Etsy Shop for Beginners (COMPLETE TUTORIAL) 🙌 | How to start an Etsy shop step by step

hey friends kate here today's video is going to be a complete tutorial on how to start an etsy shop for beginners this is actually going to be a two-part series for complete beginners walking you through step-by-step first how to open and start your etsy shop and second what to do afterwards and navigating your shop manager and all the tools that are available to you i know it can be super confusing especially when you're first starting so i hope this etsy tutorial can help break it down and walk you through it so if that sounds good just keep watching [Music] welcome back to the channel friends if you're new here i'm kate glad you're here i'm a wife a mom an etsy seller and a business coach and i have this channel to help you beautiful entrepreneurs to level up your shops and reach the point of success i'm thrilled to be able to bring you guys this tutorial today because i can't tell you how many people have reached out to me saying i'm an etsy beginner i'm so confused i don't know how to get my shop set up and then what do i do once it's set up and once it's live it's just so confusing and i know for me it always helps to have someone walk me through step by step when i'm learning something new so i hope that's what i can do for you today it's going to be some really great in-depth information i think it's going to be super helpful so i'm excited to get started but before we dive in i do want to give a quick shout out to the sponsor of today's video retail brew retail brew is an email newsletter that's sent out every monday wednesday and friday and includes info and updates on everything going on in the e-commerce and retail world it gives you really valuable insights on what's currently trending what's currently working for online sellers and gets you up to speed on everything retail pros need to know i love it because it's not dry and boring like your traditional news sources it's actually pretty witty and fun to read i love getting retail brew because it literally takes all the most important e-commerce updates and information that before i probably would have wasted hours and hours sifting through trying to piece together from different websites and articles and puts it all into one place that i can literally scroll through in five minutes for instance i recently learned a new holiday marketing strategy from a free guide that was in one of the retail brew newsletters before i would have wasted so much time online trying to search for these kind of strategies but now it's right there in my inbox three times a week and here's the best part it's completely free just click on the link in the description box below sign up with your email and you're done in 15 seconds or less it's really that easy i highly recommend that you take a couple seconds before watching any more of this video click the link below and sign up you will be super glad you did okay so we're just going to go through this from the very beginning so the first step will be to click the link in the description box below and type that in to sign up for an etsy shop so once you type in that link it'll bring you to a page where you can click open a shop today you're going to click that i'm going to just put in my email that i created for this demo okay it's gonna ask for your first name and a password okay so once you sign up it'll bring you to this page that says shop preferences so it says to protect our marketplace in new sellers a percentage of its earned funds may be set aside and a temporary reserve for some shop so you can click learn more here but basically what that is it's a temporary funds reserve when you first start your shop um they're just doing their due diligence to make sure that you are a real person with a real shop that's going to follow through on your orders and what you say so um as annoying as that is that's just something that happens for new sellers until you prove that you've made some sales and you've actually shipped some things out you're going to choose your shop language here your shop country and the currency you want it in and then it says which of these best describes you the options are selling is my full-time job i sell part-time but hope to sell full-time i sell part-time that's how i like it or other so you can select which of these best fits your circumstance i'm going to say i sell part-time but i hope to sell full-time save and continue right now you're going to name your shop so hopefully you already have an idea of a name for your shop and if you do you would enter that here i'm just gonna put buddy bracelet designs and see if that's available check availability not available so it'll tell you if it's available or not it'll give you some suggestions down here why don't we do this one okay save and continue so now it's time to stock your shop this is where you're gonna start adding your listings and this is where most people get confused so it's really not that hard you just click add a listing and it will give you prompts to go through of what you need to add so first thing is photos you have 10 photo slots that you can use for different styles of photos different angles or variations i'm going to add a few of these photos of our bracelets okay and while those are loading i'm going to scroll down here to our video section so here is where you can add a video the max file size is 100 mb so this basically it can be a shop video it can be a video of some behind the scenes or your process of making your products um you can really be creative with this this is not necessary to have on your listings but i would suggest it if you can make a video um that's high quality to show people and give people another way to see exactly what they're looking at in this listing there's a little link here that says learn how to make videos that sell so i would suggest if you're interested in putting up a video that you click that link and learn how to make a really good quality video alright next is your listing title so with the title this is part of your seo i have some other videos on etsy seo if you're interested um but the basics for the title is that you want to pick keywords and keyword phrases that will help you rank in the search you want it to be accurate to what your listing actually is so that when a shopper types in a search query for that specific thing etsy knows and registers that this listing is an appropriate result to show in the results so um there are different tools you can use for this to figure out what are some good keyword phrases um i personally use sales samurai which i've talked about before if you're interested in that it's um in the description below i'll put a link down there but sale samurai is basically where you can go and you can do some trend research and keyword research to figure out what some good keyword phrases are since we're doing a bracelet i already did some research on this on sale samurai and came up with some good keyword phrases for

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