How I Built 7 Income Sources That Make $163,800 Per Month

Here’s exactly how I built 7 income sources that generate $163,800 per month – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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My goal is for this to be helpful because I’m going to explain EXACTLY how much I make from everything, how I built up that business, and why I’m doing what I’m doing. Don’t focus so much on the end number, but instead, the processes to get there – and the philosophies behind it

FIRST: YouTube Ad Revenue.
This is something I NEVER imagined could be a reality, but here we are…and this single channel alone is now generating over $100,000 per month. That’s with no employees, no overhead expenses, no advertising…it’s just me, a camera, my garage, and computer…that’s it. I do 100% of what you see here, I just have a TON of fun doing this, and realize how unbelievable it Is to make so much money working on something you love doing.

SECOND: The Graham Stephan Show.
Here is a very obvious plug if you want to go subscribe there, I’m posting every other day I don’t post on this main channel – so between these two channels, I’m posting every single day. And I’m really happy to say that in the FIRST month of posting on The Graham Stephan Show channel, it made just over $15,000…in ONE month, THE FIRST MONTH, with less than 20 uploads total…that’s just INSANE.

THIRD: Two programs – The Real Estate Agent Academy and The YouTube Creator Academy
So far, this year, it’s paid off to tune of $23,500 averaged per month in 2019. Again, that’s with no overhead, I don’t advertise it…I just place it in the description, or I might do the occasional coupon code every now and then…and that’s it. Here’s my philosophy behind it – if I’m going to sell a course like this, it NEEDS to be something I fully and completely stand behind – AND it needs to be worth MORE than what someone will pay for it. Like, I want you to get MORE value than what you pay ME…that way, I know you’ll be happy, I know you’ll come back for OTHER things I might offer in the future, and that means a better long term outcome for everyone.

FOURTH: Real Estate Agent Sales
Now so far, in 2019, I’ve sold $6.6 million worth of real estate between two properties…now due to my focus here on YouTube, I split this with a colleague who took over a portion of the work, so obviously I’m not taking the full 2.5% commission on $6.6 million. I also currently have a $5.5 million listing going up today, and another for $7.5 million home that I’m a co-listing agent on.

FIFTH: Net Rental Income
In 2011 and 2012, I bought three properties…it was two houses and a triplex. I kept saving my commissions as a real estate agent, and In 2016, I bought another house and fixed it up – then later rented it out. Then in 2017, I bought a duplex…and in 2018, I bought another duplex. All in all now, after paying 3 mortgages, expenses, taxes, everything…I’m left with about $4800 per month in NET income between the 6 properties.

SIXTH: Mortgage Equity Paydown
That also means that every month I’m slowly increasing my equity in the property, and with that, my net worth. In total from the 3 mortgages, I’m gaining about $2800 per month in equity on those properties to the point where after awhile, the mortgages will be paid off – the properties will be owned free and

SEVENTH: Savings Account Interest
I’m going to leave this one a little vague because I don’t want to paint a target on my back, but I’m saving up for another property right now and that money generates about $1700 per month in interest within a savings account. This isn’t going to be the case a year from now, but my whole thing is that I’ll just save away everything I make in a high yield savings account – and when I get enough, and find the right deal, I’ll buy a property.

EIGHT: Amazon Affiliates Commission.
This typically averages anywhere from $600 on the low end, to $1400 on the high end – but recently, it’s averaged about $1000 per month.

And I really want to thank you again for all of your continued support, because if it wasn’t for you, none of this would be possible…and in return, I promise to always be honest, always try to do my best to provide something of value, and hopefully we can all make more money together and be super mega rich one day off 20 cent iced coffee, and hitting the like button!

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