How To Advertise On YouTube

Shh.. Hey. Getting annoyed by those ads on YouTube? You want to learn how to do it too? Okay, I'll show you. I'll show you on the whiteboard And I'll show you right here on my computer exactly how to set up an ad so you Make more money and stuff. Let's go. Mom I just learned how to advertise
on YouTube. I don't know if you've seen my annoying ads all over YouTube. I put
up over 54 million ads last year. And they work. They work great. It's a great
place to advertise. Great place to reach people. Videos just the best medium. And I
love YouTube. So, if you want to learn how to advertise, in the next 5 minutes,
I'm going to show you on my computer. I'm going to kind of concept things out here on
the whiteboard. But hopefully by the end of this video, you will have come away
with a step-by-step way to set up your ads on YouTube so you can get more, (I
don't know what you're doing.) maybe more leads for your business, more customers
for your business, more whatever. It's easy to set up. Just follow along the
steps and you'll see how to do it too. So, the first thing you need to do is you
need to create the ad. Okay, obviously. And I'm going to show you how to create the ad,
okay? Second thing you need to do is you need to set up your accounts, okay?
And setting up your accounts means you have to have a YouTube channel and you
have to have a Google Ads account to advertise, right? (Duh) So, step number 3
is we're going to set up our ad, okay? So, we have to actually… What I call the like
technical Annoying bit for you. People who are not used to internet advertising.
But I'm going to walk through everything step by step on my computer here and
show you how you can do it. If you're not familiar with Adwords or whatever or you
want to learn more about what I do, make sure to subscribe to my channel and you
will get a free course learning about what I do which is affiliate marketing.
That's why I advertise. And I also have a free AdWords course somewhere. But
doesn't go over YouTube. So, the first thing with creating your ad is need to
have some sort of concept. What are you trying to
sell, okay? And I think the best way to frame things
is you need to have 3 things in your ad. You need to have a hook. Something to
catch people. You need to have a story. The best story, I'll go over that but
it's kind of like a before and an after story. So you know, you were single,
depressed, broke and then you used your product and you became rich
and surrounded by females or males or whatever you're into. And you know you're
happy, right? So, we'll talk about the story. That's kind of the add concept.
Then you have a call to action. Telling people what to do if they want to become
rich happy and surrounded by you know members of the opposite sex or
same sex, whatever. I'm trying to be peacey here. First off for the hook. The hook is
you want to bring two subjects together for your ad that don't normally go
together. So, a good example of this would be saying, “In just a minute here, I'm
going to show you how a goldfish got me laid over and over and over again?”
You're like, “What? How does the goldfish get you laid?” Something like that. And
what I also did is you can also give people a time constrain. You can say…
Because on YouTube you have 5 seconds to catch somebody's attention. 5
seconds before they can skip that ad. So you need to have something really, really
just like WHAT? What? You know, WTF? In that first 5 seconds to get people hooked
and staying for the next 5 seconds. All you have is 5 seconds then you
have that 5 seconds after that. So you have to be interesting in chunks. Once
you got them for the first 10 seconds, you got them for another 10 seconds.
People's attention spans are this long. But you figure you have double the
attention span each time, okay? That's just kind of good mental model I
use to make sure my ads hit. So, other good examples of hooks. If you are
selling TVs. You know you could say something like, “There's a reason why my
place is the party pad and it's hanging on my wall. And I'll show you how I've
created the most insane social life ever with 500 bucks and a screen.” Or something
like that. I don't know. But you want to combine two different subjects. What I've
done in some of my ads is I've also done you know like, I use this ad where I said,
“Jesus won't teach you how to make money.” That's a good example of a hook or a
pattern interrupt. It's combining 2 different things people don't normally
talk about. Jesus and making money. So, hook. And then the next step is you want
to do a story. And a story generally, you want to follow what I call… I just say,
tell people your story in 1 sentence. Tell people your story in 2 sentences.
Tell people the same story again in 4 sentences. And then summarize it in 2,
summarizes in 1. 1-2-4-2-1. Okay? So, here's a story. I used to be lonely and socially
awkward. Okay, I'm doing the before. But after I took this magic pill, women were
fighting to go on dates with me. Not only were women fighting to go on dates with
me but I started having you know, the best sexual life you know, I'd ever
dreamed of. And I still was the same fat smelly self, okay? It's like, okay
interesting. But that's my story, right? But I went from single and not get any
action to getting a lot of action. Okay, that's one sentence. I told an entire
story. Now, what I'll do for the NAD is I'll say that same story in 2
sentences. Okay, let's try it. So I'm going to say the before in one sentence of that
I'm going to say the after in another sentence. So, I'll say, “I was in college, I
had was depressed. I was away from my family and friends. I'd gotten a bad
pizza eating habit. And there's a Carl's Jr. down the street. And I just gained so
much weight and you know, I didn't know how to talk to girls.
I'd never been with a woman before. And not only that, but as I gained weight, I
started losing confidence in myself. And I stopped showering as much. And the
fatter I got, the less confidence I got. The less women wanted to talk to me. And
the less women wanted to talk to me, the the sadder I got and the fatter I got. So,
that's like one sentence, right? It tells the story a little more in detail. Then
I'll say it, the second part of that story. Which is, “But then one day, I
learned to this magic pill that I could take to magically make
me unbelievably attracted to women without changing what I ate or my body
type at all. I just started attracting them like flies. I didn't even know why.
But with that, I not only got my confidence back but I also started
losing weight because I started working out more. And I started doing all these
things that a normal person does. And you know, I also became rich. My whole life
changed.” So, I told the story in 2 sentences. Now, what I could do is I could
take that same story and I could say it in 4 sentences. So I just expand on it
and then I'd go back and I'd summarize this story in 2 sentences with a
call-to-action. And then I'd summarize in 1 sentence. And I'm just going to do the
1 sentence version so you get an idea. “So, if you're looking to change
your life and get with more women, I suggest you buy this magic pill. There's
a link somewhere on this video that you can click on to order. This is only
produced in limited quantities. And it's first come, first serve. So buy it now if
you want to take advantage of this. This may be banned so you may never get a
chance to buy this magic pill again.” Okay, so I basically summarized my story with
just a strong call-to-action. I used urgency and scarcity whatever. Point
being, that's an ad. That's a YouTube ad. So, we created our ad. Now, some things I want
to kind of disclaim first is your ad shoot it with this. Don't worry about
using professional photography. I don't know what type of company you're running.
Whether you're like a personal coach or influencer like me. Or if you are a big
fortune 500, ads that work the best, you don't need high quality video production.
You don't need professional editors. You don't need all this crazy camera
equipment and stuff that I'm using right now. Actually funnily enough. But you
can use this. On YouTube people want UGC. People want user-generated content.
People want that sort of amateur raw look. Because if it isn't like that,
people feel like they're being sold to. Higher quality production makes people
feel sold to. Just use what normal day-to-day interaction. Okay,
so we got rid of that. Let's get on my computer. Let's go. So, we're on my YouTube
channel. First off, you can set up a YouTube channel for free. Just go to There should be a button somewhere in the top right which says
sign in or create a channel. It's very easy to create a channel. Or just
Google's create a channel. The next thing you need to do is you need to create a
Google Ads account. And just search Google Ads. And the first link should be
Google ads or it used to be called Adwords.
But you'll just click the link and you'll sign up. You'll have to enter in
your credit card information because that's how advertising works. You have to
pay money. That's tough for you to set up. Then to upload videos on YouTube, it's
very easy. Once you've set up your channel, this little button right here
where it says plus and it shows a video sign, that's where you go to upload a
video. Very simple process. Google makes it super easy. This is my channel by the
way. If you want my free course on affiliate marketing, my business is I'm
selling other people's products online for them. And I make a commission. So, if
you want to learn how to do that too, you can by all means subscribe to my channel,
take my free course. And if you like that, I have a 6-week like intensive
training program. Won't go into that here. Let's go into AdWords. So when you log
into Adwords, you'll be on a screen something like this. By the way I'm
reading this book by Neal Stephenson, Anathem right now. Really cool. So on
Google Ads, you'll want to sign in to this area called campaigns. See, it says
campaigns right here, okay? I think by default, they put you on the overview
screen. You want to be in the campaigns area. Now, what we'll click on is this
plus icon, okay? See, where it says plus. This allows you to create a new campaign.
And we'll just select new campaign. What we'll do here is you get a lot of
different options. And these options have been changing a lot recently. See sales,
leads, website traffic, product brand, consideration, a promotion, etc. They keep
changing the interface in Google Ads. They keep changing options. It's kind of
mind-numbing. But what I always defer to is create a campaign with
out goals guidance, okay? Because I'm just going to show you exactly how to do things.
So you click there and it will give you all the options. So again, all of these
options are changing. But essentially, you will click video, okay?
And YouTube ads is just a great place to be they're doing a lot of innovations
right now. So what we'll do is we'll set up a custom video campaign. Now, add
sequence, the second option is something that's very new. You see this one. I
haven't actually used add sequence yet. But if anybody's used it, please let me
know in the comments how it works. If it's cool, whatnot. This is literally a
week old. Kind of interesting. So, we'll create a campaign and we'll be loading.
And I'll just say “Demo YouTube.” What I like to do is, I like… It gives you an
option for a daily or campaign total budget. I like to set a daily budget, okay?
Now, I generally set my budgets at at least a hundred dollars a day. If you're
doing affiliate marketing for instance, a good total budget to set for a campaign
is about $100. I prefer daily budgets because I'm
watching over my campaigns when I launch them. But that's fine. Now, start date. Keep
this as is. And date keep this as is. You're doing maximum CPV. I found there
are other options available. I found that CPV is the best bid
strategy. Okay, networks. Now, this is important. What you'll want to do is
you'll just want to get rid of video partners. This is kind of low quality
traffic. In our case, we're selecting English and go onwards and upwards, okay?
So, you can leave most of these things the same. I always like to exclude
embedded videos because there's sort of low quality, okay? And I don't care if
contents not yet labeled because I don't really have brand restrictions. I'm not
like super liberal politically correct person. You know that cares about that
stuff. Now you can set your devices frequency capping. A lot of stuff. Now,
here's where you start setting up your ad group. And I'm just going to call this
demo. And this is where you set your targeting. So depending on what you're
advertising on, I'm just going to show kind of the standard targeting settings.
If you want more in-depth examples of how to do all these settings and how to
set up all the targeting, you can go through my
6-week course. My free trainings don't really talk about this. But the point
being, you can get in depth here. There are some advanced tactics that can
really give you an edge. For the purposes of this video, I'm sure you don't want to
stay on with me for like an hour today. So, let's start with YouTube channels.
Let's say you wanted to advertise on Tai Lopez's channel, okay? You just type in
Tai Lopez. You would select his channel and there we go, okay? Set our maximum CPV
bid at 10 cents. And we would select whatever video I want to market. Let's
say I want to market my video “How to gracefully quit a job you hate.” So, I'm
just going to highlight that. I'm going to copy it. Paste it in here. Where the most
volume is on YouTube is in these in-stream ads. These ones that interrupt
people. If you want to create a business that does six figures a month and be a
cool kid, you'll do in-stream ads. Video discovery ads are the ones that show up
in the search bar or in the suggested video on the right side sometimes. There
isn't much traffic in those ways. I don't even know if you can build a 6-figure
business as an affiliate in those areas. Then you would set up whatever URL
you're going to. And that's really it. You know, you type in your the website you
wanted to go to. And you just click Save and continue. And voila! There you go. Very
easy to set up YouTube ads. I hope that was helpful.
Woo! So, you just learned how to create a YouTube ad. And just to summarize
everything. You first created an ad. You want to have a Hook. A strong cook with a
pattern interrupt. Some sort of thing to catch people's attention the first 5
seconds. You want to have a story. Best storytelling format is before and after.
You know I went from this and I used this product or service and I got this
result. And you tell that story basically 5 different times. You tell in one
sentence, 2 sentences and 4 sentences. 2 sentences then one
sentence again. And you use a call-to-action. You tell them what to do
in the final steps of the ad, okay? We did a count setup. You have to set up Google
Ads account and a YouTube account or YouTube channel. Then you set up your ad.
And I went through all those settings. I went through kind of quick. So hopefully
you can get all that. You can follow along the steps. Let me know in the
comments below if this was helpful, okay? I
spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on YouTube ads. I haven't seen anybody do
a video like this. But let me know if this helped you or what you're going to
advertise, okay? And also, what you'd like to see me shoot next if you want more
information on this particular topic. Like this video if you got some value.
And also subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos on how to do
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