Earn Money Online By Clicking Ads

Oh, goody! A new and easy way to make some
extra money online just by browsing and clicking! Let's check it out. So, I'm going to
be investigating this. I get these spam comments on my YouTube all day long. Look
at these comments. These are all comments that have been likely spam. I have 13
million comments that are likely spam here. Look at this.
All day long. “Believe me. You will thank me later. I got $5,000. Free
PayPal money. Free Bitcoin. Free money. Free method of working from home. Believe
me, you will thank me later.” They all say the same freaking stuff. Now, I got this one.
This comment, look at this. A new and easy way to make some extra money online just
by browsing. Check it out. So, I said, “Hey, what the hell? Let's do a video checking
out one of these spam things.” Because I get these all day long. I see them on
other people's channels. I see them in the spam. I see ads from these things. So,
I figured why not investigate one of these things. Let's pick this apart and
find out is this real or is this a scam. Okay? I investigate. So, I clicked on the
link and this is where you go. It says, “Generate.” Says, “Earn money from the ads
you see.” That's a great proposition. First off, just by looking at ads, I'm going to
make money? Are you serious? That's amazing.
You know, if I am broke, this would have totally gotten me. Users are
estimated to earn 20 to 40 dollars per month. Okay, it's not a lot of
money. But it says, “Earlier users get 2 times the amount.” I don't know an extra
80 dollars or pounds a month sounds pretty good. And all you have to do is
install this browser extension on your computer. It looks pretty professional,
okay? And look, it even says beta release right here.
Okay. So, this looks like a professional site. It looks like there's no downside,
okay? Just install this browser extension and see ads and earn money. Sounds too
good to be true. That's because it is too good to be true. What this is is …This is…
This is an old scheme of marketing called from the tech support industry. So
what these browser extensions will do is they will actually hijack your computer.
And the information… There's various ways marketers monetize this information. None
of them are good. There's a reason why these schemes… The only way they are
marketed is through the spam in comments on YouTube channels and other places. You
won't see these websites advertised on legitimate channels. Why?
The reason is because these are actual hacks. Installing these browser
extensions are a way to get yourself hacked actually. Because once you install
these browser extension you open yourself up for a number of things. One
of the ways that they actually hack you and will get money from you is that
they'll actually blue screen your computer. They'll freeze your computer
and make you call a tech support number in order to unfreeze it. This is a very
common affiliate marketing scheme known as “tech support”, okay?
Tech support pays out a lot of money. But what you do is to unfreeze your computer.
You basically have to call some telemarketers. Not based in the US and
they require you to pay anywhere from $50 to $500 to unfreeze your
computer. The other way these companies make money is they just harvest all of
your information. In the worst circumstances, they will actually take
advantage of your passwords and your login information from other websites on
the internet. So, I don't know exactly how these apps are programmed but oftentimes,
they have you install the extension or they'll have you install a separate
program which is an executable file, .exe
and that will be used to hijack your entire computer. Not just your browser. So
the long story short with this video is if you see something in the comments on
my YouTube videos or any other persons videos, don't trust random links in the
comments of videos unless it's from the video creator. You know, I sometimes
comment on my own channel. But even then, you don't trust these links because
they're all, oftentimes, they're just completely fraudulent things. I've never
seen a legitimate company marketed through comment spam. So, watch out for
this tactic of marketing. Beware. It's very rampant. So just watch yourself.
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