to watch videos
because they're part of your audience. That's what YouTube looks at that's my
understanding of SEO so it's really about just creating engaging content and
keeping people coming back to that. The last step here is connecting. So,
connecting with other creators YouTube is like any other business is that you
should be to really get an advantage you need to be surrounding yourself with
other people in this space. If you really want to make it on YouTube, go to vid summit you know Derral Eve's he's a very prominent YouTuber who talks about SEO
stuff. He has a his conference for YouTube creators to meet and mix and
mingle and talk about what strategies are working up best. Going to events such
as that are gonna really help your success in utilizing this amazing
platform that is replacing television, Okay? or just local meetups or just
hanging out with other YouTubers who are working on building their business off
of YouTube can be a really important thing for for you because you may learn
some things your friend may learn some things and it's a very it's a very
bumpin blue ocean YouTube is quickly taking over a lot of media so being able
being on the cutting edge edge of the wave is really gonna help you here in
building your audience and building your business hopefully. I hope that helped
you out I'm really excited and really honored by your support of my channel
and support of my teaching that I'm doing here on YouTube. Thank you so much
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help continue to help more people make money online so looking forward to
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