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Get FREE bitcoin with the best rewards credit card I've ever seen! The first bitcoin credit card rewards program to pay you in cryptocurrency and they pay BIG. Don’t Wait! Get on the waitlist for the first bitcoin rewards credit card

I got so excited when I heard BlockFi was coming out with a bitcoin rewards credit card, the first cash back program to pay in cryptocurrency…then I saw a video by Graham Stephan that shared some details and was a little disappointed. So I reached out to BlockFi for some answers and I think this could be the best rewards credit card I’ve ever used. I’ve never done a credit card review video but I just had to show you this card and reveal why I’m using it.

I’ve used rewards credit cards for nearly a decade. I’ve got the Citi Advantage that pays me in airline miles. I’ve also got the Barclays Mastercard that gives me cash back into a college savings account. I love the idea of a cash back rewards card but what you usually get is far from what is advertised. For example, I get a mile for every dollar spent on my airline rewards card…but there are so many restrictions that I was just now able to use some of the 140,000 miles I’ve accumulated. Even then, it only came out to about a 0.88% cash back reward.

Even the cards with the higher cash back percentages like the Chase Sapphire have big drawbacks like annual fees and limitations. The Sapphire Reserve charges $550 a year just to use the card!

BlockFi was initially going to charge an annual fee as well…but decided to make this the best rewards card instead. You get 1.5% cash back rewards paid in bitcoin plus an introductory bonus of 3.5% in the first three months ($100 cap). You also get the chance to earn other rewards and bonus interest. Add to all this the interest you earn on your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and this credit card offers the highest rewards program you’ll find.

In this video, I’ll be unboxing the new rewards credit card because…I guess that’s what people do now. More important though, I’ll show you exactly how this bitcoin rewards card works and how to earn as much cash back as possible. I’ll also do a rewards credit card comparison with my other cards and reveal the pros and cons of the BlockFi card.

Whether you’re a credit card beginner or already have cash back rewards cards, do not miss this one. It offers a great cash back percentage along with some bonus rewards. You’ll get paid in bitcoin which means you get to see those rewards grow and, best of all, you’ll earn interest on your rewards. It’s not only one of the first cryptocurrency rewards credit cards but also the best rewards credit card period.

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The video is in partnership with BlockFi and I’ve been using the high-interest bitcoin platform and will be using the new rewards credit card as well. Besides the industry-leading security and ease of investing in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and stablecoins, you can earn up to 7.5% interest on your crypto. I’m really excited about the bitcoin credit card but there’s a huge waiting list so don’t wait to sign up here

0:00 Best Rewards Credit Cards for Cryptocurrency
1:45 Unboxing the First Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card
3:26 How to Earn Bitcoin Rewards from the BlockFi Credit Card
5:20 Cons of the Bitcoin Rewards Credit Card
5:56 BlockFi Credit Card Rewards – the Fine Print
7:11 Rewards Credit Card Example
8:42 Rewards Credit Card Comparison

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