Get Rich with ChatGPT Marketplace (7 Crazy Ways)

this is massive open AI just released their GPT store so listen to me very closely because with the GPT market place we're all at the crossroads of a massive opportunity so you can either seize it and probably get rich as quick as this year or watch it pass you by and let's be honest this would not be the first time you're sitting on the side lines would it so today I want to show you how you can make probably up to eight figures into 2024 with open ai's GPT Marketplace let me explain remember some years ago when Apple launched their App Store I know it was huge right but here's the full truth back then the iPhone was just picking up steam now think about this open eyes GPT Marketplace is stepping into a game with over 100 million active users already on board I mean it's like the app store's big moment but on steroids like a thousand times more literally this is not about catching a trend this is bigger than I can even explain in words okay so if we think that Apple's move created millionaires then imagine what gpt's Marketplace can do I mean I believe it is going to completely outdo that like totally knock it out of the park you know you've seen Tech waves come and go but I think this is truly a big one and it is literally knocking right at our door and here's a mind-blowing exercise that I did just a few hours ago think about this the marketplace currently has an addressable market so a total number of active users of 100 million imagine you create a GPT and then you sell it to 1% of this addressable Market yeah a million people and imagine you only charge $1 per month to these people there you go eight figures in just a year I mean it completely blew my mind and here's the even bigger secret you can train chat GPT to make gpts for you so in this video I want to show you seven GPT ideas that you can make even without a tech degree or a tech background number one let's talk about what you can do with gpts in the education space I mean the education sector is going through a massive digital transformation and obviously AI is leading this change so what I'm imagining is that we can tap through gpts into a market that is expected to reach $400 billion by 2025 so I believe it's worth looking into it okay so the idea that I have and that I'd like to share with you is creating GPT models that are designed to become personal tutors okay that they can help students no matter the age learn either languages or grasp complex subjects and do that even in natural natural language and in a way that will be in the learning style of the student so this will make it a lot more enjoyable it will make it a lot more attractive and a lot more effective as well so no matter if you are familiar with topics like physics or chemistry or you want to create a GPT that can teach people a certain language or maybe you know a certain language for a certain industry so there is a specific vocabulary that you're familiar with you can definitely train a GPT that will be able to teach others that particular topic number two let's go to digital marketing because I think there's a massive massive opportunity because content is King in this space I think everybody agrees with that and the content marketing industry is expected to reach a colossal $400 billion according to the drum reports so there's definitely massive massive Market out there so imagine creating a GPT model that can be all inone AI marketing agency it can create SEO optimized content for blogs it can create uh highly clickable designs for ads it can create uh extremely intriguing captions for any type of LinkedIn or Facebook post or maybe for Instagram and it can on top of that add a lot more knowledge because it will know how to speak to a specific audience it will know what kind of language to use it will know what kind of uh fears and goals to use for that particular audience it can be massive and it is definitely going to be something that will be very very high in demand because I personally know so many business owners who are not marketeers and who have some ideas but really don't know how to put them in practice and this type of GPT can be a massive massive game Cher for them so now before we move any further you're probably thinking okay but this sounds a little bit complex and I don't really know how to build a GPT I know I said it's easy and I am going to to show you how we're doing that so in the description down below we are linking a completely free ebook that we've created based on how we are building gpts in my own business so this way you'll get an idea of how you could do it yourself and then you can experiment with Chad GPT on your own and perfect that even further and if you do it please comment down below and let us know what kind of GPT you'd like to design what kind of Market you'd like to go into and what kind of opportunity are you excited to see now let's talk about the third idea again this one I've experimented by myself and it is related to coaching because we are in a world where everybody's looking for personal growth for personal development and I believe that personalized AI coaching can be massive I think this industry is estimated at about 2.85 billion this year by ICF and I see lots of options with this so for example you can can think of a GPT model that acts as a fitness personal coach or maybe as a a diet and nutrition personal coach it could even be a career development coach or just a general life coach there are so many opportunities that you could sees and lots of paths that you can go down on and here literally there is an example that is very recent in my mind the other day I was talking to my health coach and she was telling me that it would be a good idea for me to keep track of all my food intake because I'm looking to optimize certain balances there and her recommendation was that I use a tool called My Fitness Pal and her suggestion was take a picture of what you eat and then go and input that into the tool and all I was thinking was if I'm taking a picture there has to be a smarter way to figure out what I'm intaking and get recommendations without having to manually input everything into the tool and guess what literally the exact same day coincidence or not a good friend of mine shares with me a GPT that he built and that GPT does exactly that it was trained because the friend I'm talking about is a nutritionist so he trained the GPT so that it can estimate based on the size of the plate and the food that's on the plate exactly what you're intaking and then because the GPT is trained on a bunch of different nutritional knowledge it can create customized recommendations based on what you're eating and what your goals are how to improve that so I think this is a no-brainer if you are familiar with any topic it doesn't matter if you have tech knowledge or not you can build a GPT and sell it on the marketplace that's enough about this one let's move to the next one okay so this one I've

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