ETSY Niche Research Tutorial 📈 Find Etsy Products and TRENDS that Sell with Sale Samurai

hi Anastasia here if you want to turn your Etsy store into a full-time income stream you should know that picking the right Niche is the key to a profitable shop you see Etsy works as a search engine Shoppers usually have specific items in mind and they search for those keywords without browsing individual stores let's dive in and discover how you can find successful niches and trends for your Etsy store for this tutorial we will use sales Samurai it's a tool that shows you realtime Etsy search volume competition numbers and data to do your Etsy Trends and keyword research just check the first link in the description below to start your account in sales Samurai and the first thing that you will see is that the tool has a Chrome extension which if you install it will help you do all the research right on atsy when you try to do any search on Etsy you will see these blue numbers come up next to each keyword this number shows you the monthly search volume for that phrase on Etsy and the second number on the right shows the competition you need to click on that number and it will open a new page with a full comparison of search volume and competition for other related keywords you can then filter the results and order them in a way that shows first the keywords with higher search volume you can go through this list and pick the phrases that have a relatively High search volume while still in the lower numbers for competition you can also limit the results by using this filters up here for example you can say that you only want to see keywords that have a search volume higher than 1,000 per month the goal here is to find keywords that have enough search volume but don't have a lot of listings on Etsy yet which makes it easier for you to start selling this products for example here this one meaning F gift for best friend has a search volume over 122,000 but the competition shows just about 2,400 if you click on the keywords you will go to Etsy and you will see all the listings that are doing great for this keyword right now and you see what kind of products your competitors are selling this cell Samurai Chrome extension is such a handy tool because you can do all this research without leaving the Etsy platform now if we go back to the sales Samurai website in the search tab we can start with this basic search option I found there is a trend on Etsy for all things retro we will look up the keyword and sales Samurai will tell us first of all that just the word retro is not a longtail keyword hence this red icon next to it the search volume on Etsy is good for it but the competition is huge so we need to narrow down the search here is is where we can get more ideas to think about scrolling down we will find lots of related keywords trending on Etsy that include the word retro you will also get a comparison in the right column with related keywords trending on Google search some of the terms will be similar to the ones that are trending on Etsy but you could find some occasional keywords that are only in the etet trends or only in the Google Trends now looking at this list we can get an idea of search volume for each related search phrase and the competition level for it on Etsy for example I found the keyword retro swimsuit has a high search volume of over 25,000 per month and the competition is around 7,000 which is relatively low compared to many other keywords that have competition in the hundreds of thousands you will also see on this page the most popular tags that other adsy sellers use in their listings when they sell retro products what you can do next is copy this particular keyword and continue digging deeper right here on sales samur just paste the keyword retro swimsuit here in the search bar and you will get more details specifically for this keward again we've got here a perfect combination of the search volume in green and the competition in green as well if you scroll down a bit the tool shows you the popular listing for this keyword and you can check a lot more details for every listing if you click on the listing photo but pay attention here you don't want to click on the listing title because that will just open the listing on adsy you want to click on the photo of the listing and it will give you all the details including the date when the listing was created and when it was last updated you can see all the tags your competitor used in the listing description you see sales Samurai gets all this data numbers prices keywords and tags directly from Etsy platform and the tool like this can save you hours in product and Niche research because you can filter the products by the number of use by competition and all the other factors that may affect your store profitability are just at your fingertips if you go back to the keyword research page and scroll down even more you will find the price spread and in here the tool makes an average price for products including this keyword is about $51 then you will get the lowest and the highest prices which are less relevant for us because you should be looking for this average price and you can also get an idea of how many days on average your competitors take to ship the items it looks like most of the listings make free shipping so it's important to keep that in mind when you make your pricing and profitability calculations speaking of which let me show you real quick another tool available on sale Samurai it's the profit calculator you could insert here the price that you're thinking about for your product add all other variables like whether or not you're planning to run Etsy ads for this product you can also add your labor cost or material cost you could also factor in a discount or a coupon and see what's your profit margin with this product price another great feature of sales Samurai might be not too obvious because it's just a small button up here in the right corner but this uploader is such a timesaver for anyone who is in print OnDemand business it's a desktop software that allows you to automatically upload designs or artwork to several print on demand platforms that the tool integrates with at the moment you can do it on three platforms printful printify and guten all these platforms are integrated with sales Samurai and Etsy so you can create the listings on sales Samurai using their extensive keyword research features and then push it through to your Etsy store by the way if you want to get a Click by click tutorial on any of sales samaris tools they have here a tab called tutorials and you can watch the videos for each feature respectively wrapping it up you can get access to all of these features of sales Samurai try and test them for 3 days for free using the first link in the description below and then you can choose either one of these paid plans they're essentially the same thing you get all the features on both plans it's just that if you pay annually you get a couple of months for free and before yo

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