How I find my niche so you can find your niche too

For years I struggled with how to find my niche, and now I'll save you from the same years of struggle.

Taken from The Easy Peasy Newbie Guide, which shows you how to find your niche, quickly.

We use a 4-step ‘niche profitability’ checklist:

Keyword research
Search engine result pages (SERPs)
Online marketplaces
Social media / community

What is keyword research?

Finding the terms that people are searching for
How many people are searching for it
How much competition exists

So why do we look at search engine result pages?

To see if adverts are being purchased
How many competing websites exist?
What type of websites?
Which words & phrases are being used?

What to look out for on marketplaces:

What format are the products?
How much are they being sold for?