Google Ads (AdWords) Tutorial 2021 [Step-by-Step]

you want to learn how to run google ads moving into 2021 but you're not sure where to start in this video i'm going to show you how my team generates over 300 leads every single month on total autopilot at less than three dollars a lead i'm gonna walk you through step by step from start to finish how to set up and optimize your google ads so you can get the best return on your investment so keep watching hey my name is eric and i help realtors and entrepreneurs level up their businesses online in this video we're going to talk all about google ads and why you should consider using them in 2021 because it's one of the most underrated places to run your ads and it's a cornerstone to many of my businesses everyone usually defaults to facebook and instagram ads when they think about advertising their business but there's a good reason why google search ads are something you should consider which i'm going to talk to you about in this video if at any point in this video you want to discuss with me and my team about having us run your google ads leave a comment below and i'm happy to get in touch if you like content like this and you're looking to level up your business online consider subscribing so you don't miss any content as soon as i put it out so you can be the first to watch it so let's get into this video so the first thing i want to go over today is the why behind google ads and i want to give you an analogy to help explain why i'm so bullish on google ads and why i think the narrative is changing about the go-to place to advertise now facebook and instagram ads is everyone's default as i mentioned now why is that because they use those platforms daily and they see ads daily and they just think that's where the eyes are and that's true that is where the eyes are but today google and youtube are still the largest search engines in the world so there's a lot of eyes in those places but there's not as many advertisers capitalizing on those places because facebook and instagram ads as you know is a very saturated place to market today doesn't mean it doesn't work i use facebook and instagram ads i spend tons of money on them myself and they do work but i think you should consider adding google ads to your repertoire and the reason is very simple now when you think about facebook and instagram ads when you're putting an ad in front of someone it's kind of like driving down a highway and seeing billboards on the side of the highway the billboards are ads on facebook or instagram okay so you're driving on the highway you've got your partner beside you you're listening to music your kids in the back it's a very busy distracting place and that's exactly what facebook and instagram is it's a busy and distracting place you got your news feed you got your sidebars you have ads all over the place uh you have comments you have messenger you have lots of stuff going on and it's really hard to pay attention to ads and what are people doing when they're scrolling through facebook and instagram well they're bored generally so your job as a marketer is to stop them in their tracks and make sure you can grab their attention which is for many people a really hard thing to do now when you're driving down this this theoretical highway and you're seeing these billboards the only reason you're seeing those billboards is because of the location you're in or some interests you've created online so things you've clicked on in the past things you've done online and people are targeting you based on those interests or maybe they're targeting you just because you're of a certain age or gender or you're in a certain location it doesn't mean you're actually interested in whatever that person is selling now put your hand up theoretically if you've seen an ad before that was completely irrelevant to you it happens every single day for all of us it's because you're kind of just taking a shot in the dark with facebook instagram as a lot of the time you're putting ads in front of people hoping you're hitting your audience but really it's like driving down a highway you're seeing billboards and it doesn't mean you're interested in whatever that billboard's selling you're generally just seeing that billboard because of wherever you're located or some characteristic about you now google ads on the flip side is a lot different because google ads is like a storefront there's more premeditation behind google ads let me explain why when you go into google and you search for something say you search for um a sony zv1 camera which is what i'm filming on right now then i'm gonna get ads for a sony zv1 camera now why is that different because i had some pre-meditation behind that i thought about a sony camera i went online and i googled it and say best buy's ad popped up now let me put that in a real estate context if i search homes for sale in vancouver which is where i'm from then my ad will pop up homes for sale in vancouver and that's our real estate team putting an ad in front of someone who's already gone through some kind of process in their head maybe they talked to their partner about buying or selling real estate maybe they had a little discussion and they don't have a go-to website to search for homes yet so they go homes for sale in vancouver and we put our ad in front of them they click on it they go to our website they sign up as a lead and then we ideally get in contact with them so there's a lot more pre-meditation that goes in to google ads because it's not just a shot in the dark you're putting a relevant ad in front of someone who's already gone through some pre-meditation and already gone in and searched for that exact thing so that's what i'm going to talk about in this video is how to actually run those kind of ads and that's why they're so beneficial is because there's pre-meditation you're targeting people based on keywords they're searching for which indicates that they're already interested in that exact thing if you're a real estate agent understand that this is zillow and's entire business model i have talked to employees at those companies and confirmed that most of their traffic comes from google so as you see here when you search in the in google and a search result comes up and zillow in the us are always going to rank really high in canada it's like rew and same idea but what happens is someone goes into google they search homes for sale in vancouver zillow pops up they click on zillow they go to zillow's website and then they click contact agent zillow generates that lead and they sell it to their premier agents for 50 to 200 lead right now that's their most of their business model is just generating leads from google by having a high seo ranking selling those leads off to agents what we teach is how to take ads and put your ad above those companies in the search result so that they can click on your ad for you know pennies on the dollar oftentimes 30 40 50 cents a click and then we get leads for three four five dollars and instead of paying zillow and relying on them for 50 to 200 a lead we're paying four to five dollars for our own lead and the best part is it's an asset we're in control of so that's why google ads are important that's why you should pay attention during this video so put distractions away what i'm going to teach you today there's a lot of gold in this and i've put a lot of energy into making this video so we can go through every aspect of this training to make you understand fully how to set up a good ad campaign and actually three ways that you can fully optimize it as well so let's get into the tutorial alright everyone let's get into the actual tutorial now the first thing you're going to want to do when you're talking about google ads is you're going to go to and you can see that right up in my browser right here so just go if you're new to google completely it's going to show you a page that looks like this you're just going to go ahead and hit that start now button really really simple it's going to get you to actually log in with your google account if you're not already if you are you can just click new google ads account and it's going to take you through the process of actually setting up a new account now one of the really annoying things about google ads is that it makes you actually go through and set up an ad right away but there is a way around this that i'm going to show you so if you go to the bottom here and you see are you a professional marker switch to expert mode just click on that and it'll actually skip the ad creation process you actually have to click it again here you go create an account um without a campaign so you don't have to go through the process of creating an ad straight away when you create an account so just go ahead and click that and then that will actually just guide you into your billing country and your billing currency hit submit no don't send me performance tips google thank you and then you're all done and you can go explore your account if you already have a google account which you might you might already be in a place that looks like this make sure when you're here you click on tools and settings and then you click on switch to expert mode there'll be a little thing up here it says switch to expert mode you're going to want to do that because um then you're actually going to get all of the options that google gives you in terms of setting up your ad if you're not in expert mode it's just going to limit you in every way possible so just to make it simple but you don't want to do that so make sure you switch to x mode then you're going to see a screen like this the reason you want to do that is because if you go through the process of setting up an ad first it actually doesn't give you all the tools you need to set up a really well-structured ad so essentially what i want to do here is i'm just going to go over to one of my accounts here that i have set up for my real estate team locally here so when you actually run ads you're going to see something like this you're going to see a dashboard and you're going to see some data so for me i like to see clicks conversions cost per conversion and cost and it's going to show me my data over time so for the last you know this month so far we've generated 47 leads at 4.83 a conversion for these two guys that i'm doing some lead generation for so um basically in here is where you want to start now if you want to create a new campaign you're just going to hit this new campaign button right here and then it's going to guide us through the process similar to how you would in the beginning but we're doing it straight from the ad account and we're actually going to get a few more options available to us so go ahead and hit new campaign then what you're going to do is you're going to want to select what your objective is so for me i'm in real estate generally what we're going to do here is we're going to select website traffic or you can select leads either one works we usually select website traffic because we actually collect those leads on our website right so first thing you're going to want to do before you do a campaign like this if you're trying to collect leads on your website you're actually going to want to set up your conversions so i'll link to a video here where you can actually find out how to set up conversions it's a little technical so i'm not going to go into it in this video but if you actually watch that video you'll know how to set up your conversion of goals you can do it through analytics and import it into your ad account or you can do it directly in your ad account what it does is it connects your website to your ad account so that you know which ads are actually creating leads or conversions or purchases or whatever it is that you're trying to accomplish so conversion's really important for the sake of this ad i'm not actually going to set it up just because it's a little technical now so i'm going to click website traffic then i'm going to select my campaign type now this video is about search ads so i'm not going to go into the other types of ads there's display ads which is those ads that show up in blogs and articles as you read through them there's shopping ads which is when you search for a product and it shows like best buy pops up with like a product and then there's video which is youtube ads and discovery which is a variety of other places to show an ad so we're going to select search and that's it now what i'm going to do here is just give you an example if i was running an ad for this team so our website is and then you just put in your website whatever it is and we'll go ahead and hit continue now um essentially what you're going to do is you're going to name your website so for us i would normally do like a buyer search campaign for real estate or like i would just do the name so let me just do my name here eric preston and then essentially what i'm going to do is i'm going to deselect display network it wants to show your ad under display network network as default but it's a lot harder to get a return on investment on display network advertising you have to have a little bit more strategy behind it and it's great it's a great tool for retargeting and stuff like that which you can do on google if you're not familiar with it already i know most of you probably know by now you can do that on facebook but google offers a lot of tools where you can do good retargeting there as well so anyways what you're going to want to do here is show more settings and then basically you can set a start and end date to your campaign for most of you you're actually just going to run this campaign um as is in an ongoing basis with with google you can only set a daily budget so you basically set a daily budget and you optimize it and you leave it and that's the beauty of google ads is it's mostly automated once you set it up so anyways locations is a really important point i want to make here you're going to want to select location options and for me it's going to populate all countries and territories or canada because i'm in canada you can also enter another location and that could be as small as you know vancouver bc uh which is where i live so you can just target that location now a lot of people get confused here because they think oh if i just target vancouver then i'm just just targeting people in vancouver but that's not actually the default setting because if you go down below here it'll say who do you want to target people in or who show interest in your location which is recommended and i actually recommend that too or people in a regularly in your targeted location so this really depends on what kind of business you have for realtors and real estate i would say people in or show interest in your target locations because if someone's searching for homes in vancouver but they're from toronto that's okay they might be relocating to vancouver so we want to get your ad in front of them and we actually find in real estate that those leads are actually more willing to engage with us because they don't they aren't local they don't know anyone here they often don't have a realtor or have a friend who has a realtor so in real estate i generally recommend that you want to do people in or who show interest in your target locations now if you're selling a physical product or your restaurant you definitely don't want to do that you definitely only want to do people in or regularly in your target locations because if you're a restaurant trying to get people through the door uh you obviously don't want to be targeting people that are you know a eight-hour flight away so just be cognizant of what this actually means so i'll just show you how i generally set this up uh generally i do people in or who show interest in your target locations and i'll target say vancouver if that's where i'm selling real estate now what that means is anyone around the world searching homes for sale in vancouver for example is going to see my search ad now essentially what you can do with this is you can start excluding certain locations so you're not going to get the option here but i'm going to show you how to do it later where you can actually exclude locations and you can actually generate a user location report so you can see where people are clicking on your ad around the world and if there's like a ton of people clicking on your ad in like india for example and you're like what is that all about there might be a click farm you might be getting fake clicks so you could actually exclude india for example so like common ones people would exclude are like india china bangladesh some of those countries where you do find some click farms more often but like i do have clients who are from india and they want that traffic from india as well because they can create a bit of a deeper connection with that lead right off the bat especially in real estate when they speak a common tongue so um just some things to think about in terms of locations okay so you're gonna leave it as people in your excluded locations and then we can add excluded locations a bit later if you speak a second language you're going to want to enter it here for sure because google knows what language people use google in obviously and they're going to actually show your ad to people who speak that language another great thing in real estate especially is if you do speak a second language and maybe it's your your actual first language and you you are an immigrant for example um i would always put your language in here and i'd actually recommend creating an ad campaign in that language because like i have a client for example uh in miami and they're french and so we run ads in france for people searching for homes in miami and so what that does is they've basically taken majority of the traffic from france of anyone searching for homes in miami and what happens is they're able to create an immediate connection a relationship with them because they speak the same language right so that's something to consider as well is actually running the ad in your language and running it in your home country as well so in that case you would choose like target locations france people in a regular in your target locations and then you target the keywords like homes for sale in miami so i'm going to break down how to actually do that in the next section here but before i do that there's one important part here which is audiences now it's going to show me recently selected audiences in here that i've used in this account so for me i'm going to this is something called in-market audiences so this is like a group of people that that google knows essentially um have taken some sort of actions on the internet uh that would put them in a bucket of people that are interested in new apartments for sale or new houses for sale or are homeowners so this is like people who've elicited specific behaviors online that would indicate that they're a homeowner so what you can do is you can actually target homeowners now there's two ways you can do this uh generally for us i would do all of these categories so apartments for sale houses for sale residential properties for sale homeowners so these are all relevant for real estate i wouldn't do anything for rent if i did like houses um something like this there'll be some houses for rent so those are people that have been on google looking for rental properties but we just want for sale because we're targeting in real estate now there's lots of other categories you can go into here you can see like who they are with their demographics this is very similar to facebook targeting by the way so you can see parental status you can target parents people of certain educations just be mindful that there are some restrictions around this within housing employment and financial opportunities so that's a new rule that came out just recently where you're not going to be able to do all of this with those limitations so now if you want to really target a specific audience this is a great tool for you you can do it based on their habits so again if you've used facebook ads this is very very similar you can find audiences in here that are avid investors that are often big diners or coffee shop regulars these are things that people search for on google that google attaches to their profile and says this person often searches for fine dining for example uh this person often uh is very interested in the news they read the news all the time could be a number of things now it just depends on what your product is if you want to target these people in real estate it makes sense for people to target people that have been searching for properties recently now there's two ways you can do this one is targeting so this is actually going to narrow your audience down to show only to people that are in these buckets okay and then there's observation now this is what i'd actually recommend because with google search you're generally targeting people based on keywords that the keywords that they put into google so when someone puts in homes for sale in miami into google we can assume that they're somewhat interested in buying or selling a property and that's one of the best things about google is there's some pre-meditation behind what they're actually doing they're basically telling you that they're interested in homes so that's why i talked about google is like a storefront there's some pre-meditation going into it whereas facebook's kind of like a highway where there isn't so anyways uh generally what you're going to want to do is observation and what this does it's not going to narrow your reach but it's going to observe if these people in these buckets are actually generating better results then it's going to start spending more money in those buckets if that makes sense so anyway that's in terms of targeting and you can combine audiences you can do a whole lot of stuff in here and feel free to play around with this and explore with it but don't get too crazy about it especially if you're relying heavily on keywords um so i'm gonna go observation i'm gonna select my big categories and then i'm gonna move on uh first of all you're just gonna set your budget so say i wanna do ten dollars a day a good starting budget is like five or ten dollars a day it really depends on what you're able to spend a lot of my clients we start with five or 10 or even 20 if they're looking to spend a little bit more generally what happens by the way with your budget is things will be more expensive at first while google optimizes your ads to show to the right people so just be wary that like our cost per click generally starts like one dollar to 1.50 and we get all the way down to like 30 cents over the course of the first few weeks so anyways the next thing you're gonna do is uh do your bidding so a lot of people what they'll do in a lot of agencies what they'll do is they'll just optimize for clicks okay so that's really shallow if you optimize for clicks uh basically you're you know you're not going to get much data in terms of what the click actually does after they click on your ad so generally what will happen is it'll show you how many clicks you get but you don't know you know if they went to your website and just bounced and left or if they actually went to your website and converted into a lead or a purchase or an add to cart or whatever it is so you're going to actually generally want to select conversions okay now like i said before i haven't actually set up conversions well i have for this ad account so i can do this but i didn't show you how to do it so again there's another video where you're going to learn how to set up conversions uh it's a little more technical and you can set a cost per action if you are say an e-commerce and you can only spend 20 per purchase you can go ahead and tell google that the max i want to spend or roughly i want to spend is like 10 per action if your conversion objective of this ad is a purchase for us for a lead i don't want to i don't want to set a target cost per action usually i just use maximize conversions and that gets me the lowest cost per lead at least what i've found in my own testing so keep it simple just go with conversions and that's really all you're going to want to do now in here if you click hide more open more settings you're going to see what the conversion objective is so my conversion action is website signup i already have that set up right um you can have multiple perch multiple conversions in there like purchases add to carts all that kind of stuff and then you're what you're going to do is add rotations for this is more for advanced marketers but if you have a series of ads and you want them all to rotate evenly at the beginning you can go do not optimize and it'll rotate your ads through evenly because generally with google ads you're going to create you know one to three different ads per ad group so um generally you want to leave optimized best performing ads especially if in this campaign your goal is more or less the same you want google to optimize for whatever ads getting them best cost per lead or best cost per purchase or whatever it is so the next part is you can add extensions to your ads so um as i mentioned before uh when you're doing at google ads uh you're showing up at the top of the search now when you show up higher up in the search you'll actually have extensions on that ad now with ad extensions i actually wouldn't recommend setting them up right here in the ad okay i'm actually going to get you to wait until later after we publish the ad to go in and add extensions to it but just to give you a context for what an extension is if i go over here to homes for sale in vancouver and i search this into google this is actually one of our ads these links below the ad are actually what extensions are right so these are location extensions so it says search vancouver houses updated listings 24 7. and then it says new fairview new east fan new gas town listing so they're just areas of vancouver so if i click on that link there it'll take me to a specific page or specific search result of houses for sale in vancouver uh this one would be east van it will show me the newest listings first then you can also do excuse me uh price extensions where you can actually have you know downtown vancouver from 450 thousand dollars west vancouver from eight hundred thousand east vancouver from 330. so you can put price extensions in there as well this is great for e-commerce or anything else um where people are actually purchasing something or shopping is you can have price extensions that'll tell you the price of different items right in the ad now why does this work so well is because people will often get caught by this ad and be like oh yeah like um i was actually looking in east banner i was looking in kitsilano or gastown or wherever it is or maybe they're looking for a specific product and your product pops up there and they're like oh yeah perfect and they click on that product generally google will optimize your ads better this way and you'll get higher lower cost per clicks okay so anyway that's what extensions are but i'm gonna go back to the ad account and i'm just gonna go save and continue here okay so now we're on to keywords uh this is really important so i want to stop here and explain how keywords work for a minute um but basically you're going to create an ad group now so we've gone from the campaign to the ad group and then next we're going to go into the ad okay so the campaigns all your settings and all that stuff the ad groups all your kind of like keywords and that kind of thing and then the ad is actually like the text and the copy and all those things that you're actually going to see on the ad so for this ad group name i would just name it uh by location so for me it would be vancouver and then google's actually going to suggest a whole bunch of keywords here for you now i would highly recommend uh questioning if these keywords are actually right for you because they're just going to recommend a whole ton now these are pretty good actually based on what i've seen before and i think they're recommending them from my ad account and what i've done before but a lot of times what you'll see in these keywords is you'll just see things like homes for sale okay now that's tricky because if someone in vancouver searches homes for sale they might actually be looking in toronto or new york and it doesn't mean they're searching for homes in vancouver so you don't want your ad if you're a vancouver real estate agent to show up in that specific case so the reason is is because if you don't put any um quotations around this it's what something called broad match so there's three types of keywords there's broad match um phrase match and then exact match so broad match means if i if i put my keyword if i start bidding on my keyword homes for sale then google will show your ad to anyone who searches for anything remotely close to homes for sale so you could put in homes for sale and you someone could type in mls listings boston and your ad might show up now you don't want your ad to show up because if they click on it then you're going to pay for that click and you just paid for a click for someone searching for homes in boston when you're actually in vancouver so generally with real estate i always actually just use broad match and i actually use the city that i'm targeting okay the reason is because i want to make sure that anyone around the world can search for homes for sale in vancouver and my ad is going to show up i just want to make sure that they actually typed in the city or the location that i work in so that i can guarantee that when anyone someone types that in my ad is actually relevant to them because if you just put in homes for sale or you just put in mls listings you just put in realtor stuff like that you're going to get people searching for like realtor new mexico or something like that in some far away location and you're going to be paying for those clicks and if you're not savvy with google and you don't know where to find what people are actually searching for when your ad showing up you might be spending a lot of money for no reason at all so these are actually quite good suggestions but you know i have set keywords that i've used and optimized and tested that i'm just going to pull over here from a spreadsheet so i have a bunch of stuff in here that i usually use and you can kind of work from this if you want but basically what i do is city town homes for sale city apartments city condos real estate for sale mls city so this would look you just replace city with vancouver now if you want a copy of this leave a comment below and i'll send you a copy of our uh google ads keywords and you can kind of just use that as a reference point so basically you go in and you put in you know you just copy and paste vancouver into here and then i do city state so for us would be vancouver bc property for sale in vancouver bc now if you're targeting sub areas around your area then you'd put those in here as well so i might do like uh north vancouver real estate for sale would be a sub area and i could do that for the purposes of this i'll just leave it and say we're just going with vancouver so that's what i would do in terms of your keywords uh you want to make sure everything's very relevant to your search results so you know if people type in vancouver condos for sale are they actually going to get a link to condos well that's what good site link extensions are for too i showed you some cylinder extensions by location but your site link extensions can actually be like condos for sale or town homes for sale or something like that so if someone types in vancouver townhomes for sale and they see a link underneath my ad so imagine instead of this here's here's a good example vancouver homes townhomes condos so if i search condos for sale and i see homes for sale in vancouver and then i see condos underneath then that's perfect i can click on that and i'll actually go through and select condos now we have this in our ad as well but we have a bunch of sub areas in there as well and both work well what you'll see is most people do do the townhomes condos home so i find it's a little overdone and i like to do the areas instead but i actually do both so that they get google can actually test both and see which work because in every market it's going to be different so back to our keywords that's all you're going to do for keywords uh if you're struggling with what keywords to use and you have a business you can actually type in your website here and google will actually recommend to you keywords that um you can use now just be careful you can actually do something called negative keywords as well it's not going to give you the option necessarily right here but basically what you can do it later is you can add negative keywords so for us what we generally do is add things like rent and price so if anyone types in price or rent into their their google search our ad won't show up the reason is because like people are searching for vancouver real estate prices they're just kind of curious that to me that sounds like they're a looky loo if they search for um for rent then it doesn't mean they're looking to buy they're looking to rent so uh there are words like that and i actually have those in that spreadsheet if you want to link to it leave a comment below and i'll send it to you okay so now we're on to actually the creation of the ad itself so this is where we're going to choose uh the destination that people are going to get to when they click on your ad and we're going to choose all of the copy that we're going to use in the ad itself so in that spreadsheet i have examples of some of the ads that we like to run so feel free to use those but please modify them don't copy them exactly but basically what you're going to want to do is go to your website and find out where you actually want to send people generally for e-commerce you're going to want to send people to the store so they see products they can click on right away for us in real estate for example we want to send people to a search result so i like to send people to a sub-area location so if i was in vancouver i would send them to a page that looks like this search vancouver real estate new vancouver listings and it gives them a list of properties that they can click on right away and when they click on one of those properties it forces them for their information and then we can actually follow up with them to try to add value to their real estate search and try to acquire them as a client so that's the idea now my motto is a lead is worth as much as your ability to add value to their home buying or selling process if you're in real estate so keep in mind that when you generate leads like this you've got to come from an approach of adding value to their search to their life to whatever it is because at the end of the day you're a stranger and that's why you need places online where people can go to actually look you up such as google my business a facebook business page an instagram page where people can go and check you out and validate you through these social platforms with reviews and other things like that so that they might their likelihood of actually engaging with you is much much higher so i'm basically going to go to my website here and find a page like this why your vancouver i like to create pages like this you can also do it this way where you actually run just to a search result and generally i would do newest listings first so this is the easy way to do it you can just run them to a generic search result and you'll see when you get to this website it looks very generic people don't know there's a real estate team behind it and that's actually helps your conversion rate so most people will drive it to a drive traffic to a site like this where it's just a search result they can click on properties right away i'm logged in here but normally it'll force me for their information right there so anyways um that's what i'm gonna put in here as my uh final url because i know i've tested this by the way that these pages work a little better and the reason is because there's continuity and i like to talk about continuity a lot with google ads because it's really important what i mean by continuity is whatever people search in google so say vancouver homes for sale and whatever your ad says so it should say search vancouver homes for example and whatever your landing page says whatever page they land on should all be more or less the same and have continuity because if you don't have that you're going to get high bounce rates so if i search homes for sale in vancouver the ad says homes for sale in vancouver and i get to this page and says search vancouver real estate there's photos of vancouver and it says new vancouver listings and the listings say vancouver there's continuity between all those pieces which is really really really important so cannot stress that enough whatever business you're in whatever market you're in doesn't matter continuity in your ads is super important or you get high bounce rates you get a low quality score and google stops showing your ad to people for um as often and it actually starts showing your ad for slightly more of a cost because google wants to make sure that the ads they're showing people are relevant if they're not relevant and of high quality you know if your website's really slow if people are always leaving your website they're not taking any action on your website google's just gonna stop showing your ad at some point because they don't want their users to be getting ads that are totally useless to them so it's important that you have quality behind your advertising anyway so what i'm going to do here is uh put it in wi-fi home search vancouver then i'm going to use three different headlines for my first ad so it's going to get you to create two text ads and then one responsive search ad okay so text ads are static they always show up in the same way responsive search ads you can put a variety of headlines in there and they'll actually rotate through all of the headlines and find the best combinations i'm going to show you some tips and tricks on how to actually do this properly so generally what i would do here is i like to do vancouver property search and i have this in that i have this in that spreadsheet by the way live mls search or you can do fast fast and free real estate search and then i like to do however many homes are for sale so if i go back to this page here i can see um if i search vancouver i can see that there's 4221 properties total so i can do 4 221 homes for sale so you'll notice what there's something i did that you may have noticed or may not but i have different words in each headline so vancouver property search fast and free real estate search and then 421 homes for sale what a lot of people do is vancouver home search fast and free home search uh something homes for sale and they use the word home three times but people are going to be searching using the word property home real estate it depends so you want to have as many of those terms in there as possible now the display path here is where you actually want to show up over here on the ad so usually i go vancouver which is the actual url for some of you you might want to do if your website is like uh smith real estate team you can go search vancouver right but my search already is in the url so i don't need to add search again so for me i would just put vancouver then we're going to do in the description is i actually have some descriptions in uh here i'm just gonna say plug and play this in here for example live mls feed updated every five minutes with automatically listening notifications includes homeschooling of townhomes land for closure properties for sale so it's actually going to default some pretty decent um actual descriptions in there you can leave them if you like them add some new ones in there if you want make them your own make them unique because that's the only way your ads going to stand out if you make it the same as everyone else's it's going to just look the same and you're going to get lower click-through rates so that's really it in terms of creating your ad it's really really simple you can see what your ad looks like on the right-hand side and there's a couple different versions of it sometimes it shows all three of the headlines sometimes a lot of the time actually it only shows two so make sure that when it shows two it actually looks good as well so then you're gonna go on you're gonna uh go done and create next ad and you're gonna take it to your next text ad and you create a different one okay but i'm actually gonna go into the responsive search ad just because i'm not going to create two text ads for you that's boring and show you a little bit about how this works so what i would do here is it's going to allow you to put in a bunch of different headlines okay so generally i do something like this vancouver property search then i do vancouver home search then i do like live mls search updated listings 24 7. now what i like to do is you can actually so what it'll do if you leave it like this is it'll actually rotate through all of those headlines over and over and over again to try to find the best combination now um essentially the issue with that is it's going to put in weird combinations like it's going to put in fast and free see how it shows you a preview on the right here like i don't like how that looks 420 homes for sale uh vancouver home search fast and free real estate i don't i don't think that looks very good because people are searching for vancouver home for sale so i think the first word should always be vancouver so you can scroll through here and it's going to show you all the random combinations that it could show things in here like um save your search for example and you put in new listings something like that then if eventually you're gonna get an ad that just says you know 420 homes for sale live mls search save your search so those combinations don't make sense be cognizant of that and what you want to do is you can actually pin each headline in a specific location so i'll usually pin vancouver property search vancouver home search and you can do vancouver mls search and you can pin these in the first position then you can pin the second ones in the second position meaning they will always show up in the second position only and uh then they will rotate accordingly so the four two two one homes for sale will only show up in the third position but it'll rotate through those third positions and eventually it'll figure out the best combination of those depending on the audience so i like to actually pin them in their locations so that they don't move around too too much because you you don't get weird combinations that way especially if you use things like save your search save your search criteria for example um i would always pin that in like position three and you can do it'll also suggest some things down here um i don't really like any of these but uh if you do something like this banker bc homes for sale that's not a bad one pin it in the first position but make sure you go through here and you and you think it looks good in every different combination um because you don't want those strange combinations like that so keep it simple don't make this too complicated um but make sure you are using some kind of logic in terms of your headlines that looks good and looks like people will actually click on it you want to make sure you're you know showcasing the value of whatever it is they're going to get so if you have a discount opportunity in e-commerce that's a great thing to do if you have an offer for something like free home evaluation like you might want to put that in there if you want have some sale or some special of some kind you might want to put that in your headline too and if you want it to show up often and in a pin position then make sure you pin it in that position same thing goes for the descriptions you can actually pin their locations as well but there's only two descriptions so in here you get to put in four descriptions so you can put in four whatever makes sense for you they're not the biggest deal they're just going to show up underneath the ad a lot of people aren't going to read them but generally i also have them in that spreadsheet but you can put in descriptions it's going to rotate those through and optimize and find the best one for you make sure you spend some time on your responsive search ad because that's the ad google's going to show most often it'll show your your text ads far far less often than your responsive search ads so you don't have to create three in here i can actually delete that one i didn't finish and then this one's in progress and uh google is basically going to give you ideas to make your headlines and descriptions more unique you can follow those those recommendations sometimes but at the end of the day like i've done a ton of testing and i wouldn't recommend taking every recommendation google makes because at the end of the day it's just a computer algorithm trying to tell you what its best guess is now um so anyway you can put in two descriptions here or you can put in four go ahead and put in four um generally uh you'll get a better result when you put in more options for google now uh then we're gonna click save and continue okay and that's really it it's gonna go to a quick review to make sure that everything you intended to do you've done but you're going to see here that it's going to recommend you create three ads because i only created two which is fine go ahead and do that i always create three ads myself your second text ad should be different than your first one that's a good way to split test if you want to split test different ads you can just do two text ads side by side and see which one performs better if you want to do them with the same budget you can do two duplicate campaigns because the budget is at the campaign level you can do two duplicate campaigns with exact same one ad and see which one performs better over a period of you know one to two to three weeks or whatever it may be so um everything looks good for me here you can go ahead and kind of look over everything and then i'm gonna hit publish okay so once you publish your ad will be live now i'm actually going to you know pause this because i don't actually want to run this ad but i just wanted to show you it as more or less an example now in this dashboard you're going to be able to see exactly if i go all campaigns here you'll be able to see you know your clicks your conversions your cost per conversions all of your data now one thing you're going to want to do i'm just going to show you how you might optimize your ad okay now before i do that though i'm going to go in and actually add some extensions so what i want to do for extensions is you go ads and extensions here and then you'll get the ads and extensions tab you're just going to go to extensions and then you're going to add whatever extensions you want in here so i showed you guys how to do price extensions and site link extensions so just follow along with what you saw on some of my ads but if you just go into the plus button here i can click site link extension and then it'll allow me to add my sitelink extension to the account campaign or ad group so generally for me i do ad group because my ad group is vancouver so i want all my extensions to be related to vancouver so i would do something like this vancouver condos and then i would do like maybe a sub area of vancouver you could do townhomes home something like that and then i would do like kitsilano new kit celino listings or just kid solano listings then what you do is you go to your website for example and i would deselect home and just do town homes and condos and then i'd take that link and i'd put that link in my final url and that's my link to vancouver condos on my site so it's gonna show up just like this underneath the ad vancouver condos uh you could even do for sale something like that uh make it unique make it your own as i always say kits atlanta you do the same thing and instead of doing condos you just choose a sub area kit solano go search take that link i usually like to do newest listings first on all the search results take that link go plug it in now you have a kitsilano sightling extension pretty pretty straightforward right um then you're gonna go save and those will be added to the ad group now if you're if you have a campaign with multiple ad groups and they all should have the same sitelink extensions then make sure you're adding your settings extension to the campaign because then it'll use it in every ad group but if you only add it to the ad group then it'll just use it in that ad group so for me with my campaign sometimes i have different areas so like i don't want a cycling extension vancouver condos popping up on an ad that says you know north vancouver homes for sale it doesn't make sense so something to keep in mind as well you can do call outs callouts are really simple they're just a little bit of text so you can do call out extensions you can do text like upsizers downsizers it's just clickable text that people will see in the ad okay structured snippets you can do for real estate anyway you can do uh neighborhoods so you can go in and put like um the header would be sorry the subheader type will be neighborhoods for real estate but you can go in and put like for schools degree programs courses brands models stuff like that it's just keywords that you think people might end up searching for and if they see that keyword in the little extension they might end up being more likely to click on your ad so then you can put in you know all the different neighborhoods that you want to put in and those will actually show up underneath your ad okay last one i'm going to talk about is uh price extensions uh that's another good one in real estate and you saw that in my ad price extensions show up like this uh condos from 255k homes from 259k so obviously that's incorrect uh there aren't really home vancouver detached homes for 259k so that tells me that that ad might have been made long time ago um but those are pricing extensions so you can go in here and you can put like uh luxury luxury homes from [Music] 2 million from 2 million single family luxury homes from and then you could have your link in here go to a search for two million dollar homes in certain luxury areas for example so use your judgment generally i do like in prices i do condos from x amount homes from x amount and then luxury homes from x amount is usually what i'll do but you need a minimum of three price extensions okay you also want to choose your currency and make sure that's correct so for us it'd be canadian now anyways that's a little bit about extensions let's talk about how to optimize your ads once they've been running so let me just give you an example of some ads that i've been running and i'll show you how to optimize them okay so let me just go to like this campaign here so basically the first thing you're going to want to do for campaigns uh to optimize them is check out the keywords that people are actually looking for so we're running ads here in surrey so uh one of the things you got to be careful is there's a very common popular place in england called suri so if you don't put surrey bc in our ads this is one of those things that's unique to this ad group is surrey is a big area in the suburb of vancouver but surrey's a huge area in england and a lot of people are searching for surrey homes they're searching for homes in england so i made sure i put suri bc so they know that it's surrey bc canada apartments or homes for sale when people are searching so you might go in and find right away that if you put in like saint paul as your city like you better put in st paul minnesota because there's a saint paul in almost every state now what you're going to want to do here is you can see my conversion so each keyword i was bidding on i have 5 here 7 here 4 here so on this one if i want to look at what's happened for these say these top three keywords you can select them or you can just select one and you can click search terms and it's going to show you what people actually typed into google when they uh when your ad popped up so i can see here that i got two clicks for homes for sale in surrey perfect houses for sale in surrey great surrey real estate foreclosure listings series sir real estate these are all accurate but you're going to find some in here that don't actually make sense so you want to make sure that um if there's any wonky keywords in here like it's like houses for sale in surrey uk for example then i'd want to add uk as a negative keyword so say for example this was uk so i'd say host for sale in surrey uk so i could click on this and i would go add as negative keyword and then i would actually put in instead of this here i would actually just put in uk with this square bracket around it and i would click save and it would add that as a negative keyword but only to this ad group okay so if you wanted to add it to the campaign you could do that as well so then i'd put in uk now i've already done that as you can see i'll go into negative keywords here you'll see i already have uk as a negative keywords some other negative keywords you want to add is like and you can just go into negative keywords and add them and that means if anyone types in that keyword your ad won't show up so i would go in and put uk news rent rent rent how to for this one england like i said um so make sure that you're avoiding all of those search terms that aren't right for you um so that's basically keywords if you're finding there's any keywords in here um that are generating bad search results or the ones that are getting really really high cost per conversions then you can actually go ahead and pause them if they're not working for you if they're too expensive pause them and put your budget more towards the search terms that are generating you the right results so if you want to look at all of the search terms that have happened for all your keywords just select all and then go search terms and you can see all of the things people have searched for when they actually clicked on your ad so you can make sure because whenever someone clicks you pay right so this has two clicks at 54 cents per click this is one click at 27 cents per click so this isn't a crazy amount of data i'm only looking at this month for this one ad group for this one person but you can kind of get an idea of what's really expensive and what's not and make sure you're focusing on the right one so the first one is keywords you can pause keywords and you can make sure you're adding negative keywords so you're avoiding bad search terms okay so that's one way you can optimize your ads straight away the second way is you can actually go into locations and you can get a user location report okay now what you're going to find in here is everywhere that people were searching from when your ad popped up so i can see in the this month so far majority of my clicks were from canada okay now the second highest place is india third is south africa fourth is the u.s so those are all generally okay all of these countries speak english quite well my client here harge is actually or my team member i should say is actually from india originally so it's okay that we're running ads in india but for my other client like rick he is from south africa so we actually excluded india because india is one of those countries where you can get a decent amount of fake clicks for example um so it just depends on where you are and you can start if you're if you're noticing in here there's some countries that you're like man i don't really want to be paying for a whole bunch of clicks from this one country um just because you think there could be some click farms or maybe you think there might be a language barrier or whatever it is you can start excluding them okay so when i started with this one i was getting a bunch of stuff from the uk searching for surrey uk so i just excluded the uk it wasn't worth it for me to target the uk because i was getting too many bad clicks for people actually looking for homes in england right so i actually excluded uh the uk earlier in this month this is a newer account so anyway i hope that makes sense one of the ways is to do a user location report and add excluded locations to make sure that you know you're getting clicks from the area you want to get clicks from okay so that's really one way the last way you can actually optimize it's not the last way but it's one of the main ways is you can go down to devices here and you'll actually see the data behind what your lead cost is on different devices so generally for me i have a good grasp on what to do at the outset but there's mobile phones computers and tablets so you'll see here that on tablets i've only spent a dollar twenty not a big deal and four clicks but we've had zero conversions on computers i have spent fifty two dollars and got 12 conversions for 4.33 34 and then on mobile phones i've gotten 10 uh conversions at six dollars a piece so a little more expensive on wool phones so what i generally recommend with phones people are a little less committal on a phone uh so i usually bit adjust down and what that'll do is that actually spends slightly less money on your getting your ad in the in the auction uh because what you're doing when you're placing a google ad is you're trying to get your ad to rank in the search result above other people who are trying to get ads so i'll actually bid down a little bit on mobile phones now honestly you look at these conversion rates this is pretty common as computers were at 14 and mobile phones were at six so we're getting a lot more clicks on mobile phones the clicks are cheaper but we're getting a more expensive conversion so i've been adjusted down 25 percent i might change this actually to 50 because i actually want my ad to show up more often on computers than on phones because i'm getting a more or a cheaper cost per conversion my conversion rates higher people are likely staying on my website longer and there's probably a less lower bounce rate so that's one thing i would do in optimizing your ad is optimize for devices so check out your keywords check out the search terms check out your locations and your excluded locations then check out your devices and make sure your devices are in line now again if you're watching this and this seems like way too much for you leave a comment below and if you guys want to work with me and my team to actually go through and set all this up and manage it i know this can be intimidating to look at in some ways for sure like i totally get that there's a lot going on but if you follow these steps you'll be able to have some successful google ads and again if you're if you're looking to just have a conversation with me uh hit me up on social media or leave a comment below and i'm happy to chat with you about anything related to google ads i just gave an example for how you would set up a real estate campaign but the process is more or less the same for any industry you might be in i've helped people run ads in a variety of industries and it's all about making sure that you have the right keywords the right um keywords in your that you're bidding on and then the right keywords and phrases in your ad and then the right landing page that you're sending people to to make sure those things are in continuity because if they're not you're gonna get high bounce rates you're gonna get low quality scores you're going to get expensive conversions it's just not going to work it's going to fall apart and you might not find that you're getting a return on your google ads so make sure that those things are all in line and the process is more or less the same for whatever industry you're in there's a lot more things you can do with ecommerce with like google shopping ads and all that kind of stuff this video was was pretty much just about the search ads so i hope that helps and again let me know in the comments if you have any questions or you just want to connect i'm happy to chat alright everyone that wraps up today's google ads video i hope you really enjoyed yourself and you can actually put this stuff into practice as always smash that like button if you enjoyed this video hit that dislike button if you didn't either way it helps me create better content for you guys at the end of the day as always smash that subscribe button and the little bell if you want to get the be first to notified when i put out new content like this i've linked up two important videos that you should check out next if you want to see more content from me uh they're listed right here so if you want to check those out i will see you in those videos if not i'll see in the next one thanks for watching