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so i honestly never dreamed in a million years that i would be making a video with this kind of title 9 500 a month on etsy it still just doesn't even seem real now i know so many people post these videos with these huge numbers and then you watch the video and it either ends up really being too good to be true or it's just blown way out of proportion so i want to go ahead and let you know this is not one of those videos over the past three years we've averaged just a little bit over 9 500 a month in our etsy shop so i want to unpack the top three factors that i believe played a major role in getting us there i want to show you that it's totally possible and that with the right strategies you can see success on etsy too so grab your favorite cup of coffee or tea and let's get into it [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey friends welcome back to the channel if you're new here and if we haven't met yet i'm kate i'm a wife mom etsy seller and business coach and i am on this channel to help you start and scale your online business so that you can make a full-time income doing what you love if you're into small business strategy entrepreneurial tips or etsy selling you're in the right place all right just so you have a quick recap of our etsy business journey we opened up our etsy shop in 2015 and landed in the top one percent of all etsy shops a few years later but really it wasn't until 2019 when our shop skyrocketed and we saw incredible growth over the last three years from march 2019 to march 2022 our shop has averaged just over 9 500 a month in revenue now of course our shop just like every shop on etsy had peak seasons and slower seasons each year so this amount that i'm giving you as an average when you take into account our total revenue over the three years and you average it out monthly also i want to make sure it's really clear that this number i'm talking about is revenue not profit so revenue is the total amount that we got from all the sales that came in from our shop before accounting for our expenses and material costs so it's not profit it's actually the total revenue so i always like to reverse engineer and ask what went right and what were the top things that contributed to the success that we've seen i boiled it down to three main points so these are the three top things that we did as a shop that i believe led to us getting to this point now before we go any further if you know me at all you know that i can never talk about our numbers without giving glory and credit to the lord it's a super personal thing sharing with the world these numbers and what we've made in our business but i'll just say this from the very beginning we dedicated our work to the lord and i believe he's honored that it doesn't look the same for everyone but i know that none of this would have been possible if it weren't for his guidance and provision in our life okay let's hop right into factor number one which is that we run a business that is data driven what i mean by data driven is that we don't just guess and throw things up on our shop hoping for success we use data and we research to figure out what we should be offering and to evaluate every so often to see if we need to make a pivot here or there depending on what's working and what's not so i like to think of this in two main parts the first part is actually validating the type of product you want to offer before putting it up on your shop you're confirming that the product type you want to sell is actually in demand and actually is profitable on etsy so like i said you're not just guessing and you're also not just making something that you like in your style though you do want to stay true to your brand but you can't just make what you like and assume everyone else is shopping for that and wants to buy it on etsy you really have to find out what is in demand even if it's not your personal style and what things are trending and what things have gone out so we not only research to find a profitable product idea but also a trending style idea so one example of this is let's say a font style so different fonts come and go are trending and then they kind of go out and something new comes in so in some recent research i did i found that a predicted trend for font styles this year in 2022 is like 60s theme so think hippie groovy those kind of fonts are going to be really popular this year now is that my favorite kind of font to use in general no not really my style but am i thinking about using that in some of my products absolutely because that is what's trending this year and that is what people are looking for that is what's going to be more and more in demand now there's a lot of different ways you can do this product research but i'm just going to mention two today to get you started so the first one it's on etsy just using the predictive phrases when you type in a keyword on the etsy search bar to see what is currently being searched and popular now so think of a keyword phrase that you might be using for your product go ahead and type it in the search bar on etsy and see what results come up on the first and second pages once you look at those results for that keyword phrase you're gonna look for that little yellow bestseller or popular now badge underneath the listing that'll give you a clue as to which of those listings are really doing well and are currently selling consistently you're just going to take note of what elements you're seeing over and over again repeated in these listings and what could i incorporate into my products that i'm going to offer and make it even better than what's already being offered now the next way you can do this is to use a tool that i love called everbee this can either be free or paid they have different plans available but i'm going to show you exactly how you can use everbee to do product research i do want to thank everybody for sponsoring this portion of today's video i just think this resource is so valuable for etsy sellers whether you're just starting out or whether you're a seasoned seller that's trying to scale your business okay so everb is a chrome extension so when you install it and you go to etsy you'll see this sidebar so what we're going to do is type in a keyword phrase that we might be thinking of using for our product i'm just going to say baby beanie hats for this example and so once you get the results up you can come over here and click analytics and everb will show you the analytics for that term baby beanie hats so it's populating all the listings that have used that keyword phrase and it's going to give you some really valuable information so you can compare and get some data from these listings so it'll show you the main listing photo it'll tell you the product name on that listing it will say the shop name the price how many favorites that listing has the estimated total sales for that listing the estimated monthly sales for that listing and the estimated monthl

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