How to CREATE + SELL Etsy Digital Products in 2024 💸 (Etsy + Canva Tutorial)

selling digital products online is an amazing way to earn passive income and Etsy is just the place many people come to find the digital product they're looking for whether it's a business owner needing templates for her online presence a homeschooling Mama looking for printables to use with her kids or that young professional needing a digital planner to keep her to-do list organized there's a digital product for just about everyone and that's where you come in my friend if you can learn how to effectively create and sell Etsy digital products there is a major profit to be earned so today I'm walking through exactly what I would do if I were getting started selling digital products on Etsy this year let's Dive In hey friends welcome back to the channel if you're new here and we haven't met yet I'm Kate I'm a wife mom Etsy seller and business coach and I'm here to help you start and seal your online business so that you can make a full-time income doing what you love I'm super pumped to be talking about all the things that digital products today but before we dive into that I want to let you know if you're watching this around the time this video is published then I want to invite you to join me live on Thursday January 12th either at 2PM or 8 PM eastern time for a free live Master Class where I'm teaching through my five pillar Etsy success formula I'm going to be laying out step by step for you exactly the formula of process and system that I use to bring my Etsy shop to the top one percent and to earn multiple six figures this class is going to be an hour jam-packed full of practical and actionable Etsy strategy that you can Implement in your shop today whether you've not started yet or whether you've already started a shop and want to grow it even further and make consistent sales and we're also going to have a time for Q a so make sure to come ready with your most burn any Etsy questions to ask me I'm ready to answer all of them there's also going to be a free gift that we're giving out to everyone who shows up live to the class and that's going to be a freebie bundle of digital assets that you can use in your business today things like free mock-ups financial trackers templates there is so much goodness in this freebie bundle so you definitely want to show up live either at 2 p.m or 8 PM if you can and even if you can't show up Live still sign up because we'll be able to send you the replay link afterwards the link to get registered is in the description box below so there are several steps that I would take if I were starting an Etsy digital product business this year the first one is that I would validate my digital product idea it's so important to validate your product idea before you ever even create a listing to ensure that you're offering something that's in demand and search for on the Etsy platform so the first step I would take to validate my product ideas to come to seal Samurai and to use the keyword Search tool to type in a keyword phrase that I'm thinking of that's related to the product I'm wanting to offer so let's say I'm wanting to offer an Instagram real cover template I might type in the term Real cover templates and see what comes up sales Samurai will show me the amount of estimated search volume for Etsy for that keyword phrase so we see for that term Real cover templates it's giving us an estimated 117 searches per month for that phrase and then we can come down here under suggestions and also see related keyword phrases so we see here the term real covers has almost a thousand searches per month so that tells us the keyword phrase real covers is actually more highly searched on Etsy than real cover templates so you can come over here and see some more broad related keyword phrases like Instagram templates which has over 3000 searches per month and this tells me that Instagram templates definitely are highly searched for on Etsy and when we get more specific even to Reels covers those have a pretty good search amount per month as well so I feel pretty confident moving forward with this digital product idea because I'm seeing there is some search and some Demand on Etsy for this so once I've done the preliminary validation of my product idea step number two is to continue my product and market research on Etsy so I'm going to come to Etsy now and type in a keyword phrase that I validated on seal Samurai so I'm going to type in real covers and I'm going to look through these listings that are coming up on the first page of search results because these are the top-notch best-selling listings now I'm going to skip over any of these listings that say add by Etsy seller that's telling me this person has paid for an ad to be viewed right here so I'm gonna skip the ones that have ads to look specifically at the listings that are organically ranking high on this first page for reels covers I'm going to take special note of any listings that have that yellow popular now or bestseller badge but I'm also going to take note of the ones that have a lot of five star reviews so this one has over a thousand five star reviews for their shot I'm gonna click through on this listing and take note of a few different parts of this listing so the first thing I like to do is to read through the five star reviews to see if I'm noticing anything repeated over and over again that people are really loving about these templates this is going to clue me in on some things that I could incorporate for my best seller potential listing and things that people really are looking for when they're looking for Instagram Real cover templates I'm also going to click through the photos and see the video that might be there and take note of the style this seller is using and also what specifically is included in this listing so we see this is a canva template that's editable it says we can edit the text fonts colors photos delete duplicate so this is telling me that people are really liking personalized editable canva templates and we see there's over 50 included in this so people like bundles of multiple ones that they can use we're going to continue to just click through these and get inspiration not so that we can copy this seller or this listing element for element but just so we can take some ideas and put our own spin on it to make it even better for our shop I also love to come down here and click learn more about this item so I can read the full description to see what exactly is included in this we see the seller has the whole process of how the downloading and editing works we see that there's 52 Instagram highlight covers included we see the size of the covers that are included we see the file types our PNG or jpeg we see what we can edit so it's just great to look through the whole description to get an idea of what all is included in this best-selling listing now the next part of this step is to identify a gap in the market if we're able to a gap in the market is an el

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