How To Do Affiliate Marketing With Paid Advertising (Make $100/Day)

hey john cristana here and i've made tens of millions of dollars doing affiliate marketing and i'm gonna be going over in this video how to do affiliate marketing with paid advertising no this isn't for everybody i've looked at my demographics and i know a lot of you folks from like india and pakistan complain about having absolutely no money this video is not for you go to my free traffic videos which i will have a link to somewhere around this video go to those videos but if you're interested in learning how to do things fast paid advertising helps you make big money fast but you need to have money to do paid advertising you can get started very cheaply with paid advertising if you promote app install type offers you can get started for as low as a few bucks 10 bucks can get you started in paid advertising so let's get into the three top tips i have for you to start getting into my favorite part of affiliate marketing my favorite traffic source paid advertising let's get it [Music] now my first tip for paid advertising is you want to test offers to see what converts best now one of the mistakes that a lot of people like uh mlm network marketing direct marketing whatever they call it now they keep changing the names people fall into is they fall in love with whatever their offer their company is you know lularoe amway herbalife you know they just love that one product whereas with paid advertising you can't fall in love with any particular offer you need to just test task test and go with whatever pays you the most money take a motion completely out of the situation and just focus on the data of what pays you the most money having one offer just puts you in a dangerous place because if that offer goes away then you're left without a income source and also some offers don't convert as well as other offers so again you need to test some networks go away some affiliate networks go away as well so once again you should have multiple offers that you are testing what the real world ramifications of this advice is is actually that when you're building out your marketing funnels when you're building out your ads or your pre-sale page you should basically make them offer blind or make your ads blind so that they can apply to not just you know let's say herbalife or you know not just one sort of weight loss pill but you can market multiple weight loss pills so an example would be is that you don't get too specific on the one product or the one company you keep everything in your marketing high level so that again it gives you the flexibility for people to buy whatever it is you end up recommending you'll notice in my marketing i say sign up for a website with my top recommended hosting company and i don't get into the specifics of what the particular company is because again my top recommended hosting company changes from time to time the second major piece of advice here is you always need to use a pre-sell page or a landing page or whatever you want to call it now there's a number of reasons for this first off if you're doing advertising on google youtube facebook instagram or basically any other major ad network you have to use a pre-sale page they do not allow you to directly link to the affiliate offer itself it's just necessary for 80 of the traffic out there the second reason you do this is because it warms up the traffic even if you were allowed to direct link to affiliate offers it wouldn't be worthwhile i tried it and that's what held me back for four years you want to warm up the audience you need to sell them again people don't want to just step in and see a product and say oh okay it's you know 50 bucks i don't want to buy this you need to explain to them and create the rationale give them a video give them an article give them a blog post that really convinces them of why this product is something they'd want to buy this should be a way of educating them so an example might be you write an article that says 19 ways to earn money on the internet if you have zero dollars in your bank account and then you go on to list out a number of offers or products or things that they can sign up for if they want to start making money online for instance another example might be a blog post that says how i got five dates and got laid for the very first time as a 30 year old after i learned these two things about women right interesting blog posts 30 year old virgins showing how to get lots of dates right if you're in the relationships niche that would be a very interesting blog post that somebody might read and you can sell that person on buying some sort of relationship oriented ebook again the recommendation people hate being sold and the recommendation coming from an article a blog post a whatever is going to have a massive effect on conversion rates you should be seeing 10 conversion rates when people click over to the affiliate offer that you are promoting and you will not get that if you are direct linking to anything you need to use pre-sale pages and this is what actually held me back for four years in affiliate marketing i kept trying to do it the hard way by not having a website i failed way more than i ever succeeded but once i actually started using pre-sell pages and i i loved using click funnels to create them then i actually started making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month now my third piece of advice is to never forget to build your email lists if you can i know marketers who were making millions of dollars per year and now are making nothing because they never built a list right once their ads stopped working their income goes to zero now what's great is if you have an email list you keep making money even if your ads are turned off what's great about me is for me i have an email list of over a million people right now of people who have signed up for various email list promotions of mine over the years right i have a link to sign up for a free webinar down below and over a million people have signed up to see the free webinar over the course of the last like two or three years that's helped me also create another income stream right there from my email list and you can build multiple lists as well so you can build sms notification list you can build chat lists chat bot lists notification lists right you know this is sort of a list right here my youtube subscribers so there's a lot of ways that you can build up your digital assets while you are doing paid advertising to generate money my advice is get people on as many different lists as possible and it'll help you for the long term oh thanks for watching and make sure to enable notifications on you know subscribe first off and enable notifications i give away thousands of dollars every single month to my subscribers you see we have a lot of amazon money we give away here i scratch these off live every monday on my live streams and uh you know you can one of the winners so it doesn't matter what country you're from it doesn't matter where you are in the world whoever's got the fastest fingers will make the money so thank you for watching have a great day all the best peace hi john i wanted to take a quick moment to give you a quick testimonial uh yesterday i made my first online affiliate commission i am absolutely uh totally excited and for the first time i really see that you know i have a future in this and i have someone who has my back so again john just thank you so much for your time to just help everybody in the group and just to give us you know nothing but but value week after week after week again thank you so much i'm freaking excited today if you guys can tell i got my first sale oh yes i got two of them hi there my name is phil carrick from northern ireland and i just want to give a big shout out to john christani what john does is he walks you through a step-by-step process really from a to z